5 Best Nipple Creams in 2018

What Are The Best Nipple Creams? – Let’s Review!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful one on one time that promotes a deep bond between mom and baby. This skin to skin contact has nearly endless benefits for both mom and baby and can be treasured by both parties. With that being said it also can be a difficult and even painful task. As babies feed so often, it is common for nipples to dry out and start to crack. To make breastfeeding more enjoyable it is important to use the best nipple cream you can get.

As your breasts become a lifeline for your baby when breastfeeding it is important to keep your breasts healthy. Keeping your nipples moisturized and healthy will allow you to breastfeed much more comfortably. This will allow you to not only feed your baby but also pump when you can’t be there. The best nipple cream will also help when you are pumping by creating a barrier between the pump and your sensitive breasts. This can increase the bond between the pump and your skin which is needed to effectively pump.

The best nipple cream for breastfeeding is one that will soothe your sore nipples safely. A product that will nourish your breasts while still being safe for you and your baby is important. To help you find the best cream for you, we have created a list of the best products on today’s market.

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Nipple Creams

1. Motherlove Certified Organic Nipple Cream by Motherlove


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If you are looking for a top rated breastfeeding nipple cream this is the one for you. This organic cream has the consistency of a fluffy ointment allowing it to spread with ease. This is a popular feature among many mothers as it will not pull at your nipples as you spread it on. This cream does not leave a sticky residue which allows you to put on clothes afterwards without risking chafing or ruining your clothes.

Completely organic you will love that you can recognize and trust every ingredient in this cream. Extra virgin olive oil and shea butter provide a nourishing and moisturizing combination while the beeswax helps to naturally bind all the ingredients. The marshmallow root provides a natural relief for pain and swelling while the calendula flower has anti-inflammatory properties. This will make your skin feel better while quickly healing your sensitive breasts.

As all of the products are completely natural it is safe for ingestion. This means you will no longer have to wash the cream off before nursing. This product is so soothing you will find yourself carrying your jar with you almost everywhere you go. This natural and organic cream packs a punch being a top quality soothing butter.

Why we love it – This breastfeeding cream for nipples contains only ingredients you know and trust. Being stamped as certified organic means that you don’t have to worry about leftover cream on your breasts when your baby is feeding. In fact, this cream is so safe that it can even be used as a diaper rash ointment for your little one. The smooth application is gentle on raw nipples as it goes on smooth without pulling. This ointment comes in a glass jar which is popular amongst environmentally conscious people.

2. Lanolin Nipple Cream by Lansinoh


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This nipple cream has been specifically designed to be soothing and safe for not only your baby but also your body. In fact, this is the #1 recommended nipple cream in the USA. There are no chemicals or irritants in this cream – Lansinoh doesn’t even include color or scents in their products. It is guaranteed to be additive, paraben, petroleum, and alcohol free while being hypoallergenic. This cream is 100% natural made from pure lanolin.

The Lanolin Nipple Cream is great at what it does. It moisturizes and softens and can even be used as lip, heel, and elbow balm. This is a multi purpose cream that is great as a moisturizer. No longer do you have to dread pumping either. Apply this cream before and it will reduce the irritating effects of pumps.

Why we love it – This is a nipple cream that helps you get through the first few weeks while you’re getting used to breastfeeding. There are no irritants or chemicals in this cream that will affect you or your baby. In fact, you don’t even need to take this cream off before you breastfeed – it is that safe. On top of all that a small tube can last you up to three months.

3. Organic Nipple Butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby

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This nipple butter is a clear favorite for moms that are interested in having a wholesome product in their life. A great option for people who are focused on creating a healthy world this product is 100% vegan approved.  Being completely lanolin free is incredibly desirable among mothers as it makes the product much safer against allergies and also does not come from animals. Made using only organic and wholesome ingredients, this breastfeeding cream for sore nipples helps to soothe and promote healing.

The uses for this nipple butter far surpass just a simple nipple cream. Use it on chapped lips, dry and cracked heels – it even is effective at healing cradle cap. Free of petroleum and parabens you can rest assured that the ingredients of this butter are safe for you and your baby. So safe in fact that you do not need to wash your nipples before breastfeeding. Safe for ingestion, you can keep this cream on while your baby breastfeeds. This avoids the painful process of scrubbing your nipples prior to nursing.

Popular amongst vegans and those who are environmentally conscious this nipple butter is an all around winner. Made using all natural herbal ingredients such as calendula flower and olive oil, you can feel confident about this buy. Being GMO free and packaged in a jar limits the harmful effects on the environment.

Why we love it – What is not to love with this top of the line organic nipple butter. Being GMO free, gluten free, vegan and completely organic makes this a leading edge herbal healing solution.  Dermatologist and clinically tested and approved, this product does is safe without irritating. Commonly chosen by NICUs in hospitals you can rest assured that you made a strong choice with this cream.

4. Tender Care Lanolin Tube by Medela

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Madela has designed a great nipple cream. Unlike other brands the Tender Care Lanolin does not leave a mess or residue behind. The cream is hypoallergenic which means that it is safer than other Lanolin creams. This cream is one that soaks into your skin and provides instant relief. With a moderate consistency, it will completely absorb into your skin and provide incredible moisture while not leaving a caking feel. This allows you to easily wear clothes and continue your daily routine without worry of chafing or ruining your clothes.

You won’t have to worry about dry skin ever again with this cream. It has been said to heal dry lips overnight. You will come to love this cream and find yourself using it even after you are done nursing. It goes on smoothly and won’t further irritate your body, instead, it works fast to heal.

Madela is completely focused on every aspect of breastfeeding. Their nipple cream has been perfectly designed to be completely safe for both you and your baby. You don’t even to wash this off before your baby breastfeeds. No matter if you are feeding or pumping this cream will help you feel great. It can create a barrier between your skin and the pump which ensures a secure bond without feeling the negative effects of the suction.

Why we love it – This is a great nipple cream. It could even be the best on our list. It doesn’t cause a mess, it is easy to apply and will moisturize immediately. This cream is designed to be absorbed by your skin almost immediately which means your skin will be moisturized faster.

5. Honest Organic Nipple Balm by The Honest Company

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The Honest Company makes great products. Their Organic Nipple Balm is top of the line. It is made from olive oil, shea butter, and tamanu oil. It is certified USDA Organic which means the cream contains at least 95% organic ingredients. There is no mineral oil, lanolin, parabens or synthetic fragrances that can irritate your skin. Ingredients include shea, aloe, coconut and sunflower oil – all of which are excellent moisturizers. This cream not only moisturizes your skin but also creates a moisture barrier. This ensures your sore breasts do not get further irritated and have time to heal.

Since it is made from natural materials this cream does not leave any residue behind. No longer will you have to worry about staining clothes or cleaning before you get dressed. You don’t even need to remove this cream before your baby feeds. This means it is made with zero chemicals and will not negatively affect your baby in any way.

This breastfeeding nursing cream has raving reviews from real people who use it daily. It has an expiry date of a year after opening giving you loads of time to use it. This is also a balm which makes it easy to apply. Simply rub a little between your palms and apply to your skin. This will heat up the cream and make it easy to apply.

Why we love it – Not only is this cream made from organic materials it contains zero irritants or chemicals. You can rest assured that you and your baby’s skin will be moisturized and healed in no time. The Honest Company lives up to their name. The list of ingredients include items that you can actually pronounce and will recognize.

How We Chose the Top Nipple Creams in Our List

Nipple cream for nursing reviews agrees there are many aspects of nipple cream you should understand before you decide to buy one. This can range from chemicals to the scent to the consistency of the cream. As you use the nipple cream on a sensitive part of your body and it is something that will likely be ingested by your baby, it is more important than ever that you turn to an option that is safe for you and your little one.


This is a very important seal of approval for many moms. As you apply this cream intermittently while breastfeeding it is important to ensure that the nipple cream you use does not contain any harmful substances like petroleum, or alcohol, based creams.

Pro Tip: This cream should also be hypoallergenic meaning it will not cause irritation or reactions to either your or your babies skin. Also, if a cream has “remove before feeding” anywhere on the bottle you should not get it. This means that the cream has chemicals in it that are not safe for your baby to ingest.

Being applied to an incredibly sensitive part of your body it is important that the product you choose contains only wholesome natural ingredients. Be sure to look at the ingredients and see if your brand has a certified organic stamp.

There are many herbal oils and botanical solutions that are added to products to help provide added soothing benefits. This includes calendula plants which have anti-inflammatory properties. Marshmallow root is another popular ingredient as it is a natural pain relief and also reduces swelling.

Lanolin is the main ingredient in many nipple creams which is a product made from wool. If you or your baby have irritation caused by wool steer clear of any products that contain this ingredient.


People are more sensitive to smells than they realize. A nipple cream that has a strong scent can be deterring your baby from feeding. Finding a cream that does not have a scent can be the difference from a feeding baby and a crying baby. Also, if the cream has a scent it means that there is an ingredient added to cause the smell. Before you purchase a product that has a scent be sure to read the ingredients to be sure it is safe for consumption. Even if the scent is not one that bothers you, it can turn your baby off to the idea of breastfeeding and make nursing more difficult.


This is another key aspect of the cream that often doesn’t get the consideration it deserves. The consistency of the cream can affect your use of the cream. A thicker cream will be harder to apply and can even cause pain when you apply it due to pulling. Thinner cream is easier to apply and is less likely to cause pain. It will also be absorbed by your skin faster and get working to heal you. The only downside to this is that you will use more of it when you apply it. But trading that for a painless experience is a tradeoff that most moms would make.

Other effects

Some cream comes with “added benefits”. These can range from numbing to even include steroids. These should be avoided as they can have negative effects on your body. It is recommended that you look for creams that have nothing added. Instead of getting a cream that will numb the area invest in a cream that will heal the sore areas faster. Things like steroids can not only affect your milk but also your baby’s skin. Always weight the positive and negative features before you buy any product.

Choosing what’s best for you

Picking the best nipple cream doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Look for natural products that have no irritants or added chemicals. These will not only be safe for you but also your baby. Steer clear of creams that you have to remove before feeding as these are the ones with chemicals not safe for you or your baby. Any of the products on our list are great products. They will moisturize and heal your sore nipples and can even be used for other parts of your body like lips, elbows, or even hands. When in doubt be sure to read the breast lotion breastfeeding reviews written by other moms. This will help you find the best brand for you.

Do you have a Nipple Creams on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 21st of December 2017

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