While they were originally intended to be only worn as part of a yoga session, it didn’t take long for women to discover that yoga pants were comfortable, flattering, and nonrestrictive. Especially pregnant women who desperately seek for soft and comfortable clothes started to wear them as they prove to be comfortable all day long. 

If you are an expecting mom, how will you know the best yoga pants on the market given the fact that there are so many options? In order to help, we have built a list of the 8 Best Pregnancy Yoga Pants in 2020 to provide you with our reviews of the best options out there. 


How To Choose A Baby Gate – Buying Guide

Many doctors recommend yoga during pregnancy as it helps to lower blood pressure while increasing the blood circulation in your body. With the correct poses, you can bet that you will feel more relaxed than ever. This is where high-quality maternity clothes come in and there are certain factors you should consider before buying yourself the best yoga pants.

Fit And Style

As you can see in our suggestions, each brand has a different chart to consider before you make a decision on your purchase. Yes, yoga pants are known for their ability to stretch and support the growing belly, but if the sizing is incorrect, they will look odd on you. They can also become see-through and cause you discomfort. Choosing the correct length is also important. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at each brand’s sizing chart as well as the reviews of other women. 

Leggings are suitable for active workouts where you change postures and you need your clothes to move along with you. They also improve blood circulation. Loose-fitting pants or so-called harem hippie pants, on the other hand, are comfier and more versatile.

Both styles might offer extra features such as key pockets, zippers, or clasps. In the case of pregnancy though, we think that the fewer accessories, the better. 

There is a reason why black is a dominant color on the market. Black doesn’t show sweat. Colorful fabrics might change hue when wet. But it is also true that vibrant colors and patterns turn your mood up.


The most common reason why some yoga leggings are cheaper while some are not is the fabric. Material is a huge defining factor in quality. Yoga clothes are made of cotton-synthetic blends, cotton, organic cotton, synthetics, and bamboo. 

Bamboo is soft and very gentle on sensitive skin, which will be a great choice for pregnant women. Bamboo is also made to last. Cotton pants are soft and comfy. They are made to stretch and practice easily. We recommend you choose organic cotton plus a bit of spandex in order to prevent knees from sagging. This combination also helps you keep the shape. 

Although not environment-friendly, yoga leggings made out of nylon and polyester blends make your sweat evaporate from your skin instead of absorbing it. 


Of course, you will have to say goodbye to the best maternity leggings one day, but still, you need them to last as long as they can. Fabric choice plays an important role in durability. Nylon is considered one of the best long-lasting materials. Hemp and organic cotton also withstand the effects of time. If you choose bamboo and modal, they will lose their looks more easily and start to look a bit shaggy. 


Comfort plays a significant role while choosing a cloth for your growing belly. The sliding waistband should adjust perfectly not to cause you any discomfort. The fabric should not make you itchy and it should feel soft to your skin. Good back support is also ideal. When all these factors come together, you will be able to wear them every trimester and as long as you want.


Q: Can you wear yoga pants when pregnant?

A: Yes, absolutely! 

Yoga pants are a very wise investment both during your pregnancy and after birth. As they are made from mostly cotton and bamboo, they are soft on the skin, cozy, and comfortable. They have been recently upgraded with features to support your belly and back in the later stages of your pregnancy, too.

Q: How do I keep my maternity pants from falling down?

A: There are some ways to prevent your pants from falling down such as rolling the waist area, wearing a belt under your tummy, using suspenders, safety pins, or putting them in a dryer to make them shrink.

Looking at the size chart of the brand in detail is also necessary as well as reading reviews from other women. Organic cotton and bamboo materials easily wear out because of the nature of the fabric, therefore you can try buying one smaller size. 

Q: How often should I do prenatal yoga?

A: 30 minutes of yoga every day of the week is the recommended frequency by doctors.

Of course, this is not mandatory. You can do it for 4 or 5 days a week, too as long as you feel healthy. It is proven that yoga helps expectant moms to;

  • Relax and reduce anxiety
  • Prepare for labor
  • Keep them in shape
  • Decrease lower back shape
  • Decrease shortness of breath
  • Increase the flexibility and the strength of the muscles 

Always consult your doctor before beginning a prenatal yoga program or a maternity workout. Risk of preterm labor, heart disease, and back problems are some of the several certain medical conditions you should avoid it.

My Babies Planet Overview

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy your next pair of yoga pants. Picking the best maternity clothes is not an easy task and now you have a roadmap to follow. Hopefully, we have been able to help you out with our Best 8 Maternity Yoga Pants in 2020 list. It is now to enjoy your pregnancy even more until you get to meet your precious little one.

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