For women who are used to working out on a daily basis before getting pregnant, maternity workout clothes play extra importance in order to support them in their changing body. They are specifically made by taking a pregnant woman’s body in mind to give them comfort while avoiding chafing, pinching, and overheating.

With the right choice of clothes, you will be able to keep your workouts on the track, and it could help not only your energy levels but also your postpartum recovery.

With so many options on the market, how can you easily find the best maternity activewear for you? To help, we have compiled a list of the Best Maternity Workout Clothes in 2020. Hopefully one of the products of our choosing fits your specific needs.


How To Choose The Best Maternity Clothes – Buying Guide

 Maternity exercise clothes are designed by keeping all the noticeable changes in mind that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The first three months can go along wearing normal dresses but after that, you might want to consider buying that large size or looser fitting outfits as you proceed closer to birth.


The material of your sporty maternity clothes should be breathable, and it must make you feel comfortable at all times. While there are many materials, the ones that usually stand out are cotton or linen. Cotton has been the choice of the fashion industry for decades as it easily absorbs sweat on your body and allows a breathable feel. It can also help bring down any fungal breeding as it keeps your body dry and airy. Linen also offers the same qualities as cotton but is usually worn during the summer period. All in all, it is better to look for materials with more than 90 percent cotton qualities along with other materials such as spandex before choosing workout leggings maternity.

Fit and Size

There are various suggestions about the size of workout tops or maternity running tights that you should wear while expecting. While some say that you should keep the same size as your normal dresses during this period others suggest that you must buy a size larger than your normal fitting. It all boils down to your personal preference. If you like outfits that are lightweight and open, you should go for yoga pants that are a size bigger. If you feel comfy with fit clothes than your usual size would also do. Compression style garments may look as if they are small at first but when they are worn, they’ll fit perfectly.


Maternity belts, shapers, bra, trousers, and underwear provide substantial support to your changing body so that it stays the way it was before. Maternity leggings or tummy sleeves that roll up may provide support to your aching back and to your tiny tot inside your tummy. The bras that are made especially for pregnant women avoid unnecessary breast sagging that may deform the natural breast shape and disturb the connective breast tissue. Belly belts are also essential to provide support to your lower back, pelvis, and hips by wrapping around the abdomen. Maternity briefs, maternity running leggings and yoga pants also offer support for the pregnancy bump and may contain an underline supportive belt.


Seams can be usually added to stretch out a cloth that was usually tight at one time. During your maternity your outfits may feel tighter, you can plan to add a seam easily so that your clothes stretch out and you don’t have to go get a new one. The number of seams should also be less so that you don’t feel the joint touch your skin often as it will make you uncomfortable.


Q: What should I wear to the gym when pregnant?

A: Buying and wearing breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that stretch well are extremely important during pregnancy.

It is essential that a mother wears comfortable clothes to ensure her comfort and her infant. Wearing too-tight clothes will be hard and painful for both. 

Buying and wearing breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that stretch well are extremely important. A sports bra is a must-have to accommodate the growing breasts. Maternity tight bras are also helpful in keeping the connective breast tissue from sagging or stretching. To ensure that they are a proper fit, we recommend buying one size larger than what you usually wear. 

Maternity gym tights and maternity gym leggings are also a necessity as your usual sweatpants may be hard to keep up. Looking for a pair that has a drawstring or a fold-down waist panel is recommended.

Q: What size should I buy maternity clothes?

A: Most of the companies suggest that your clothes size during pregnancy should be the same as your pre-pregnancy. Ordering a size larger than regular one is also recommended but only if you need a more relaxed fit or if your bump is large. If you are having twins or that you have more than extra weight than its recommended to have a large size than usual. 

For leggings or pants, some women prefer that they come over their belly so that they can have a feeling of support while others may prefer that nothing touches their bellies. 

During the breastfeeding stage some women may have doubled up in their cup size, it is recommended to buy a bigger cup size for such ladies indeed. 

Most of the compression garments may look really small when they are taken out of their packets but once you wear them, they will fit you comfortably so it is advised to use the size chart wisely.

Q: How do I keep my maternity pants from falling down?

A: Here are some tips to keep your maternity pants from falling down:

  • You can choose to fold them over so that the extra layer of thickness will help them stay in their place. 
  • For maternity jeans, you can choose to wear a belt which will depend on the size of your bum that will keep the jeans in place. 
  • You can also choose to wear suspenders under your shirt or top that will help keep your pants up. 
  • Safety pins can also help in this case to fold your pants up and put in a safety pin. 
  • Maternity belts are usually used for support around your tummy, but they can also help in keeping your pants up and stop them from falling. 
  • Driers can also help shrink your clothes so that they are more fit, but they may also shrink them more than your comfort zone.

My Babies Planet Overview

Getting the right maternity gym clothes will help you to stay healthy, happy, and motivated. If you feel uncomfortable, hot, and scratchy inside, you will eventually avoid exercising and we don’t want that! Hopefully, our Best Maternity Workout Clothes in 2020 list has given you some options about what you have been looking for.

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