For many expectant mothers, pregnancy can come with a lot of challenges, especially in terms of fashion. A lot of the clothes that they may have been used to wearing before getting pregnant don’t fit anymore. It may even feel impossible for them to put on their favorite underwear.

If the latter is the case, you can start looking for undergarments that are made explicitly for when you are expecting. We have gone ahead to review and build a list of the best maternity underwear in the market so that your endless search for the best panties to wear during pregnancy will soon be over.


How To Choose A Maternity Underwear – Buying Guide


Cotton is the most popular material used for undergarments. Some manufacturers may mix it with spandex to improve its stretch. Others may replace it with polyester or rayon, especially for seamless panties.


Most pregnancy or postpartum underwear have a crotch lining made out of 100% cotton. The reason is that this material has direct contact with the mother’s privates. Thus, it needs to be as organic as possible. 


The best underwear for pregnancy should not be like regular panties that require women to pick a specific size. The growing belly should always be accounted for, so the new underwear should expand with it. 


The ideal pregnancy underwear hugs all your curves without digging through your skin. You do not want its waistband to be too elastic or too firm, to the extent that it is a pain to wear them after a few months.


Panties for expectant mothers can be low-rise, mid-rise, hipster, or high waist. The low-rise bikinis are great if you are comfortable without anything covering your belly. The high-waisted briefs, on the other hand, offer extra abdominal support.


Q: Do I need special underwear for pregnancy?

A: No, you do not need special underwear for pregnancy. Despite that, a lot of expectant mothers choose to buy maternity underwear since they are more stretchable and fitting around their growing belly compared to the regular ones.

Q: When should I start wearing maternity underwear?

A: You should start wearing maternity underwear when your baby bump already shows. It typically happens around the 4th, 5th, or 6th month of pregnancy.

Q: How is maternity underwear different?

A: Maternity underwear is different in the sense that the style always caters to the growing bump. If it is high-waisted, for instance, the top edge goes over the belly button. In case it is low-cut, it has a crossover design. Full-cut undergarments, meanwhile, go up to the underside of the breasts.

Q: Can I wear a thong while pregnant?

A: No, you should not wear a thong while pregnant. The tiny underwear may feel good to put on, but you are also at a higher risk of acquiring vaginal infection than ever at this point.

Q: Is it bad to wear tight underwear when pregnant?

A: The answer depends on the tightness of the underwear. Considering it is so tight that the flesh around it bulges out or the fabric continually rubs against the skin, then that is bad. But if the underwear does not restrict your movement, it should be okay to wear even when you are pregnant.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the best maternity panties for your needs will come down to comfort and support and design. Picking the best one that fits each of those criteria may not be as easy as you might think.

While we know that at the end of the day, the one you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference, if we can provide you with some helpful insights into buying the best panties for pregnancy, then we are glad we can help.

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