Congratulations, you have a beautiful new baby in the world. You have brought your little one home and you are getting the hang of round the clock feedings. While you likely cherish this bonding time with your little one, nursing can be a lot easier with the help of some tools.

Most seasoned mothers will agree that investing in the best manual breast pump will prove to be a lifesaver. Not only will it serve convenient for trips out, it will also allow you some freedom to take a nap, sleep through the night or maybe even go out on your own for a bit.

Pumping is a great way to prepare your baby on outings and gather some much needed sleep but the benefits go much beyond just that. Your baby feeds every couple of hours but sometimes your breasts will get full before that and start to ache. It is also important to expel all your milk to avoid clogged milk ducts. Pumping will relieve the pressure and leave you feeling much more comfortable.

The benefits of breastfeeding are seemingly endless and with the help of the best hand breast pump, it can get a lot easier too. To help you find the best one for you, we have compiled a list of the top rated ones below.

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How To Choose A Manual Breast Pump – Buying Guide

The biggest decision many new mothers face is deciding between a manual and electric breast pump. Deciding which one is best for you depends largely on how often you plan to pump. This affects the amount of suction you need from a pump. Manual breast pump reviews agree that choosing the right pump doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring. Simply consider these aspects when looking to buy one for yourself:

Manual Breast Pump

This type of breast pump is ideal for occasional use. Cheaper in price these breast pumps work well for mothers looking to pump before a night out or while traveling. Their lightweight and compact design allow you to bring them with you just about anywhere. They are ideal because they are silent to use and do not require an electrical outlet making them an ideal option for on the go use. Hand pump breastfeeding has been around for the longest and is a more reliable option as it does not rely on power and is less likely to malfunction.


Hand pump breastfeeding reviews warn against wrist fatigue when using a manual pump. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to find a breast pump with an ergonomically designed handle. This means the handle’s shape has been designed to have the same curve as your hand which will allow you to pump more without fatigue.

Some pumps come with a 2 phase design. This is a feature found in the handle of the pump in which you clamp at one end of the handle to promote the milk production. Following this, you use the end of the pump to maximize milk flow and allow for more efficiency.

Electrical Pump

While manual pumps have stood the test of time, electrical pumps are a lot more efficient and are the ones found in maternity wards. These powerful tools work much alike a manual pump but require an electrical source to power the pumping motion. Coming in either singular or double pump systems these pumps are preferred by moms that pump continuously. This is because they are less tiring as you do not need to manually pull the liquid out. They also take less time to work as you are able to do both breasts at once. They are however more difficult to travel with and are at risk for untimely malfunctions.

Storage Containers

Whether you choose to go with a manual or electric breast pump it is important to look for a pump system that comes with extra milk containers. Oftentimes pumps will come with two, or even four, milk storage containers allowing you to fill more than one container. This is desirable as you can easily ensure that your baby will always have milk.

For pump systems that don’t come with extra milk storage containers, it is important to look for ones where additional containers can also be purchased. Many pumps use universal containers that will fit on any pump. Pumping your milk is only useful when your milk has somewhere to go to be safely stored.

Lids are also an often overlooked aspect of a breast pump. Being able to cover the containers allows you to not only store them in the fridge but also make sure no contaminants get in them. Lids and caps should also cover where the breast rests. This will ensure that you only have milk inside your containers and make it easy for you to quickly start and stop pumping.


This can be the most important part of the pump. Many are made from a food grade 100% silicone material. This is soft and can form to your breast creating a perfect seal needed to make suction. When looking at pumps you should look for ones that are BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Lead and petroleum free. All of these can irritate you and your child and even be harmful. Storage containers should also be made from a similar material which can reduce breakage and make it easy to store the milk.

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Breast pumps are a great way to reduce the pressure felt when your breasts feel full in between feedings. They also help mothers get some down time from round the clock feedings and allow for a level of independence that cannot otherwise be achieved. The best breast pumps will allow you to produce the milk quickly and comfortably while being portable and easy to use.

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