10 Best Manual Breast Pumps in 2018


What Are The Best Manual Breast Pumps? – Let’s Review!

Congratulations, you have a beautiful new baby in the world. You have brought your little one home and you are getting the hang of round the clock feedings. While you likely cherish this bonding time with your little one, nursing can be a lot easier with the help of some tools.

Most seasoned mothers will agree that investing in the best manual breast pump will prove to be a lifesaver. Not only will it serve convenient for trips out, it will also allow you some freedom to take a nap, sleep through the night or maybe even go out on your own for a bit.

Pumping is a great way to prepare your baby on outings and gather some much needed sleep but the benefits go much beyond just that. Your baby feeds every couple of hours but sometimes your breasts will get full before that and start to ache. It is also important to expel all your milk to avoid clogged milk ducts. Pumping will relieve the pressure and leave you feeling much more comfortable.

The benefits of breastfeeding are seemingly endless and with the help of the best hand breast pump, it can get a lot easier too. To help you find the best one for you, we have compiled a list of the top rated ones below.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Baby Manual Breast Pumps

1. Harmony Manual Breast Pump by Medela


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This manual hand breast pump by Medela has a lightweight design that is portable and discreet enough to take just about anywhere. Great for traveling, this pump is equipped with 2-phase Expression technology that works to help pump more milk in less time. Equipped with a soft ergonomic swivel handle your hand will stay comfortable allowing you to pump with ease. This breast pump also comes with a sturdy base that allows it to stand on a counter or table without tipping over.

Safety is a top priority and that is why Medela ensured that all parts of this pump that come into contact with milk are made without BPA plastic. With two bottles and lids, you are able to easily pump breast milk when needed to help stimulate breast milk and to allow for time spent away from the baby. This is a high-quality breast pump that will make pumping not only more comfortable but also more efficient.

Why we love it – This manual breast pump is a great choice for traveling or other short-term pumping needs. The 2-phase designs helps you to get the milk flowing and then pump the milk quicker. This helps to make pumping faster and more efficient. The discreet lightweight design is great for traveling or on the go pumping while the double bottle system works for storage. This pump complements the Medela electric pump that uses the same bottles.

2. S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single Electric Breast Pump by Spectra Baby USA


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Safe for your baby, Spectra Baby USA has ensured that all parts that come in contact with breast milk are made without BPA. With a 12 volt AC power adapter this pump is great for on the go adventures as you can plug into any wall plug or your car’s outlet to allow for fast extraction of milk. This electric design helps to pump milk quickly and easily. You have the option to pump one breast at a time or do both at the same time to maximize efficiency.

The closed design system allows for an easier cleanup. No need to clean the narrow tubings as the closed system does not allow for air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing during the pumping phase. This not only makes for easy maintenance but helps keep your breast milk even safer protecting the milk from bacteria, mold and viruses. This helps to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

The 2 phase cycling and expression pump allow you to customize the settings to best suit your own body. This allows you to find a comfortable suction-flow combination that works for you. This is a very desirable features among mothers as being able to personalize your settings can make pumping much easier and more comfortable.

Why we love it – Spectra Baby USA is owned by moms that have experience with breastfeeding. Not only moms but also registered nurses and certified Lactation Consultants who are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you find ease and success while feeding your little one. Wanting the best for your baby, this pump is made ensuring that all materials coming in contact with your breast milk are BPA free. This helps limit your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals. The closed tubing system helps to keep your breast milk and your baby even safer by restricting air exposure.

3. Manual Comfort Breast Pump by Philips AVENT

Manual-Comfort-Breast-Pump-by-Philips-AVENT Check Price Now

Avent created one of the top rated manual breast pumps on today’s market. A trusted name in the baby world, Avent is known for making quality baby bottles. Free of BPA this breast pump is safe for both you and your baby. The unique design allows for maximum comfort while pumping which will make it much easier and less tiring.

This plastic breast pump is incredibly lightweight and compact fitting easily in your purse or diaper bag. With this travel-ready design, you can effortlessly pump just about anywhere. The simplistic design is incredibly easy to clean leaving this being one of the most low maintenance designs on the market.

The soft textured massage cushion sits comfortably against your breast and helps to stimulate milk flow. This Avent breast pump is compatible with other products from their line including bottles and milk storage containers. This allows you to get the most use out of your products.

Why we love it – This Philips Avent comfort breast pump is a must have when traveling or for those on the go moms. The compact lightweight design fits easily in your purse taking up less space. With no plug required, you can discreetly pump just about anywhere. The comfortable pump features a textured massage end that works to stimulate milk production and make pumping easier. The BPA free design allows this pump to be not only efficient but safe as well.

4. Silicone Breast Pump by Haakaa

Silicone-Breast-Pump-by-Haakaa Check Price Now

Haakaa makes a great breast pump. They use a 100% silicone material that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. This is also a manual pump which reduces the headaches an electric pump can make. No longer do you have to struggle to assemble your breast pump. There are no fancy switches or batteries you need to monitor or remember. Haakaa’s simple design is easy for everyone to use.

Their system is so small that you can fit it in your purse and allows you to discreetly pump for your baby. This means you can pump no matter where you are. All you need to do to get started is simply line this pump up and gently squeeze the base. This pump creates a perfect seal every time and doesn’t let any air into the milk.You are in 100% control of the suction and the amount of milk you produce. When you are done all you have to do is turn the pump upside down to pour it into a storage container.

Why we love it – If you are planning a trip this is the breast pump you can get. It is small enough to store while it is as effective as other larger pumps. It is made from 100% food grade silicone which contains no irritants or contaminants. This pump is also great for sensitive breasts. Many mom’s worry about pumping as it can cause sore nipples and breasts. This Haakaa pump has been designed to be more gentle and allow you to pump for longer periods of time.

5. Manual Breast Pump With Lid by Zenda Naturals

Manual-Breast-Pump-With-Lid-by-Zenda-Naturals Check Price Now

This travel breast pump is a true must have. The lightweight design allows you to throw it in your purse without weighing you down. A compact and noiseless design allow you to pump just about anywhere discreetly. This breast pump requires no assembly, batteries or power source allowing you more time to focus on what really matters: your baby. Incredibly easy to use this breast pump will take a lot of pressure off you as a mother and allow you to provide only the best for your baby.

A 30 day 100% money back guarantee makes this a risk free buy that is virtually irresistible. The many reviews about this product all rave about how easy it is to use. With a company that really cares about your child’s health this breast pump is made using 100% BPA free food grade silicone that is safe for both you and your little one. The lid that comes with this breast pump allows you to easily store your milk for future use. This is also desirable when traveling as you can avoid spills and bring the milk with you everywhere you go.

Why we love it – This no risk breast pump by Zenda Naturals has a full 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can try the pump and if you aren’t fully convinced it will work for you, you can take it back without questions asked. With high safety standards this pump is made using food grade silicone that is 100% BPA free. The lightweight and compact design operates silently making it a great travel pump that can be used discreetly just about everywhere you go.

6. Manual Massage Breast Pump by SUMGOTT

Manual-Massage-Breast-Pump-by-SUMGOTT Check Price Now

The construction of this Manual Massage Breast Pump is what sets it apart. Every piece has been made of high quality materials that are eco friendly. The handle has been ergonomically shaped, the breast pad is made of a comfortable silicone and it is easy to assemble. SUMGOTT has thought of everything and has given the breast pad and suction area a dust cover for when you’re not using it. This makes it able to be left on the counter and used whenever you need it.

The pump has been designed to be non-breakable, lightweight and compact. This makes it ideal to throw into a bag and bring it with you no matter where you go. The pump easily comes apart and is super easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher. Since this pump is completely controlled by you it is not painful like electric versions can be.

Why we love it – This can be the only breast pump you will need to buy. Every part of this is high quality and made from non toxic, BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free materials. It is portable while giving you precise control over everything from suction to the precise amount of milk in a container.

7. Silicone Breastfeeding Pump With Lid by Anthone Amo

Silicone-Breastfeeding-Pump-With-Lid-by-Anthone-Amo Check Price Now

This is a simple manual breast pump from Anthone Amo. It is made from food grade silicone which has been shaped to maximize suction. This is a simple pump to use. Simply align it with your nipple and gently squeeze the base. You are in full control of this pumps suction and pressure. If you find you like more suction at the beginning simply squeeze the base until you reach your comfort level.

This package comes with two breast pumps and lids. The pump’s base has measure lines built in so you can see exactly how much milk you have. What makes this pump great is the lid it comes with. You no longer have to transfer this to a storage container right after pumping.

Why we love it – This Silicone Breastfeeding Pump by Anthone Amo is great for travelling. The size is perfect for a day bag or purse. It also comes in a set of two. The lids stay securely fastened for impromptu pumping. This system has also been made to be easily cleaned. Simply run under warm water with some soap and this breast pump is clean.

8. Expressive Manual Breast Pump by NUK

Expressive-Manual-Breast-Pump-by-NUK Check Price Now

The Expressive Manual Breast Pump by NUK is a high quality product that has a refreshing design. It features a comfortable handle that is easy to use. It produces the right amount of suction needed and has a soft breast cushion which adds to its comfort. In fact, the handle allows you to control precisely how much suction you have. It has been recommended to have more suction at the start and less at the end so the let-down is more gradual.

The entire setup only weighs 5.5 ounces which doesn’t put a strain on your body. The pump also only has a few parts which make it easy to assemble and clean. You also get extra parts when you order this pump. It even comes with a seal disk for storage, a container stand and an extra silicone valve. You can easily throw this into the dishwasher for extra fast cleaning.

Why we love it – This is a lightweight manual breast pump that is easy to assemble, clean and transport. It is made from food grade silicone and features BPA free parts. This NUK breast pump gives you full control when it comes to suction. This is done through the comfortable handle that is easy to move and control.

9. Ergonomic Manual Breast Pump by Lansinoh

Ergonomic-Manual-Breast-Pump-by-Lansinoh Check Price Now

Lansinoh’s Ergonomic Manual Breast Pump is a great option for on the go moms. It is small enough so that it can be easily transported while having features that other manual pumps don’t have. This one has a handle that takes the guesswork out of pumping milk.All you need to do is put this pump in place and pump the handle. It has been designed to not cause your hand or breast to get sore.

This pump has a two phase system. It has been designed to stimulate and even help in let-down. The pump applies the perfect amount of suction and has a large bottle. It is also an easy system to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. There’s a reason this company has been trusted for more than 30 years.

Why we love it – This is a fully functional manual breast pump. Unlike other systems this Lansinoh option has been designed to apply the perfect amount of suction and even help with let-down. The container is large and won’t have to be emptied until you are done. This company even has storage bags that can be attached directly to the pump making pumping that much easier.

10. Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump by Ameda

Purely-Yours-Double-Electric-Breast-Pump-by-Ameda Check Price Now

This is a full breast pumping station setup. It includes everything you need to start pumping including two pumps, a carry all tote, a sturdy base and even four storage containers. These are high quality pumps that have an electric system that helps with suction and adds much needed comfort. This gives you complete control over the amount of suction and even the speed at which you produce the milk. The tote has a place for each of these items and neatly stores them in a compact way.

You are able to use either one or both of the pumps at the same time. They are both assembled without BPA, DEHP and other irritants that can bother you and your baby. The pumps create a secure and even suction which is ideal when pumping. This is also important to keep bacteria away from the milk.

Why we love it – This double electric breast pump is one of the best on today’s market. It is made with material that is free of harmful BPA and DHEP chemicals and includes everything you need to start pumping today. It also has 4 storage containers that have lids that seal tight making them perfect for traveling. This is a system that will serve you for every single one of your kids. It includes a carrying tote that allows you to bring this wherever you go. Not only is this a great package but also has features other pumps simply don’t have.

How We Chose the Top Manual Breast Pumps in Our List

The biggest decision many new mothers face is deciding between a manual and electric breast pump. Deciding which one is best for you depends largely on how often you plan to pump. This affects the amount of suction you need from a pump. Manual breast pump reviews agree that choosing the right pump doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring. Simply consider these aspects when looking to buy one for yourself:

Manual Breast Pump

This type of breast pump is ideal for occasional use. Cheaper in price these breast pumps work well for mothers looking to pump before a night out or while traveling. Their lightweight and compact design allow you to bring them with you just about anywhere. They are ideal because they are silent to use and do not require an electrical outlet making them an ideal option for on the go use. Hand pump breastfeeding has been around for the longest and is a more reliable option as it does not rely on power and is less likely to malfunction.


Hand pump breastfeeding reviews warn against wrist fatigue when using a manual pump. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to find a breast pump with an ergonomically designed handle. This means the handle’s shape has been designed to have the same curve as your hand which will allow you to pump more without fatigue.

Some pumps come with a 2 phase design. This is a feature found in the handle of the pump in which you clamp at one end of the handle to promote the milk production. Following this, you use the end of the pump to maximize milk flow and allow for more efficiency.

Electrical Pump

While manual pumps have stood the test of time, electrical pumps are a lot more efficient and are the ones found in maternity wards. These powerful tools work much alike a manual pump but require an electrical source to power the pumping motion. Coming in either singular or double pump systems these pumps are preferred by moms that pump continuously. This is because they are less tiring as you do not need to manually pull the liquid out. They also take less time to work as you are able to do both breasts at once. They are however more difficult to travel with and are at risk for untimely malfunctions.

Storage Containers

Whether you choose to go with a manual or electric breast pump it is important to look for a pump system that comes with extra milk containers. Oftentimes pumps will come with two, or even four, milk storage containers allowing you to fill more than one container. This is desirable as you can easily ensure that your baby will always have milk.

For pump systems that don’t come with extra milk storage containers, it is important to look for ones where additional containers can also be purchased. Many pumps use universal containers that will fit on any pump. Pumping your milk is only useful when your milk has somewhere to go to be safely stored.

Lids are also an often overlooked aspect of a breast pump. Being able to cover the containers allows you to not only store them in the fridge but also make sure no contaminants get in them. Lids and caps should also cover where the breast rests. This will ensure that you only have milk inside your containers and make it easy for you to quickly start and stop pumping.


This can be the most important part of the pump. Many are made from a food grade 100% silicone material. This is soft and can form to your breast creating a perfect seal needed to make suction. When looking at pumps you should look for ones that are BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Lead and petroleum free. All of these can irritate you and your child and even be harmful. Storage containers should also be made from a similar material which can reduce breakage and make it easy to store the milk.

Choosing what’s best for you

Breast pumps are a great way to reduce the pressure felt when your breasts feel full in between feedings. They also help mothers get some down time from round the clock feedings and allow for a level of independence that cannot otherwise be achieved. The best breast pumps will allow you to produce the milk quickly and comfortably while being portable and easy to use.

Do you have a Manual Breast Pumps on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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