The Maclaren strollers combine simplicity of build, manageable weight, and ease of use in a way that is unique among stroller brands. Parents that are looking for a stroller that stays compact but still makes them comfortable to stray off the smooth concrete roads, will find in the best Maclaren stroller the perfect fit. Many brands often end up overdoing it and add on plenty of features that quickly become more confusing than useful, while lightweight Maclaren strollers go straight to the point.

To guide you through the choice of the best Maclaren umbrella stroller and help you find the one that will have the biggest impact on your family outings, we have compiled in this article a list of the top rated models available. Read on to discover what options the brand proposes, since there is something for every need and every pocket, so you can make an informed decision and be rapidly on your way towards making the experience of taking your child around much smoother and fun for everyone involved.


How To Choose A MacLaren Stroller – Buying Guide



The wheels of top rated Maclaren umbrella strollers are one of the main features of their design. They may not look like much from the outside, lacking the rubber tires of all-terrain strollers, but they can still provide a more than comfortable ride for the little person they are charger of transporting. The wheels swivel easily providing great maneuverability and have suspension systems that let you take on even roads that aren’t as well paved as the ones downtown. Furthermore, they are often removable, which not only means they can be quickly replaced if need be but also that they can make the stroller even smaller once you fold it, a great feature for couples that want to be rapidly be on the road or are planning longer trips.


On Maclaren strollers, handles are kept small and compact, but nevertheless provide the parent with a good grip and feel for the stroller while on the road. Often ergonomically designed and height adjustable, handlebars have enough padding to not tire your hands even on longer trips. The most common configuration is to find two separate ones on either side of the stroller, but some of the models you have seen in our Maclaren stroller reviews will have one large handlebar that stretched across the back. Some accessories that can be added are a wrist strap, to never lose touch with them, or even a cup holder to keep a refreshing beverage ad hand.


Most Maclaren strollers feature a frame made of aluminum, while the seat is usually synthetic and well stuffed with padding. The use of aluminum allows the frame to be very tough and reliable but stay light, without becoming a burden for the person pushing it. This is the same reason why it is a material so often used in aviation. The seats are mostly made of synthetic polyurethane that is easy to wipe down and quick to dry when washed. The overhead canopy is also synthetic but is treated to be resistant to water as well as the UV radiation that the sun constantly emits.

Size And Weight

The headline feature of the Maclaren strollers is that they are small and lightweight, while being comfortable and convenient. We find them to be among the best designed umbrella strollers available on the market, because of the ease with which they can be folded and unfolded as well as their very well contained weight which makes them a favorite of travelers and active couples on the move. The size of the seat and the height of the handlebars are comparable to the ones of regular strollers, but what is remarkable is that this is achieved while keeping the overall size very well under control. Such a combination of features plus the affordable price at which they are sold makes the Maclaren products a unique line of strollers will earn their users’ trust.

Baby Weight And Age Recommendations

Weight indication and age recommendation are numbers you can find on any Maclaren girl strollers, and they give you a good indication of the ideal range in which you can feel confident to use your stroller. As we have said, Maclaren strollers are known for being tough and reliable, but it is always better not to push the limits too far. Keep in mind that you are also likely to bring along some more gear when you get on the road, so you also have to count that weight when you make your calculations.



Q: Are Maclaren Strollers Worth The Money?

A: Yes, they are. Considering the quality of the build together with the ease of use and portability of Maclaren models, we have no problem recommending them to new parents that are looking for a reliable stroller to entrust their child with when they want to get on the road.

Q: What Age Can You Use A Maclaren Stroller?

A: The best is to attain yourself to the age recommendations that you can find in the reviews of each stroller. It will also be easy to judge if your child is starting to get too big for the seat. Generally, once they start getting around six years old then they no longer fit, but by that time they are usually much more independent and less in need of being carried around.

Q: Are Maclaren Strollers Made By The Car Company?

A: No, they are not. It is an understandable mistake to make since the sound of the two names is identical and the companies are both British, but Maclaren is the one that makes baby items, while McLaren is the one that makes the cars you see whizzing around race tracks at hundreds of miles an hour.

Q: Do Maclaren Strollers Recline?

A: Yes, they do. Almost all Maclaren strollers give you the option to make the baby seat recline, so you can your child lay in a much more comfortable position if they happen to fall asleep. Furthermore, Maclaren strollers are usually built to allow you to do this while using only one hand, making the process very fast and convenient.

Q: How Do You Remove Maclaren Wheels?

A: On Maclaren strollers, wheels are extremely easy to remove, since they are held in place by a secure quick-release mechanism. This means that simply by pressing a button it can open and let you just slide to wheels off the body, considerably reducing the size of a folded stroller.

My Babies Planet Overview

Parents looking for a combination of portability and durability will have a hard time finding better options that Maclaren strollers such as the ones we have described in this article. We hope reading this has helped you make an informed decision so you can select the best tool for you and your family so you can all enjoy the next outing, the child by being comfortable in the seat and the parent for not sweating while pushing the stroller around.

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