As your child grows up, they tend to get bigger and put on more weight. That is always a good thing, of course, but taking them from one place to another can be challenging, especially when they become too heavy for you. The quickest fix to this issue is to get a stroller that can make it easier for you to take a stroll with your child, may it be at the mall or park. How can you tell which lightweight strollers are the best for your needs, you may ask?

Well, we have a list of the 10 Best Lightweight Portable Strollers that you can find in the market in 2020. Read them carefully to gain some ideas about all the facets that parents need to consider before deciding on prams for the little ones. Through these recommendations, we hope that we can make the process a bit more straightforward for you than ever.

The Best Lightweight Strollers

How To Choose A Lightweight Stroller – Buying Guide

Highlighting the criteria that we have followed to come up with the 10 Best Lightweight Folding Strollers of 2020 is essential. This will further help you figure out which buggy you genuinely want for your little one. Here are a few things to considering before you choose a lightweight pram:

Stroller Frame

Using a lightweight portable stroller is great because it is not as heavy or bulky as a traditional stroller. Still, parents want to make sure that their frame is stable and sturdy enough for their child to ride frequently. Having a structure that is of lesser quality will wear it out quickly and not be able to stand the rigors of daily transportation.


Any stroller you select should have a 3- or 5-point safety harness. Its straps should also be adjustable so that you can tighten it to your child’s body. In some cases, brakes that are controlled by either hand or foot are part of a stroller’s protection system as well. Looking for a locking mechanism that will keep the pram from collapsing once it is set up will help avoid a possible accident.


An essential aspect of any stroller is the quality of its wheels. To ensure a smooth ride every time, a good suspension can help manage the disruption caused by bumps in the road. Swiveling front wheels can also help you maneuver through tight spaces without breaking a sweat.

A lightweight folding stroller is built to be more maneuverable than a traditional stroller. It is not as extensive as standard prams, so you can quickly go through doors or move in between store aisles.


The seat on any stroller is critical as your child will be spending most of their time in it throughout the ride. Having a fully padded seat matters, as well as sturdy back support. With some lightweight strollers, the seat will recline completely flat to allow your little one to nap during your stroll. 


A stroller’s weight is crucial when it comes to practicality. A lighter stroller can be much easier to push, load into the car, steer, and carry upstairs than a conventional stroller. On the other hand, a more massive stroller makes use of better materials, although it is harder to take anywhere than the latter.

Generally, you do not want to end up with a product that might fall apart each time you use it. To get your money’s worth, therefore, you need to seek a pram that is neither too light nor too heavy.

Additional Features

Additional features such as adult cup holders and snack trays for the child are must-haves for parents who are always out and about. Extra storage is also an add-on to look for so that you need not carry your kid’s things in your arms while pushing their ride.


Q: Do I need a lightweight folding stroller?

A: Yes, you need it, especially if you have a young kid. It is a handy item that will allow you to travel with ease. The choice, however, depends on how compact you want it to be or how it should appear once folded. Some look like umbrellas; others seem and work as luggage bags.

Q: Which is the lightest stroller?

A: The lightest stroller weighs less than 11 pounds. A few products that fall under this category include (but are not limited to) Maclaren Mark II, Kolcraft Cloud, GB Pockit, and Uppababy G-Lite. Apart from the weight, though, you ought to ensure that it can hold your child’s weight without collapsing. 

Q: Which stroller is best for travel?

A: A lightweight compact stroller is the best one for traveling purposes. It does not weight too much even when your kid is riding the pram. You should be able to carry it like a backpack, shoulder bag, or trolley as well and not experience muscle ache afterward. The items on the list above are some examples of the most compact strollers in the market these days.

Q: What size stroller can I take on a plane?

A: Different airlines have specific stroller sizes that they allow to board the planes. British Airways, for instance, lets you carry a pram that measures 46 x 15 x 15 inches at max. However, you need to leave it beside the door. The maximum dimensions that Air France accepts in the cabin, meanwhile, is 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches if you will treat the stroller as a hand-carry bag. Otherwise, the measurements should be no more than 39.4 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches.

Q: What are the benefits of using a lightweight portable stroller?

A: Super lightweight strollers tend to weigh between 8 and 10 pounds, although the typical products in the market weigh 10 to 16 pounds.

  • Since carrying all your belongings is a hassle that no parent wants to have to deal with, you can use the storage basket underneath the seat.
  • A lightweight stroller is as travel-friendly as it can be. Whether you put the pram in the trunk or check it in as a part of your luggage, its small size makes traveling much more comfortable with it than using a bulky stroller.
  • Traditional strollers are more expensive than the lightweight ones. Thus, a lot of families find the latter extremely affordable, to the extent that they can get many buggies and store them at home and in their car.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the right stroller is among the most important decisions that you can make for your children. Buying a high-quality one ensures that going on a trip with the entire family will be stress-free.

As with any product that you get for the kids, though, you need to think about your personal preferences above all else. We can only hope that the 10 Strollers that we have reviewed and discussed above have given you an idea of what to look for in a compact stroller for kids.

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