Any parent knows that when watching a new movie with your little one, chances are you will be watching it on repeat for months on end. For this reason, it is important to find the best kid movies that you will be willing to watch over and over again.  From fun classic sing alongs to newly animated wonders, there are many different movies out there to choose from. To help narrow down the search we have made a list of the most popular ones on the market.

With all of the access to TV and internet nowadays it is important to ensure that your kids are watching safe family friendly movies. The best children’s movies will be enjoyable for both kids and parents alike. These films will all have storylines that will not only entertain your children but also include life lessons that will help them develop quicker.

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Toy Story by Disney Pixar

Toy Story by Disney Pixar

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Toy Story is one of Pixar’s classic movies. Every family should have this film in their collection. It is based on a great adventure where Andy’s toys come to life in a world that he is unaware of. When he gets a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, his older toy, Woody, struggles to stay popular.

This show will give your kids the chance to learn what it means to be a friend. You will love that they will have a good influence and be shown what it means to not be selfish. Also you won’t mind that they will settle down and watch a show letting you do what you need to around the house.

Why we love it – Toy Story will teach your kids to share and be nice to others all while entertaining them. This is one of the greatest adventures ever created. The characters are expertly animated and seem lifelike. Once your kids get tired of this movie there are two more sequels that you can also invest in.

How To Choose A Kid Movie – Buying Guide

Being able to sit your children down in front of the TV is a welcomed idea for most parents. But choosing the right movie can be hard. Finding one that you will also enjoy is even harder. All of the movies on our list are those that will not only entertain your children but also keep your attention as well. These are great movies that the entire family can enjoy. On top of that each one will teach your children great life skills ranging from sharing to being nice to the environment. This is done by characters that your kids can relate to.

Movie Ratings

Movies that are made for families should have a G or PG rating at the maximum. A rating of G means that movie is approved for all ages. There are no scenes that are too graphic or violent and there is zero nudity or even innuendo. A PG rating means there could be scenes that are not suitable for children. Movies with this rating should have an adult sit with your kids to see if it is appropriate. Both of these ratings are good for children of a young age. Kid movie reviews are important for deciding whether or not a movie will be appropriate for your kids.


Many of these movies come with many sequels. We all know that kids can fall in love with one movie and seem to never turn it off. With movies like Shrek and Toy Story you can get them other movies that have the same characters that go on new adventures. This will save you from watching the same movie on repeat. Disney has seemed to break the sequels curse as well. Movies seem to get worse after the first one but not with Disney. They have put in the time and effort to create a great storyline with every single one of their films.

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