20 Best Kid Movies in 2018


What Are The Best Kid Movie? – Let’s Review!

Any parent knows that when watching a new movie with your little one, chances are you will be watching it on repeat for months on end. For this reason, it is important to find the best kid movies that you will be willing to watch over and over again.  From fun classic sing alongs to newly animated wonders, there are many different movies out there to choose from. To help narrow down the search we have made a list of the most popular ones on the market.

With all of the access to TV and internet nowadays it is important to ensure that your kids are watching safe family friendly movies. The best children’s movies will be enjoyable for both kids and parents alike. These films will all have storylines that will not only entertain your children but also include life lessons that will help them develop quicker.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Kid Movies Reviews

1. Frozen by Disney


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This is one of the most popular movies on the market today. A recent hit, this movie features a powerful female sister-sister lead. With friends such as Sven, the goofy and loyal reindeer, and Olaf, the spirited snowman, this cast is full of life.

The older of the sisters, Elsa is a snow queen that is cursed with turning everything she touches to ice. She is seen as the “bad guy” in this film. It is Elsa that is causing the kingdom to be in a constant state of winter. Anna, the good sister, goes on a hunt with her friends to break the curse of Elsa, her sister. Even though this is a cartoon everyone in your household will love to watch this movie. There are lots of songs and jokes and has something for everyone.

Fair warning, this is one show that will likely be on repeat at your house. The songs in this movie are easy to learn and upbeat. From dolls and frozen themed parties this movie has developed quite a brand that will allow your kids to keep their excitement.

Why we love it – Promoting healthy family bonds, this is one of the few shows that the princess doesn’t get rescued by a handsome prince but instead the love between the siblings is enough. A great show for any little boy or girl to look up to, this movie features sing along songs your child is sure to become obsessed with.

2. Inside Out by Disney Pixar


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Inside out is a great movie for kids. It features characters that are the emotions of a human including joy, fear, sadness, disgust and anger. It follows Riley, the young girl, through different stages of life and shows how her personality and emotions grow. Disney takes you on a journey through life and how certain events make you feel differently.

This movie will get your kids laughing and having fun while you can follow along as well. This isn’t like children cartoons where they learn the A,B,C’s. This movie has become an instant classic and can be watched at every stage of life.

Why we love it – If you want a movie that you can use as a learning experience along with a fun movie night Inside Out is the movie you should look at. It not only features a great storyline but also famous voice actors like Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith. This family friendly movie is great for all ages as it teaches valuable life lessons on how to handle your conflicting emotions.

3. The Lego Movie by Warner Bros.

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The Lego Movie has a classic plot of stopping evil and making the world right again. Only this movie does it based on the fun Lego pieces your kids play with. This means they will love the characters as they will more than likely have seen them before. Their favorite characters come to life on the big screen. Even if they haven’t this movie will catch and keep their attention. You may even like it and bring back some fond memories of when you were a kid.

Why we love it – Adults and kids alike will love this movie. Your kids will love seeing their favorite Lego characters come to live in front of them. Like all the other adventure movies your kids will learn about life skills that will help them develop and learn quicker.

4. Brave by Disney Pixar

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Children love this movie. Its main characters are kids who have to go on an adventure to challenge the ways of their village. The main character, Merida, has set off on a quest to change her destiny. Along her adventure she comes across a devious witch who creates chaos. Merida has to find out how to defeat the curse before it can’t be undone.

She overcomes obstacles and faces her fears along the way. These are traits that your kids will pick up on and can help them through life. This is another movie that you and your kids can watch together. Even you will be enthralled by the storyline and great characters.

Why we love it – Movie nights should be entertaining for the whole family. It can be hard to find movies that adults and children can enjoy together. Brave is one of these movies. It has action scenes and a plot that will keep your attention and keep you guessing what will happen next.

5. Hotel Transylvania by Columbia Pictures

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Hotel Transylvania features a unique family. It features characters from Frankenstein to Dracula all living in one house. Even though it may appear to be scary based on the cover I can assure you it is actually a funny movie. It focuses on a father’s love for his daughter. She is growing up and her father is having a hard time letter her go.

The movie is centered around Dracula’s daughter’s 118th birthday party. Hotel Transylvania is a place where monsters come for a vacation. This means that humans are not allowed in this area. Unbenounced to Dracula Mavis, his daughter, has fallen in love with one of these humans. The story unfolds surrounding these events.

Why we love it – This is an excellent movie that can help your children not be scared of imaginary monsters. It will show them that “monsters” aren’t actually scary and are just like you and me. Because of the characters this movie is recommended for older children who are familiar with the characters already.

6. Tangled by Disney


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Mandy Moore stars in this fun spin on the old classic Rapunzel film. With talking horses, handsome men and a headstrong young female lead this will effortlessly become a family favorite movie. 70 feet of long golden locks and a feisty attitude gets Rapunzel in a lot of wild adventures.

Armed with her best friend Pascal, a quirky chameleon, Rapunzel leads a lonely life locked high in a castle. The film follows a young Rapunzel quest to see the floating lights while she persuades a handsome outlaw to show her the way. Trouble follows her as she faces many unexpected obstacles and winds up finding much more than she bargained for.

Why we love it – A movie that will tug at your heartstrings this movie is different than your regular fairy tale. With a strong female lead that is independent enough to make it on her own, Rapunzel doesn’t require a prince’s kiss to save her, but instead longs for the love of her parents. Full of adventures this blonde broad is equipped with a frying pan to handle anything life throws her way. This movie is full of songs that will soon be on repeat in your household.

7. Finding Nemo by Disney Pixar


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Another of Disney’s favorite movies taking place under the sea, finding nemo is sure to be a favorite movie amongst parents and kids. Nemo is an adventurous fish with an apprehensive father. Nemo defies his father and leaves the safety of home. He gets lost along the way and his father and Dory set out to find him. This is a great adventure movie that has stolen the hearts of many. The characters are sweet and funny at the same time. Marlin, Nemo’s dad, and Dory encounter nearly every type of aquatic animal along their journey from turtles to sharks to jellyfish. All you need to do is grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Why we love it – More than just a fun movie, this fish tale has a great message too. Not only does it instill the love and unshakable bond of father and son but it also shows acceptance to imperfections. Young nemo makes it all across the ocean despite having a short fin. While life is sometimes harder for him, he can do everything all the other fish can despite his disability. This movie is so addicting, it even comes with a second

8. Up by Disney Pixar


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Up is one of the best adventure movies Disney has ever made. Loveable characters Carl and Russell and their goofy dog attach a million balloons to their house which takes them to a faraway land.

This is another movie that you will want to watch with your children making it a great movie to own. You will thoroughly enjoy this movie while entertaining your kids of any age. It takes you through the whole gamut of emotions better than some entire TV series lasting 10 seasons.

Why we love it – Disney has done it again. Up is one of the best movies they have ever made. It features an older man, a young child and his dog who embark on an adventure. Russell the young boy does his best to make Carl, a 78 year old balloon salesman, a young man. Even though Carl seems reluctant to go on this adventure he can’t help it because of Russell’s young boisterous spirit.

9. Aladdin by Disney


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This is one of the classic Disney movies that everyone needs to have on their shelf. The characters are expertly created and developed while being funny. It is based on a princess who falls in love with a man that her family does not approve of. He takes her on an epic adventure where they meet characters that we all know including Genie, Magic Carpet and even Jafar. Aladdin must protect his new found friends from the darkness of evil. You may even like this movie more than your kids.

Why we love it – Aladdin is a timeless movie that everyone can appreciate. It features characters that are well known and expertly animated. One of the best parts is that this film comes with bonus features that can extend the runtime to up to 5 and a half hours. This makes it perfect for days that you need for yourself and your kids will still be entertained.

10. The Little Mermaid by Disney


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The Little Mermaid takes you on an adventure under the depths of the sea. This film has been brought to life and is now available in high definition in Blu-ray. No longer do you have to struggle with the old VHS tape version. This film features a mermaid who falls in love with a prince. The only problem is that her father forbids her from being with him as she would have to live on the surface.

This movie features lots of laughs and even some singing. Your children will fall in love with the characters just like you did when you were a little kid. You will also love getting a refresher on one of the movies you grew up to.

Why we love it – Disney has made some of the best children’s movies available. Even the classics are still relevant and entertaining years after their creation. The Little Mermaid is one of these classics. It has been remastered from its original VHS version and is not available in high definition. You will love showing your children the movies that you watched when you were little.

11. Beauty And The Beast by Disney


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Beauty And The Beast has been one of the best movies Disney has made. It has been recently been released with a more modern spin on the old tale. This film shows that your looks don’t mean everything and that there is someone for everyone. The animated version is perfect for your children. It features characters like the talking pot, candlestick and even moving wardrobes. This movie has been updated and is now in high definition.

Why we love it – This will be a blast from the past for you. It is hard to imagine that Beauty And The Beast is over 25 years old. Still, the characters and storyline are still relevant today. Your kids will love watching the characters grow and fall in love.

12. Monsters, Inc. by Disney Pixar


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Sculley and Mike work at Monsters Inc. This is a company that scares children and bottles their screams since their city turns screams into electricity. They enter children’s rooms through their closet doors. Just based on the plot of this movie it may be scary for some children. But watching the movie to the end the monsters do come up with another way of producing electricity.

If your children are scared of monsters under the bed or in the closet this may be a good movie to show them. It will show them the behind the scenes of the monsters and make them more comfortable in their bedroom. The two main characters are exceptionally funny and their true colors do shine through. They are not the scary monsters children think of at night.

Why we love it – Monsters Inc. is a great way to show your kids that there is nothing to be scared about. All of the characters are well developed and the plot is upbeat throughout the entire show. This is a must have for your movie collection.

13. The Incredibles by Disney Pixar

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The Incredibles is an incredible movie. It is based on a family of superheroes. Each person has a special ability that makes them special. It starts with a husband and wife crime fighting duo but changes into a family. They are forced to settle down and live a normal life. As their family grows they discover that each one of their kids also has a super power. One day their city is faced with a formidable foe that the police cannot handle. So once again they are kicked into action.

Why we love it – The Incredibles will keep your family entertained for hours. This is one of the few superhero movies that you can let your kids watch without fear of graphic violence or nudity.

14. Shrek by DreamWorks Animation

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Shrek is one of the best adventure movies on the market. The combination of Shrek and Donkey will have you and your toddler laughing. These two main characters are on a quest to rescue the damsel in distress, Fiona. They need to travel a far distance and get into trouble along the way. Shrek seems to be this unlovable monster but is actually has a loving personality under his tough green exterior.

Your kids will be laughing for hours at the jokes and well thought out characters. They will learn how to be friends and get through hard times. Shrek is a great movie on many different levels. The best part of this film is that it is a part of a total of three movies. This is one series that your kids will be hooked on for years. Each movie has the same main characters while others, like Puss in boots, are added. Follow Shrek and Donkey through their many adventures with this top notch movie collection.

Why we love it – Not only will you get an hour and a half to yourself your kids will be thoroughly entertained. Shrek is a movie that is tailored to the whole family. There will be jokes that you will understand while your kids won’t. Even adults will love the characters in this film.

15. Toy Story by Disney Pixar

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Toy Story is one of Pixar’s classic movies. Every family should have this film in their collection. It is based on a great adventure where Andy’s toys come to life in a world that he is unaware of. When he gets a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, his older toy, Woody, struggles to stay popular.

This show will give your kids the chance to learn what it means to be a friend. You will love that they will have a good influence and be shown what it means to not be selfish. Also you won’t mind that they will settle down and watch a show letting you do what you need to around the house.

Why we love it – Toy Story will teach your kids to share and be nice to others all while entertaining them. This is one of the greatest adventures ever created. The characters are expertly animated and seem lifelike. Once your kids get tired of this movie there are two more sequels that you can also invest in.

16. Moana by Disney


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Moana breaks the traditional Disney movie mould. It does this by taking place on one of the Hawaiian Islands. This movie talks about the different traditions and ways of life of people in different cultures. It will allow your kids to see what life is like from another point of view.

Just like other Disney movies Moana needs to go on an adventure in this case to help her people. You children will love following Moana along her journey. This movie has great voice actors including Dwayne Johnson and Rachel House.

Why we love it – Moana is a great movie to broaden your children’s horizons. It is important that they learn from an early age that not everyone experiences life in the ways they do. This adventure movie is a great way of entertaining your youngster knowing they will also learn something.

17. Happy Feet by Warner Bros.


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Happy Feet from Warner Bros features penguins that dance. There are many musical scores throughout this movie that your toddlers can sing along to. This movie will teach your child about the life of an emperor penguin. Instead of singing to attract females he must use his feet as he cannot sing. He tap dances his way to happiness.

Why we love it – Happy Feet will get your kids on their feet while dancing and singing along. The characters are funny and the voice acting is excellent. This is an all-around excellent movie that is sure to be on repeat at your home.

18. 101 Dalmatians by Disney


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This is one of the top videos for kids. Even though it was made in the 60’s families are still enjoying this film today. It has been remastered for high definition television and is available on Blu-ray. This version also has bonus features that extend the movie to over 4 hours of fun. If you are to have only one of Disney’s movies the 101 Dalmatians is arguably the one you should get.

As you may know it is based on the story of people wanting to use the Dalmatians fur to turn into jackets and the crazy adventure of the dogs getting away. This movie will teach your children about being nice to animals and creating bonds that last a lifetime.

Why we love it – The 101 Dalmatians is one of the top rated kid movies Disney has made. It will teach your children life skills that can be used throughout their life. This film will also be a great family movie night flick.

19. Mulan by Disney


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Mulan is a great family movie. This cartoon film features a young woman who takes her sick father’s place in the army. This girl goes on an adventure all while pretending to be her father. Oh and she also has a friend dragon who is played by Eddie Murphy. Like most Disney movies she falls in love with one of the captains of the army.

Why we love it – Mulan is a tale of a loving family. The lead character sacrifices for her sick father in ways that most people wouldn’t. You will be taken on a great adventure all while laughing along the way. This is a kid’s cartoon movie that the entire family will enjoy.

20. Charlotte’s Web by Disney


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This is one of the classic movies. It features Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning and Steve Buscemi as voice actors. You will be taken on a journey of what life is like on a farm. You will see how each animal interacts with each other. Once the spider finds out what is happening she sets a plan in motion to save Charlotte’s life.

Why we love it – This is one of the classic films. It has been remade in 2006 with better graphics and animations. It has a cast of voice actors that are second to none. Sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch this feature films for families.

Choosing what’s best for you

Being able to sit your children down in front of the TV is a welcomed idea for most parents. But choosing the right movie can be hard. Finding one that you will also enjoy is even harder. All of the movies on our list are those that will not only entertain your children but also keep your attention as well. These are great movies that the entire family can enjoy. On top of that each one will teach your children great life skills ranging from sharing to being nice to the environment. This is done by characters that your kids can relate to.

Movie Ratings

Movies that are made for families should have a G or PG rating at the maximum. A rating of G means that movie is approved for all ages. There are no scenes that are too graphic or violent and there is zero nudity or even innuendo. A PG rating means there could be scenes that are not suitable for children. Movies with this rating should have an adult sit with your kids to see if it is appropriate. Both of these ratings are good for children of a young age. Kid movie reviews are important for deciding whether or not a movie will be appropriate for your kids.


Many of these movies come with many sequels. We all know that kids can fall in love with one movie and seem to never turn it off. With movies like Shrek and Toy Story you can get them other movies that have the same characters that go on new adventures. This will save you from watching the same movie on repeat. Disney has seemed to break the sequels curse as well. Movies seem to get worse after the first one but not with Disney. They have put in the time and effort to create a great storyline with every single one of their films.

Do you have a Kid Movies on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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