For parents who are active, using a traditional stroller to transport their little one around town can be a suitable option at first. However, if they want to include their little one in their exercise routine, a traditional stroller isn’t really the best option.

This is where a jogging stroller can come into play. Specifically designed to offer parents a way to exercise and also provide their child with a safe, secure and most importantly, comfortable ride. But with so many options on the market, how do you know that the best jogging stroller is?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Jogging Strollers in 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby.

Ready? Then let’s start jogging!

The Best Jogging Strollers

How To Choose The Best Jogging Stroller – Buying Guide

For parents who enjoy working out or going for a run with their child want to make sure that the equipment that they are using works with them but at the same time keep their children comfortable and safe. The criteria that they use when they look for items to buy can be very strict. With that in mind, we wanted to bring some of that same passion to the criteria we used in creating our list. That criteria includes:


If you’re using a jogging stroller when on a run, having one that has an uneven distribution of weight among the 3 wheels is key to ensure that you can lift the front wheel without a lot of effort and while keeping the ride smooth during turns around a corner or bends in the road. Those that are much more stable, such as those for running and walking, can be much more difficult to maneuver when running.

Front Wheel

While there are many jogging strollers on the market today that offer a front wheel that either locks in place or will swivel freely while the stroller is in use, making maneuverability easier. If you are looking for a stroller just for running, the swivel option is something you may not want. An errant stone or twig could spell disaster on a trail. However, if you will use the stroller in an everyday fashion as well, having the swivel option can make it easier to move in crowded or urban areas.

Handle Height

Making sure that the height of the handlebar may not be an issue if your are an average size adult. But if your spouse or significant other happens to be a bit shorter than you, having a jogging stroller with an adjustable height can be a lifesaver. Running while your hands are in an uncomfortable position can not only make it tough to push the stroller, but sabotage your workout as well.

Wheel Width

The wheel width that parents may choose can be like choosing the color of the stroller, it can be parent’s prerogative. A stroller with a wider wheel tends to be on a larger jogging stroller built with more space for carrying your child’s things and can feel more stable when carrying a larger child. A stroller with a narrower wheel tend to feel a bit sleeker or slimmer and is built to fit through doorways and aisles much easier.

Hand Brake

Not normally found on a traditional stroller, a hand brake on a jogging stroller can help a runner keep their form going down a steep hill and also help avoid a possible safety issue for your little one. Traditionally, a parent would have to lean back to act as the brake for the stroller and that may have safety and health concerns for both you and your child.

Sun Canopy

When you take your little one out on a run, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with perfect weather. Running in the sun could give your little one a sunburn or the glare from the sun would blind them the entire time. To combat this, a sun canopy can help protect your little one from the elements. Be sure to look for ones with canopies that can be adjusted because the sun doesn’t stay in one spot the entire time.


When many parents look at strollers, they may have two questions. How easy it this to fold and how small can it get? For a lot of parents, the easy part can be answered in one word, one-handed. Anything more than that and it’s likely that the stroller will stay set up.

Having a jogging stroller that easily fits in the trunk of your vehicle even if it’s a smaller vehicle can make one stroller more appealing than another, even if it gets better reviews.

Benefits of a jogging stroller

A jogging stroller can have many benefits for an active parent. Understanding what these benefits are can help increase the enjoyment of using this type of stroller not only for you, but for your little one as well.


The obvious benefit from owning and using a jogging stroller is that it can provide you with a great way to exercise. Running or even walking with a jogging stroller can be a great way to lose weight, maintain your fitness level or lower your blood pressure.

One benefit that isn’t always apparent to parents is that your new workout buddy helps turn your workout into a resistance workout. By pushing the stroller while you run, you use muscles that you wouldn’t normally use.

Mental Health

For a lot of new moms, postpartum depression can become an all too real thing. Running with a baby stroller can help prevent or even combat the effects of postpartum depression. While you will get physically fit, you will start to feel better about yourself, which in turn will help increase your self-esteem

Stress Relief

When you have children, balancing everything can cause a lot of stress and can build up very quickly. Using a jogging stroller is easily one of the best ways to help relieve and reduce stress. If you’re a runner, running can help you decompress and release endorphins making you feel happier and calmer.

The Great Outdoors

Going for a run with your little one in tow gives them a chance to experience the outdoors and nature. A lot of babies spend the majority of their day inside the house. Using a jogging stroller not only benefits you but also gives them a chance to explore the world around them. Each time you take them out, even if you run the same route 100 times, there will always be new things to see, hear and smell. This can have a big development bonus as they grow up.


One of the major benefits of using a jogging stroller with your little one is the chance for the two of you to bond. When you’re out jogging with your little one, you will inevitably find yourself talking to them about what they can see or hear. During your run you can sing nursery rhymes to your little one to interact with them and get a good workout. These moments can end up being priceless as they grow up and can help bring you closer to your child.

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

If you know anyone who works out regularly or has lost significant weight in their life from exercising, they will say that you need to make exercise part of your daily routine. Using a jogging stroller with your child can help foster a healthy lifestyle not only for you but for your whole family. Having this type of culture already in place can help you baby as they grow up expecting to be active.

Safety concerns

When a new baby comes home, everyone is excited and happy, but while that happy feeling can last a very, very long time, it can end just as quickly.

Making sure that no matter the situation, your little one is safe in their stroller without the risk of it tipping over and causing a terrible injury is paramount.

With our list, we are recommending jogging strollers to you but wanted to explain the importance of using a stroller as the manufacturer intended or making sure that if you happen to leave you child unattended, even for a moment that they are safe and secure.

My Babies Planet Overview

For a lot of parents, having an active lifestyle is a major part of who they are and they want to share that with their children. A jogging stroller can be a great way to share that and build moments with them at the same time.

Choosing what the best jogging stroller is for not only you but for your little one’s comfort and enjoyment can be an arduous process. Hopefully, with our list of the 10 Best Jogging Strollers of 2020 can help you with that choice.

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