10 Best Hiking Baby Carrier in 2018


What Are The Best Hiking Baby Carrier? – Let’s Review!

If you are an outdoors person you will need the best hiking baby carrier. Having a young one shouldn’t restrict your life. By having the best baby carrier you can bring your baby or toddler with you no matter how steep the trail gets.

With so many options on the market we found the best baby hiking backpacks on the market.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Hiking Baby Carrier

1. Baby Cross Country Carrier by Clevr


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This solid hiking carrier is built to be strong and durable without compromising on weight. Coming in at an impressive 5 pounds you will be able to carry your little one with ultimate comfort. Great for children 33 pounds and under this carrier features thick padded shoulder straps with a hip strap that moves the weight to your core and makes carrying easier. With optimal lumbar support, this padded strap is breathable keeping you cool. With multiple pockets to hold diapers and all other accessories and even two water bottle pockets, this carrier has all the functionality of a stroller on your back. Featuring a retractable canopy this carrier allows you to hike in all weather conditions.

Why we love it – This is a great choice for those living in apartments as this baby carrier folds flat to take up less space. Easy to put on yourself this carrier features a kickstand so you can rest it on a table to put on.

2. Packs Poco AG Child Carrier by Osprey


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Osprey has designed a pack that is lightweight but still made of high-quality materials. But the extra features are what really make this stand out. There is a sunshade that creates shade and protection from the sun’s UV rays or even rain.

This pack is also expandable. The torso area can extend up to 6 inches (15 cm) which allows you to keep this pack even while your baby grows. There are many straps and a halo harness which keeps your loved one securely strapped to your back. It even has adjustable stirrups for their feet to rest comfortably on for those long treks. When you take breaks the pack’s kickstand ensures your toddler stands upright while still giving you access to the lower storage compartment.

Why we love it – Everything about this bag has been made with comfort in mind. This includes your baby and you. The baby’s cockpit is fitted with everything from safety straps to reinforced grab handles and a sunshade. This is the ultimate hiking baby carrier.

3. Kid Comfort 1 by Deuter

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Coming in at less than 6 pounds this lightweight carrier allows you to hike with ease. A height adjustable seat allows your child to sit comfortably providing added support. This is great for longer outings. The picture of comfort you can easily adjust the length to perfectly fit your back. Going a step further the shoulder straps are ergonomically designed to provide superior neck and shoulder comfort. With a stiff casing, you can easily swap this carrier between parents without having to remove your child from the carrier.

With plenty of storage compartments including a zip compartment under the seat this carrier allows you to pack appropriately. The step in design allows children to get in and out of the carrier with ease. A 5 point safety harness helps to secure your child while the mindfully designed seat helps to keep your child in an optimal position.

Why we love it – Ergonomic shoulder straps help to keep you comfortable during your hike. The VariFit system allows you to adjust the length of the carrier to perfectly fit your back. As a bonus, this baby carrier for hiking comes with a teddy bear to help keep your little one happy. The hip strap helps to disperse the weight between your shoulders and core.

4. Poco AG Premium Child Carrier by Osprey

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There is a reason Osprey has more than one spot on our list: they make great products. This Poco AG Premium Child Carrier has thought of everything. The difference between this and the other Osprey bag is loads of storage space. This bag has a large zippered bag on the back of where the child’s torso sits allowing you to bring extra gear including a lunch, first aid kit or even a couple toys.

The storage continues on the sides with two mesh compartments. They are big enough to store small to medium size gear that you need quick access to. Just like the other Osprey bag this child carrier includes footrests for your baby, an expandable torso area, and grippy handles.

Why we love it – The Poco AG Premium Child Carrier from Osprey is an amazing bag. It features loads of storage so you can bring everything you need with you. This bag also has aspects that make your child comfy. They will love being able to stand upright when they’re not on your back thanks to the kickstand. The handles will also be a big hit.

5. Cross Country Carrier by Clevr

Cross-Country-Carrier-by-Clevr Check Price Now

Clevr has a sophisticated child carrier for baby backpack hiking on their hands. The part that will strap to you is highly padded and fully adjustable from the waist to the shoulder straps. It also has added lumbar support to put less pressure on your lower back. This entire rig only weighs 5.1 lbs. making it perfect for anyone to use.

Your baby will love being able to face forward in their seat. There is a large canopy that shades and protects them from the elements. This pack has been designed for kids from 6 months to 4 years old and up to 33 lbs. You don’t have to worry about them moving around as they are completely strapped in.

Why we love it – This is a high-quality hiking baby carrier which combines quality and aesthetics. It is made of metal materials while only weighing 5 lbs. There is no wonder why this is such a highly reviewed carrier, both the adult and child love it.

6. Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier by phil&teds

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The lightweight design makes this a top rated baby hiking carrier. Coming in at a mere 4.4 pounds this carrier is made of high-quality materials allowing it to carry children up to 40 pounds. Folding up to be incredibly compact makes this an ideal carrier for travel. A comfortable ergonomic fit harness system allows this carrier to be worn with ease. The breathable fabric contours to your spine to allow you to wear it for longer. Easily adjustable to your specific height you will be able to get the perfect fit from this carrier.

Coming with a detachable child-sized backpack on the rear of this carrier you can pack snacks and kids toys. Cleaning is made easy as this carrier can be easily wiped with a cloth and look like new again. With washable waterproof fabrics, you can get even more use from this carrier.

Why we love it – If quality is what you are looking for this carrier is ideal for you. So confident in this product there is even an appealing 2 year warranty attached. Easy to load and unload your child this carrier has an aluminum frame that allows it to stand freely and allow you to set your carrier down without removing your child.

7. Adventure Pack by Kiddy

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Kiddy has made possibly the best hiking baby carrier in 2018. It has loads of storage for absolutely everything you want to hike with. There is also a folding stand that props your baby up when you take the bag off. It combines comfort for the wearer with comfort for the baby. Instead of a small canopy like other bags, Kiddy has made a super durable and large canopy that will ensure no rain or sun touches your baby. The 5 point adjustable harness ensure your baby doesn’t move around while you hike no matter how bad the trail gets.

Why we love it – Features make this bag great for you and your baby. Extra padding and storage ensure a comfortable and fun trip while the lightweight design gives you the endurance to push on.

8. Deluxe Red Baby Toddler Carrier by Clevr

Deluxe-Red-Baby-Toddler-Carrier-by-Clevr Check Price Now

Clevr has yet another great child carrier for hiking. This Deluxe Red Baby Carrier is made using high-quality aluminum making it sturdy and lightweight. It features a removable bag that can house everything from your wallet to snacks. The padded straps will ensure you can wear this for the entire duration of your hike without pain or discomfort. The canopy helps to protect your child from the elements.

Why we love it – Features like extra storage and high-quality materials make this an awesome child carrier. You will appreciate loads of support and the energy absorbing lumbar padding. And the best part is this entire package only weighs 5 lbs.

9. Sapling Child Carrier by Thule

Sapling-Child-Carrier-by-Thule Check Price Now

Baby backpack carrier reviews are raving about this child carrier. A carrier both you and your child will love this adjustable carrier is all you will need for your little one. Featuring a plush adjustable ergonomic seat that your little one will love this carrier even comes with a deployable shade protector which helps keep your child safe and protected. Comfortable for the parent as well this carrier features completely adjustable back panels and a cushioned hip strap that sits comfortably on your waist.

Why we love it – Thule is so confident in this carrier that they offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. With plenty of extra storage throughout you will not have to compromise on what you pack.

10. 4G Carrier by Boba

4G-Carrier-by-Boba Check Price Now

If you are looking for a high-quality front carrier this is the one for you. It is made from 100% cotton and won’t irritate your baby as it is soft and breathable. There are easy to connect straps that are easy to connect by yourself and won’t create any pressure points. Your baby’s feet dangle out and allow you to hold them and tickle their feet while you walk.

Why we love it – This is a great hiking baby carrier. It allows you to create and maintain that sacred bond with your baby. This would be a great option for people who have a young one who doesn’t feel comfortable riding behind their mom or dad.

Choosing what’s best for you

Having a young child does not mean that you have to enjoy the outdoors less. Strollers are great but even the highest quality strollers are difficult to offroad with. For those who really enjoy the outdoors, it is best to invest in the best child carrier hiking device on the market. Comfortable for both you and your child these carriers are designed to allow your child to go anywhere you go. Great for crowded areas like farmers markets and travel through airports these carriers have nearly endless uses.

Do you have a Hiking Baby Carrier on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 24th of December 2017

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