Once your baby is too big to be held in your arms during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may want to get a high chair to make mealtimes as peaceful as possible. But when you start looking for one from various stores, you may begin to wonder what the best high chair on the market is for your baby.

With that in mind, we decided to do some exploring on your behalf and make a list of the ten best high chairs this year. This way, you can get ideas about the chairs for babies that may suit your preferences.

We hope that we can make the selection process a bit easier for you through the following recommendations so that feeding time won’t be stressful for you and your child.

The Best High Chairs

How To Choose A High Chair – Buying Guide

When we set out to review the best adjustable high chairs in the market, we wanted to make sure that every product passes most—if not all—the criteria below.


A high chair that comes with a detachable tray that can fit in the sink or dishwasher is a plus. This feature is essential because it can double as a table and play area for your little one. As they grow up, the tray can become more versatile since they can then be pulled up to the table during mealtimes.

Ease Of Cleaning

Parents learn one thing very early on: food and other messes will inevitably find their way into every nook and cranny of a high chair. Before buying one, therefore, you may want to look for the type that does not have a lot of hard-to-clean areas. It is ideal if the harness and seat can be removed and put in the washing machine as well.


Your child will grow up quickly and eventually outgrow their tiny high chair. But if you pick well, you can come across high chairs that are versatile enough to turn into a booster seat or kid-sized chair. This way, your child can still use it when they get older.


Part of the appeal of using a high chair is its ability to let your little one join you at the dining table. With an adjustable chair, it will be effortless for them to be tall enough to see everyone around the table. It also matters to have an adjustable tray to make sure that their stomach is not squeezed against the dish.


A broad base will help keep your baby safe and reduce the chances of them making the chair tip over even when they wiggle around in it. As you inspect the item in the store, give it a couple of shakes to ensure that the chair can handle your energetic child.

In case you are shopping online, you can tell whether a high chair is sturdy or not by learning about its legs. A few questions that you need answers for are:

  • How thick are they?
  • What are they made out of?
  • What keeps them from sliding?


A padded seat allows your child to sit more comfortably in the chair than ever. In case the high chair is made from hard plastic, you may put a cushion on it before your baby uses it.

Having a footrest is always better than not having one either. It gives infants something to rest their feet on and prevents them from dangling in mid-air.

Safety & Wheels

Highchairs should come with either a 5-point or 3-point harness and a crotch post. Both of them will keep your child from standing or slipping out of their seat. 

The buckle should not be too easy to operate because your brainy child may figure out how to unlock it in no time. The straps should be adjustable to accommodate your growing baby, too.

Having wheels on a high chair means that you can quickly move it from the kitchen to the dining room or other areas of the house. The most excellent wheels have locks on them to avoid accidents later.


When you begin to look for a high chair for your little one, you may be surprised once you see the different kinds of chairs in the market. We wanted to highlight some of them in this review so that you know what to check and expect when you enter the store.


When most people think of a high chair, the conventional type always comes to mind. While it is an excellent choice and does come with advantages (e.g., affordability and simplicity), it also presents disadvantages that may prevent you from seeing a traditional high chair as the best option.

For one, storing a traditional high chair is not easy because it does not collapse to a compact size at all. It lacks some more modern features that are found in other chairs as well.


As technology and materials advance, so do the high chair features. Specifically, a modern chair for babies can look vaguely similar to a traditional one, but the former has more adjustable sections than the latter. A couple of things you can do are recline the seat in various positions and alter the height of the chair, tray, and footrest.

The fact that a high chair can be adjusted in so many ways lets you find the most comfortable seating position for your child no matter where they are. New high chairs can also be easily folded down for storage purposes.

The disadvantage of getting this type of chair is that it is generally more expensive and more challenging to assemble than a traditional chair.

Space Saver

Also known as a booster chair, space-saving high chairs allow you to create a high chair out of just about any chair in your house. By putting it on top of your regular dining chair, your baby is ready for their mealtime.

The chair’s small size makes it a great choice if you live in an apartment where space is not a luxury. When your little one is done eating, you can simply fold and store it away.

The only disadvantage of having a space-saver chair is that it may take a lot of practice to set it up correctly. And because you are using a regular chair as a base, it can get messy from time to time, giving you another furniture to clean.


Like just about everything you buy for your baby, they will inevitably outgrow high chairs. Once that happens, you are better off putting it in storage or selling it. A convertible high chair, however, can be useful even long after they grow up.

Designed to accommodate your child’s growth, easy-to-convert high chairs can be used until they turn three years old. Depending on the brand of the high chair, they can convert into the following: 

  • Booster seat
  • Toddler chair with tray
  • Child-sized chair with table

While this type of high chair may have a lot of uses, its quality may not be as good as when you buy such items individually. Also, a convertible chair can take up the right amount of room in your storage unit.


If you have ever been to an outdoor concert during the summer, you know how useful a travel high chair can be. This portable chair is constructed with a heavy-duty canvas stretched over a metal frame and comes already assembled.

The legs of a travel high chair stick out a bit more than that of a regular high chair. The reason is that the manufacturers want to give the chair a broader and sturdier base to ensure the safety of your little one.

While this type is not meant to replace your regular high chair, having a good travel chair is essential for parents with babies. Its only downside is that the canvas may sag if your little one leans on it too often.


Also known as table chairs, a hook-on high chair is easy to clamp on the side of your dinner table, permanently suspending your baby off the floor. Able to support up to 37 pounds, it is designed to be used early on in your little one’s life. 

While some parents swear by the hook-on chairs when visiting friends, the risk of your baby falling from that height is too great for us to recommend ever using one.


A fabric high chair is an excellent choice for traveling families. It is lightweight, easy to pack, and machine-washable. Using this chair is as effortless as slipping the fabric over the back of a chair, securing your child in the seat during feeding time.

Although it folds down into a small size, a fabric high chair does not have an adjustable seat. It means that a small child may have difficulty sitting at the dinner table with mom and dad. Aside from that, the fact that the fabric needs to be washed frequently may become a hassle for the parents.

Twins Or More

If you are the parents of twins, then let us say congratulations. However, you may notice that most chairs out there are single-seated. Unless you want to buy two, you will only be able to sit one child at a time in it.

Luckily, many manufacturers have started to offer other options to accommodate families in this situation. Some even produce tables with recessed seating for each of your children. This allows you to see each of them at the same time while eating. When it is not dinner time, the table can be used for fun activities.

The only setback is that it can be expensive to buy this type of high chair. It will most likely take up a lot of room as well.


Q: What Is A High Baby Chair? 

A: A high chair is a piece of useful home furniture where babies can learn to eat by themselves. It is practically a harnessed chair with long legs for the base and a full tray as a table.

Q: Do I Need A High Chair? 

A: Yes, you need a high chair, whether you are taking care of the baby alone or with someone else. This chair can help improve the little one’s motor skills and nurture their individuality. Otherwise, your child may grow up requiring you to do everything for them.

Q: What Is The Difference Between High Chair and Booster? 

A: A high chair is a tall chair that usually comes with legs. Meanwhile, a booster seat is a legless version of the former that you place on top of a regular dining chair. 

Q: Are High Chairs Safe? 

A: High chairs are considered safe as long as it has a 3- or 5-point harness system in place. This feature entails that the little one will not be able to undo the straps and climb out of the chair.

Q: When It’s The Right Time To Start Using A High Chair? 

A: Despite the different age recommendations attached to every high chair, most of them claim to be suitable for babies aged six months and up. Still, only a parent can tell whether their child is ready to be in a high chair or not.

Q: Are High Chairs Adjustable?

A: Yes, high chairs are adjustable. Its purpose is to allow a child to join you in the dining table, even though they may not be tall enough to do it. 

Q: What Makes Buying A High Chair Convenient?

A: Buying a high chair is convenient because it allows you to feed your children at the dinner table as you eat. You can also keep them company in the chair as you make dinner or work on other tasks around the house.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Getting A High Chair?

A: Here is a complete list of some of the most common benefits of using a high chair for your baby:

  • A high chair can teach your little one how to sit correctly. Not only does the 90-degree angle of the backrest fix their posture, but it can also help them to digest food better.
  • It allows you to get other things done around the house or prepare the baby’s meals while they are using the chair. When they are in the high chair, your little one can get some time to experiment with the food or other objects around them. 
  • As your child grows up, they are going to want to explore things by themselves. A high chair can help build their independence by giving them access to their activity area and dinner table: the tray. 
  • Although using a high chair may not be the most natural thing to do for babies, they will begin to pick up proper eating habits through this process over time. As they get older, such practices will allow them to eat without making a mess.
  • You can put the high chair as close to the dining table as possible during mealtimes so that the little one can dine with you.

My Babies Planet Overview

It is highly essential to choose the best high chair for your child. They need a space where they can eat and develop good eating habits or at least play with toys. On your part, you need a tool in which you will never be too scared to leave your kid as you finish various chores.

With all of the features that make up high chairs, though, your choice will ultimately come down to what offers the most convenience to your child. Hopefully, with our list of the ten best foldable high chairs, you may be able to find the ideal chair for your bundle of joy sooner than later.

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