Choosing a gift for a 9 year old girl is not easy, simply because at this age children have their interests and hobbies which are different. If you want to get the perfect gift for a girl at this age, you are probably having a hard time with all the choices there are. 

Having this in mind, we have put together a list of toys and gifts that they will most likely love. From toys to books and different beauty products, there are gifts for each personal taste to help you out and ease the task.

Are you curious about what they are? Head down to our list to find out!


How To Choose A Toys and Gifts For A 9 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Nine year olds may not look especially different than one year before when they were eight, but they are certainly growing and going through a lot of changes. The early stages of puberty may start at this age (especially with girls, while boys go into puberty a little bit later) and they also develop mentally. They generally become more aware of their surroundings and the people near them, and most importantly, of themselves. Their personality evolves and they become a more defined person. 

With all these changes, the school becomes gradually more difficult as well. But their learning skills improve, and they know more than they did last year. For instance, they start studying some more complicated mathematical operations, at this point, they are able to express themselves better, their vocabulary improves and are capable of writing a story of several paragraphs. With all this, also their reading skills improve, they can follow some more complex books and are able to understand instructions better and more independently. 

As their personality evolves, so do their preferences, so by the age of 9 they will have developed some more specific interests in particular subjects or dislikes in some other ones. With all this said, you will probably have half the job done when choosing the best toys for 9 year old girl, only by knowing what she likes and dislikes. Does she like reading, or she’s more into beauty products? Is she curious about science or she prefers using her hands to craft an object? 

Emotional Development

As we said, by the age of 9 girls almost enter puberty, or are already in an early stage of puberty. With that come emotional changes as well. She will slowly start being more aware of the world around her and of herself as well, so she will start to seek approval from her parents and the people she likes, including her peers. At this point, she will probably be more open with you and start talking to you about her emotions. 

She will begin caring about what other people think and she will care about being liked by them. You may notice she will adopt the ways the people around her speak and you may hear her repeat something someone else said, possibly friends from school. You will also notice improvements in her anger management, she’ll be capable of controlling it most of the time, which means hanging out with friends and siblings will be easier. 

Group games will be easier to play, as she’ll be better equipped to understand the concept of winning and losing, and not be angry if she doesn’t win. When she’s spending time with her friends they can have some activities together, for example, create things they like. In our selection of best toys for 9 year old girl you will find great examples of great products you can use for a party game or activity with her peers.

Cognitive Skills Development

Children at the age of 9 are more capable of understanding rules, as mentioned above. She will be a better co-player for board games than she was last year.

She will be able to recognize right from wrong and she will have developed her particular interests by this time. She may even have some hobbies or participate in some facultative activities at school. 

When buying her a present, always keep in mind her age and stage of development. As she will be more sensitive than she used to, be careful not to underestimate her capabilities and consider her younger than she is. Therefore, pay close attention to what she says and does. You should be able to notice whether she prefers to keep to herself and read books or she likes creating things, or she’s an athletic type, and choose her gift accordingly.

Physical Milestones

A girl at the age of nine will be more careful and experienced to handle more delicate objects. Her hands will become more precise and her fine motor skills will be much better developed than one or two years ago. In fact, she may even like doing things with her hands that will require precision and orientation to details, like drawing or mounting things or even making jewelry or self-care products. 

As we said she may already be in an early puberty stage and so her body will slowly start to change and she will adopt more girly behavior. This will lead her to being more aware of her appearance and to taking interested in more girl-specific activities, such as beauty products, make-up or jewelry, things that before she didn’t pay so much attention to.

As her body develops and becomes stronger and more precise she may also enjoy engaging in some more active physical play, such as sports. She will be fully independent in doing the daily routine tasks, such as brushing her teeth, showering, getting dressed and choosing what to wear, and this will cause her to require more privacy than she used to.

Psychological Milestones

As she will become more aware of her gender and become more interested in rather girly activities, you may also find her preferring to hang out with her girlfriends rather than with boys. She will be able to form and maintain more lasting friendships that are caring and solid.

Since she’s getting physically more independent, this will happen with her psychological independence as well. She will want to make her own decisions and you as a parent should try and help her in this. She will be able to tell right from wrong, but this is the first time in her life when she will face certain challenges outside of the home where she’ll have to decide what’s best for herself and who to trust. 

She will advance a lot mentally in comparison to last year, of course, this will happen gradually and not all of a sudden, but you will be able to notice certain differences in her and will see her grow. Since the tasks at school will become more difficult, she will also need to work at home much more to speed up her progress. At the age of nine, it’s recommended that children read for at least 20 minutes a day, which will help them enrich their vocabulary and express themselves better. Their attention span will have improved significantly as they will be able to focus on certain tasks for longer periods.

Design And Entertainment

As she will develop her fine motor skills and become more interested in certain things rather than others, you may notice she may like to draw or paint, combine different colors to create personal designs. She may also be interested in making jewelry and wearing it and thus making different combinations of accessories and clothes to fit her personality and mood.

Except for clothes and accessories, she may as well have an affinity towards building models or making her own toys. In fact, in the list of best toys for 9 year old girl we offer such activities that we think may be a lot of fun for any girl her age!


When a girl is nine, since she’ll be more precise in handling delicate things, she will be more independent by using some simple tools such as a hammer without assistance or supervision. However, when she needs to deal with sharp tools or knives it’s better if you supervise her and show her how to handle them best so that she doesn’t hurt herself until you are confident she can use them safely. When handling hot dishes, it’s better if you still do it for her to avoid any danger.



Q: What kind of toys do 9 year olds like?

A: Children at 9 start being more aware of their gender and prefer to play with toys that are appropriate for it. So, girls will probably prefer to play with beauty products, dolls or games that fit their interests.

Q: What is the best gift for a 9 year old girl?

A: The best gift for every person is a very individual choice, you should always keep in mind what she’s interested in. We believe that in our list of 20 best gifts for 9 year old girl we include some of the best ideas for gifts appropriate for any girl at this age.

Q: What do you get a 9 year old for her birthday?

A: You should definitely go for something that she will be excited to have. A book appropriate for her age could be a good idea, or maybe either something to create or make or a game she could play with her friends.

My Babies Planet Overview

As we have seen, there are so many amazing gifts that you could choose from for a 9 year old girl, that the amount of choice may make it even more difficult. Just remember that you should keep in mind her preferences and we’re sure you will manage to make the perfect choice for her. Take a look at the list we’ve prepared for you and you will surely find something that she will fall in love with!

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