At 8, girls are becoming more physically adept, independent and sophisticated in their thinking. They can enjoy all kinds of activities and this means a plethora of beautiful and adventurous toys and gifts to choose from. To make choosing the perfect present for 8 year old girl easier, we’ve narrowed down the options to the top 20 best toys for 8 year old girl.

Whether she loves making music or creating art, has an interest in makeup or enjoys burying her nose in a good book, there’s sure to be something that will make her eyes light up and that will encourage her innate abilities and further her physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive development. Below are the things girls this age love.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Children learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery. The best toys for 8 year old girl are those that teach her how things work and enable her to practice real-world skills and concepts. Choose toys and projects that will introduce her to new and exciting things and entertain and challenge her brain.

Eight year olds are budding scientists, artists, inventors and analysts. Give her things that will support and encourage the intellectual and creative engagements she enjoys whether that be building, drawing, painting, music, crafting, or coding. With her improved attention span, and reading and writing skills, an 8-year-old girl is ready for more complicated games, puzzles, graphic novels and chapter books. 

Emotional Development

Eight year olds ladies display complex emotions. They show a remarkable development in their ability to handle negative emotions such as frustration, failure and disappointments but are also impatient and will sometimes have emotional outbursts.

Toys and gifts that teach them better ways to cope with their emotions and calm down when angry will advance their emotional development. Studies show that arts and craft activities are an outlet for stress and engaging in arts and crafts activities gives kids a joyful outlook.

Cognitive Skills Development

By the time a girl turns 8, she has made great gains in her cognitive development and problem-solving skills. While she is able to think in an organized and logical way, her cognition is still developing. She can find it hard to think clearly when frustrated or angry. 

Strategy and logic games, puzzles, and building sets are examples of gifts that can help improve her thinking and reasoning skills by enabling them to tackle challenges and consider different solutions to problems. Playing with art and craft sets also enables children to think out of the box.

Physical Milestones

Physical development at this age entails refinement of her balance, coordination and motor skills. Toys and gifts that will encourage physical activities, challenge her body and improve her physical skills are essential.

Such gifts include bikes, skateboards, scooters, badminton, basketball, and martial arts kits.  Examples of gifts that will sharpen her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination include art and craft kits, building toys, and musical instruments such as a keyboard or Ukulele.       

Psychological Milestones

At this stage, girls become more independent but the need to belong also becomes increasingly important. They need toys and gifts that foster independence and help them develop a clear self-identity as well as ones that strengthen friendship bonds. Each and every girl has her own strengths, talents, skills and area of genius. Trying a variety of new things will help her identify what she is good at.

They need gifts that boost their self-esteem by giving them a sense of responsibility, making use of their strengths, helping them work on their weaknesses and teaching them that failure is an opportunity to learn. Dolls that promote a positive body image also promote healthy psychological development.

Design And Entertainment

The best toys for 8 year old girls are those that spark pure open-ended play without putting boundaries on their imagination and creativity. Simple hands-on toys and crafts that allow kids to focus on creativity and some up with multiple ways to play are the best gifts for 8 year old girl.

The gifts and toys should be age-appropriate so they are challenging and exciting enough to capture their attention and inspire their imagination. The design should be appropriate for their hands and young minds and sturdy enough to handle rough play.


While third-graders approaching their tween years are old enough to not attempt to swallow small parts, safety is still an important consideration when choosing gifts and  . The risk of injury when playing is still high and it is important to ensure that anything you get them is sturdy, age-appropriate and meets toy safety standards. Make sure the toy/gift is free from toxins such as lead and phthalates and food allergens. 



Q: Which Gift Is Best For Girl?

A: Examples of the best gifts for girls include bikes, dolls, Disney books, hobby and art supplies, building toys, makeup kits, jewelry, jewelry boxes, musical instruments, play houses, kitchen toy sets, interactive toys, backpacks, among others. One of these gifts is sure to delight a girl as long as it is in line with her personality, innate talents and the activities she’s interested in.  

Q: What Do 8 Year Olds Do For Fun?

A: 8 year olds love to play, ride bikes, dance, sing, read, play games, and experiment. Girls aged eight also love art and craft activities and playing with makeup. While eight-year-old kids are capable of a lot and can enjoy all kinds of activities, each and every child is different and has specific hobbies or activities she or he likes to do for fun.

Some find great joy in creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, making music, crafting projects or colleting things, others enjoy building, coding and science experiments while some identify as athletic and love sports. 

Q: What Do 8 Year Olds Want For Their Birthday?

A: Popular birthday gift ideas for 8 year old girl include dolls, hobby and art supplies, bikes, makeup sets, building sets such as LEGOs and dollhouses, makeup and nail sets, interactive pets such as unicorns, Disney books, jewelry and watches among others.

Eight year olds are vocal and very particular about what they want. If you’re wondering what to buy an eight year old for her birthday, you can go ahead and ask her what gift she wants for her birthday and she will be more than happy to declare her wishes. 

My Babies Planet Overview

As an eight year old girl approaches the pre-teen years, she undergoes remarkable growth in her cognitive, emotional, psychological and social skills. Playing is still an important aspect of her development and the best toys for 8 year old girl will give her hours upon hours of open-ended fun while also preparing her for life with all the new knowledge she will gain and skills she will develop.    

By getting her one of the top 20 gifts and toys in our toys for 8 year old girl reviews and keeping her developmental milestones, interests and personality in mind, you are sure to get her something sure to be a big hit on her Birthday or Christmas and that will help her learn new things and develop new skills.

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