7 year old girls are creative, adventurous, and inquisitive. They love to engage in imaginative play so the best toys for 7 year old girl are those that encourage open-ended play and place no constraint on their creativity. With their developed fine motor skills, they can play with gifts and toys that require coordination and dexterity. They can also enjoy activities that require concentration and patience.

If you’re wondering what to get a seven year old girl for her birthday or for Christmas, we’ve got you covered. Below are the top gifts for 7 year old girl and toys girls this age love to play with. They range from dolls to art and craft kits so you’re sure to find something she will love.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Girls this age learn though playing, observing, experimenting, and asking questions. The best toys and gifts for them should have some kind of educational benefit. At second grade, they can read and write well and can solve even complex math problems. They will benefit from educational sets that improve their reading, writing and math skills.   

Their inquisitive minds and thirst for knowledge can be quenched by educational toys such as books, microscopes and binoculars. They are natural scientists, mathematicians, analysts and artists and toys and gifts that help them discover and hone their natural abilities are ideal. Examples of gifts and toys with educational value include building sets, science experiments, STEM and STEAM toys and even dolls. 

Emotional Development

Seven year old girls have long left behind the toddler years. They can now understand and express the causes and consequences of their emotions. They are also developing empathy and starting to experience guilt and shame.

The best toys are those that will promote healthy emotional development by helping them learn how to identify, express and manage their emotions in the right way. Examples of toys and gifts that will support their emotional development include story books, art and craft sets and interactive pets. 

Cognitive Skills Development

Little girls aged 7 are already creative problem solvers. Toys that promote their cognitive development are those that improve their critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills. Toys and activities that encourage kids to play with imagination enable them to think creatively and come up with creative solutions to problems. Such toys that promote cognitive development include building sets like LEGOs and dollhouses, science experiment kits and deductive games.

Physical Milestones

The developed gross motor skills, balance and coordination of a seven year old opens up a whole range of toys and gift ideas. 7 year old girls can ride scooters, two-wheeled bicycles, ride-on cars, and even play soccer. These outdoor toys and gifts encourage physical play which promotes healthy physical development and refines their gross motors skills. 

Their fine motor skills are also developed to such a level that they can now write, draw, color, sew and complete more elaborate structures using building blocks. LEGOs and art and craft sets are among the best presents for 7 yr old girls to fine-tune their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Psychological Milestones

This is an important age for psychological development. Young girls are starting to become self-aware and develop a sense of body image. The self-esteem of seven-year-old girls is very fragile, since they tend to be insecure about themselves and can be their own top critics. Dolls that help promote a positive body image and act as positive role models are great and so are gifts and toys that give them a sense of accomplishment and build their self-confidence.

Design And Entertainment

It doesn’t matter how educative a toy is if it isn’t entertaining enough to keep a seven year old engaged or they can’t be able to use it without difficulty. Girls within this age group have unbridled excitement and sense of adventures and they need stimulating toys that can satisfy their creativity and inquisitiveness. The toy should also have a child-friendly design that little hands can handle but be sturdy enough to stand up to rough play.


Unlike toddlers, 7 year olds don’t have the tendency to sample everything with their mouths and attempt to swallow small parts. It is still important to ensure that any toy or gift you give them is appropriate for their age, meets toy safety standards and doesn’t contain toxins such as lead, BPA, and phthalates.

If the child you’re shopping for has an allergy, pay attention to ensure the gift or toy is free from food allergens such as wheat and nuts. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions and also keep an eye on the child as she plays. Some of the toys suitable for 7 year olds require adult supervision. 



Q: What Do You Buy A 7 Year Old?

A: Good toys and gifts you can buy a 7 year old include building sets such as LEGOs and dollhouses, makeup sets, arts and crafts kits, roleplay and costume gifts, play tents, bikes and fairy tale chapter books.  

Consider her interests and personality when deciding what to get her. Does she love princesses and mermaid characters? Is she in her unicorn phase? Is she an art loving girl who loves expressing herself through art and crafting? Is she a budding outdoor adventurer?

Q: What Do 7 Year Old Girls Like To Do?

A: Generally, 7 year olds love creative, imaginative play. They love creating and enjoy arts and crafts activities like drawing, coloring, painting, sewing and gardening. They also like to play with dolls, pretend play and dress up games, experiment with makeup and read.

All 7 year old girls are unique though and have different interests. Some love active outdoor activities like riding bikes while some show an interest in reading and art and crafts activities. 

My Babies Planet Overview

At the age of 7, girls are full of energy and bursting with excitement and curiosity. This and their developed coordination, fine motor skills and longer attention span means that they can enjoy all kinds of toys. The best toys for 7 year old girl are those that allow her to explore her creativity while developing new skills. Examples of good toys and gifts for them include building sets, art and craft kits, bikes, and dolls.

Considering their developmental milestones will ensure you get them an age-appropriate gift suitable for their abilities. It is also important to choose with her interests and personality in mind. The top rated gifts in our toys for 7 year old girl reviews above are a great place to start when looking for great gift ideas that will put a smile on the seven year old girl in your life.

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