The period that starts at age 6 is called middle childhood. It is characterized by an increased need for socialization, the fast development of mental and physical skills and the development of identity. Fine motor skills and coordination are sharpened.  All that was learned in previous years is now presenting the base upon which your child is building its emotional and intellectual independence. The best toys for 6 year old girl are those that will accompany her growth and help her transition into the new milestone.

This period is somehow specific for its contradictions. Your daughter is having an increased need for independence, but she is also showing fear and insecurity stepping out of the comfort zone. What will help her now is support and comfort from the loved ones. The best gifts for 6 year old girl can be those that are boosting her self-confidence and teach her to accept the uncomfortable feelings of the unknown.


How To Choose  Toys And Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls – Buying Guide


Educational Value

With much longer attention span and increased interest for the world around them, kids this age are eager to learn and expand their abilities. The best way to help them develop a healthy approach towards learning is making it fun and interesting and the best gifts for six years old girl can do that. Many children are starting to get interested in books, some of them can even read on their own, while others are showing preferences towards math, science, nature or art. By following the child’s individual development and interests, you can choose a toy that will enhance the knowledge for the specific subjects.

Emotional Development

The keyword for this age is independence. The growing need to separate their personality from the tribe is brining little ones both joy and frustration. As the kids are still seeing their parents as the most important people in their lives, the relationship with friends is becoming very important. As the emotions are better understood and handled, kids are developing self-regulation and learn to behave according to social standards. It is important to teach kids to express their feelings and to accept them. Many top rated gifts for 6 year old girl have the capacity to help children learn which emotions are occurring inside each one of us and what is the best and healthiest way to express them. 

Cognitive Skills Development

The period starting at age 6 is called e preoperational period and it is the time when kids are starting to learn to use language. What is called the “magical thinking” that was characteristic for younger age is starting to diminish and the kids are getting more mature. Popular toys for 6 year old girls can increase cognitive development by working on improving focus, concentration, short and long-term memory, etc.  Kids can practice focusing on several tasks at a time, plan their steps of action in advance and understand the time and days of the week. 

Physical Milestones

During middle childhood, kids can grow approximately 2 to 2.5 inches each year. As the body grows fast, it is important for the child to engage in physical activities in order to maintain a healthy posture. At this age, the coordination of large and small muscles is improved. Kids can engage in sports games, ride a two-wheel bike, swim, and dance. There are many toys for a 6 year old girl that will inspire action and activities. The important thing is to look for a toy that is appropriate for the current age and abilities so the kids can gain the most benefits while playing. 

Psychological Milestones

Common kid’s fears are still present at this age and as they are older and more capable to learn and understand, talking about those fears can diminish them significantly. 6 years old are still into fantasy and imagination land while they are playing and are usually preferring to play with the same gender friends. During this milestone of brain development, the best learning results are achieved through concrete play. The best gifts for 6 year old girl have the ability to 

Design And Entertainment

According to toys for 6 year old girl reviews, the best toys that have educational benefits and are helping children develop various skills, need to be designed to attract a child’s attention. They also must be entertaining and fun to play with so the child can subtly learn while playing. Well-designed toys are usually bright-colored and shaped in a way that it is safe for the child to use them without any harm. As far as entertainment is concerned, that depends on the child’s personal preferences. The best way to make sure that the you are choosing the best gift for six years old girl is to choose according to the little one’s personality. 


When choosing the best gifts for 6 year old girl, the most important thing to consider is safety. The toys need to be made from safe, non-toxic, preferably eco-friendly materials. Sometimes, the main difference between cheaper and more expensive toys is in the materials that they are made of. It is not advisable to choose a toy that does not state what it is made of. Look for information on the package. The toys that are made according to the state regulations are always including this info on the package. Another thing to consider is if the toy is safe to use by the child without adult supervision. It should not have sharp edges and small, easily detachable parts that can be accidentally swallowed.  



Q. What toys are popular for 6 year old girls?

A. Girls this age love pretend play. The increased mobility that comes with this age and more developed fine motor skills allow kids to play with more complex toys. The best gifts for 6 year old girl are the ones that include role-playing, friendship themes, and household chores. Girls also like to read, express their creativity through drawing, making various projects, building with blocks, etc. Do keep in mind that each child is individual. Many girls enjoy playing with cars, exploring nature or participating in ball games. 

Q. What should a 6 year old girl know?

A. Before answering this question, let’s just make clear that every child develops differently, and we should give them enough time and support to grow at their own paste. Some of the most common milestones are general guidelines, not strict rules. The 6 year old girl usually can start reading books, get familiar with the numbers and its concept, learn to tell time and draw simple shapes. They can play board games and participate in group activities.

Q. What should I get my 6 year old daughter for her birthday?

A. According to current research, the best gifts for 6 year old girl are the ones that the parents enjoy playing with them. For the purpose of bonding and spending time together, choose gifts that you will enjoy using with your daughter together. Kids are still very dependent on their parents and spending quality time together can significantly affect their confidence and sense of security. You can choose role-playing games, board games or simply curl up with your sweet daughter and read an interesting book. If you don’t mind the mess, you can engage in arts and crafts, drawing, painting or cooking together. 

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