Your baby girl displays incredible growth as they turn 10. By this time, they have not only grown physically but also mentally and emotionally. At this age, they have made significant sensory and motor development allowing them to engage in physically demanding activities. Their cognition has also evolved allowing them to easily express themselves and understand abstract information. 

Your kid also begins to identify with their gender; opting for toys that relate to it. The best toys for 10 year old girls boost their creativity and self-expression as their interest lies in these areas. As they become social beings, their toys should also promote social skills such as communication and emotional intelligence.  

To complement their already growing cognitive capacity, their toys should also be mentally stimulating to foster problem solving and abstract thinking. With the list below of the 10 best gifts for 10 year old girls in 2020, you are guaranteed to find the ideal choice for your baby girl. And since they can now express themselves clearly, you can even explore the options with them.


How To Choose A Toy And Gift For 10 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide


Educational Value 

As they turn 10 years old, your child enters the early adolescent stage. This change marks the beginning of significant mental growth that incorporates abstract thinking, rationalization, and increased inquisitiveness. Thus, it is important to also invest in gifts and toys for 10 years old girls that help to foster this milestone. 

Toys such as the Exploding Kittens Card Game helps to give their brains a mental workout and develop key problem solving and thinking skills to boost their learning.  Learning for 10 year old girls shouldn’t be limited to academics but rather well-rounded knowledge and information about their surroundings. However,  you should also note that at this age, they are also in elementary school thus; the best toys for 10 year old girls should also complement what they learn in school. 

Good examples of good toys for 10 year old girls that help to complement their school learning are toys that foster their communication skills. This ranges anywhere from toys for imaginative play such as tea sets that can spark conversations and debates to diaries where they can document their thoughts and express themselves.

Social Skills Development

Social skills development is an important milestone for your 10 year old girl because, during this time, they are interacting not only with their family but also friends, teachers, and caregivers. At this age, they even begin to identify with their gender and girls they can be friendly with. 

It is also during this time when your child will have play dates, sleepovers, and even frequent kiddy parties. Thus, the best toys for 10 year old girls should encourage social interaction whilst teaching them key skills such as sharing, communication, and empathy.  

Creative Boast 

Creativity is also an important milestone for a 10 year old girl. Activities around this milestone should not be limited to the classic arts only. Activities such as journaling and even role playing can also foster your child’s creative side. 

Whilst 10 year old girls bear many similar interests and other growing similarities, you should also understand that your child is unique and hold their individuality. At 10 years old, they can also express themselves clearly so it is easy for them to express their interests if they are encouraged. This makes it easier to choose the toys that they like.

You will come across many of the best gifts for 10 year old girls that boost their creativity such as crafts kits, scrapbooks, and journals. Toys that boost creativity also help to encourage thinking, imagination, positivity, and self-confidence for your child. 

Emotional Value 

As they interact with peers and adults, emotional growth is also important for your child. Just like social skills, some of the key elements for emotional growth for a 10 year old girl include empathy, emotional intelligence, and proper communication.  The best gifts for 10 year old girls should also encourage imaginative and role playing as they are great for fostering emotional growth. This is because at 10 years old, your child will be quite impressionable. 

They mimic their older siblings, parents, or any older person that they are close to. So whilst they mirror your habits, they can put them to use when they role play. Their imitation goes as far as facial and body language.  So whilst they have toys that encourage and grow them emotionally, it is also important to have positive influences around them during this time.


Although they have significantly grown physically and cognitively, toys for 10 year old girls should still be safe. However, safety elements depend on the toy. For example, many toys for 10 year old girls such as nail art kits will have them put different colors on their nails or skin. So you want to make sure the materials used are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Whilst smaller pieces may not be ideal for toys for 3 year olds, for example, they do not pose the same choking hazards for 10 year olds. However, you want to avoid dangerous items such as pointy pins or scissors that may still accidentally hurt them. And for toys that are too active such as bikes, standard safety gear such as shin guards and helmets are essential.

Group Games 

As mentioned above, social interaction is an important part of your 10 year old’s growth. And for proper social interactions, your child must also develop adequate social and communication skills. Consequently, it is essential to get toys that help to foster these skills. You will come across many toys and gift ideas for 10 year old girls that encourage group interaction. 

This spans anywhere from interactive board or card games to toys that encourage imaginative and role playing such as the Alex Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Set. And as they begin to identify with their gender, toys such as the Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon Kit are also a good idea for group games during sleepovers or birthday parties. 



Q: What Is The Best Gift For 10 Year Girl?

A: The best gifts for 10 year girls are the Alex Craft Eco Craft Scrapbook and Your Sparkly Lock & Keys Diary. 10 year old girls begin to identify with their gender and tend to be attracted to crafts and fashion themed gifts. They also begin to be independent and develop their opinions, so such gifts make ideal platforms to comfortably express themselves.

Q: What Kind Of Toys Do 10 Year Old Girls Like?

A: 10 year old girls are attracted to toys that they can be creative with such as craft kits, and scrapbooks. As they have significantly developed in terms of motor skills and coordination, they also enjoy active sports such as bike riding and soccer. As they interact socially, they are also attracted to toys that they can share with their friends such as board games or role playing toys. 

Q: What Do 10 Year Old Girls Like To Do?

A: Some of the common things 10 year old girls like to do include;

  • Playing with dolls and dressing them up
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Bike riding with friends
  • Sleepovers with activities such as fort building and beauty nights
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Baking cakes and cookies
  • Indulging in electronics

My Babies Planet Overview

The toys for 10 year old girl reviews showcase their significant growth process and outline the importance of upgrading your kid’s toys to ones that are appropriate for their age. Whilst they have significantly grown both physically, emotionally, and socially, toys are still an important part of their growth and play a key role in further fostering their development.

The buying guide above on the other end outlines key milestones for a 10 year old which come in very handy when you are choosing the best toys for 10 year old girls to invest in. And when you are ready to make the upgrade, you shouldn’t look any further than the list of the 10 best gifts for 10 year old girls above.

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