When your baby girl turns one, they begin to go through a rapid growth process. During this time, your child develops and grows cognitively, emotionally and even physically. Your child begins to crawl, walk, babble and learns to grasp at things during this age. Your child even begins to develop their independence and emotional strength at this time.  

Thus, you must find the right tools to nurture, encourage and develop their skills. Gifts in the form of toys are excellent tools at this period. The best gifts for 1 year old girls are not meant just for playing and for fun. Yet, don’t confuse the two features as being unimportant. Toys and gifts for your 1 year old girl should also prompt and encourage the development of skills both cognitively, emotionally and physically. 

And the fun part is that the choices of the toys and gifts are endless. Listed below are the 20 best gifts for 1 year old girls in 2020. Each gift and toy boasts a unique and interactive design. So let the child in you out and begin exploring toys and gifts for your baby girl!


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls – Buying Guide


Sensory Stimulation

It is important to go for an option that offers sensory stimulation to your child when you are choosing the best toys for 1 year old girl. As a 1 year old, your child is still significantly developing their sensory stimulation. 

Toddlers use their sensory stimulation to learn about the world around them. Sensory stimulation is directly linked to their cognitive, emotional and physical development. Sensory stimulation includes seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. Many toys and gifts for 1 year old baby girl stimulate your baby’s senses in one or more ways. 

In general, most of the toy and gifts for 1 year old girls listed above do foster sensory stimulation in one way or another. Remember that for a toddler, toys are not only meant for play but also to develop important skills. This includes gross motor skills such as learning to roll over, crawl or even to balance their walk.


The design of the toys and gifts you buy for your child also influences their effectiveness and functionality. When you are choosing the best gifts for 1 year old girl, remember to put the designs into perspective. The Avenor Baby Balance Bike Toy and Gift for 1 Year Old Girls offers a great example of how the toy’s design is integrated to improve functionality. 

The pedal free design of the toy bike, for example, means that your child is safer when they ride the bike. Additionally, the pedal free design of the bike means that your child will practice moving their feet on a floor to floor motion. 


The best toys for 1 year old girls sound also nurture creativity. With the growing technology and digitized toys in today’s world, it is only fair to try to also invest in toys that will nurture your child’s imagination and creativity. Different toy designs will do so in different ways. This outcome can be prompted with very easy designs. 

Some will prompt creativity and imagination through role play or through activity based play. In fact, the majority of the toys and gifts for 1 year girls listed above encourage creativity outcomes. A good example of such toys include LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart.


Your child’s safety should be the number one priority when choosing the best toys for 1 year old girls. Generally, 12-month old toddlers cannot make rational judgments and are more likely to suck on or stuff up anything they come across into their mouth, noses or ears. Thus, at all costs, you should avoid toys with small parts and detachable components.

Furthermore, you should also go for toys made of safe, allergy and toxic free material, so they don’t irritate or poison your child. Additionally, because of their minimally developed skills, you also want the toys especially large ones such as cars or bikes, to offer ample support and balance, so they are not at risk of falling off. The Avenor Baby Balance Bike Toy observes this safety component quite well.

Educational Value 

The majority of the best toys for 1 year old girls also offer a significant educational and learning component. This includes learning different shapes, sizes, food items, alphabets, and numbers. Toys for 1 year old girls deliver these learning outcomes in a variety of routes. Some will have your child repeat them through singing whilst others will have them learn visually by looking at the samples – just to name a few. 

Emotional Development 

So much focus is put on the educational, perception and cognitive outcomes when it comes to kid’s toys. Yet, toys that your children play with are also great tools for developing emotional intelligence and understanding.  Some of the key features in regards to emotional development include encouraging sharing, independence, responsibility, and empathy. Your child is more likely to develop caring and empathy by taking care of their baby doll. 



Q: Can These Toys Be Used For Beyond 1 Year Old?

A: Yes. The majority of toys for 1 year old kids are designed to also be used by kids beyond 1 year old. To be sure of whether or not your child’s toy can be used beyond 1 year old refer to the manufacturer’s age guide. They will normally indicate the appropriate age on the packaging or manual.

Q: Is There A Warranty And Instructions Included?

A: The availability of warranty and instructions depends on the product and the manufacturer. In general, toys that require assembling or that are a little complex to use will normally come with instruction manuals. Larger toys that are a little costly will have warranties more often compared to smaller and inexpensive ones. 

Q: Are These Toys 100% Safe?

A: Yes. Toys that are specifically built for 1 year olds are designed with enhanced safety considerations. Depending on the toy’s design, manufacturers pay special attention to safety. For example, a toy bike provides for 1 year olds provide more balance whilst other toys such as tea sets don’t have extremely tiny parts or components.

My Babies Planet Overview

The toys for 1 year old girl reviews offer quite an insightful outline on them. Toys for 1 year olds girls are ideally designed to provide them with just enough fun whilst nurturing the essential skills through this growth period. So for your next prospective toy and gift shopping for a one year old girl, you now have a detailed tool to follow and guide you through. Plus, the buying guide details on the features to look for when you are choosing the best toys for 1 year old girls. And the list of the best gifts for 1 year old girls above is an excellent resource to begin your search.

My Babies Planet Toys And Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls Review

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