Your baby girl displays impeccable growth and change as they turn 5 years old. At this age, they engage in a cross section of activities and even display emotional and cognitive growth that they were otherwise unable to master at a younger age. Thus, it is important to help foster this growth.

It is this time when you have to upgrade to toys that are ideal for 5 year old girls. The best toys for 5 year old girls are designed to align with their growth. They feature educational elements that match up with their growing comprehension and memory-based cognition. The toys also foster more physical involvement, language development, and social interaction. 

Below you will find the 20 best gifts for 5 year old girls in 2020. The list offers different types of toys to suit your child’s interest. So get on board to find the ultimate choice for your baby girl.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 5 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide



The best gifts for 5 year old girls should offer educational value. At age 5, your baby girl becomes increasingly curious and inquisitive. Thus, this is a great time to begin filling the vessel the right way. You should invest in toys and gifts that offer added knowledge and learning value. 

Such toys should teach concepts such as time reading or basic math and grammar.  Your baby is already in pre-school at age 5, so getting them toys that complement their learning is a good idea. The Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe is a good example of such toys. 

Emotional Development

Your baby girl begins to show less emotional outbursts as they turn 5 because their now mastering the ability to express themselves. At this age, they also haven’t developed much self-consciousness thus, it is a good time to build self-confidence. During this time, your baby girl can sing, act and even dance in front of family and friends. 

Your baby girl also begins to develop independence, whether they fight you to feed themselves or even want to wash their hair. Get them toys such as the LP Kids Karaoke Machine to encourage self-confidence and independence to foster these outcomes. 

Social Skills Development

At age 5, your baby girl should be socially immersed. They begin to interact with peers, teachers, and caretakers. Thus, it is during this time that they even begin to master language skills including pronunciation, forming complex sentences and comprehension.  

Thus, the best gifts for 5 year old girls in terms of toys must also foster social skills development to further strengthen your child’s social interaction. Toys that encourage role play and playing with multiple playmates are great for fostering this outcome.

Cognitive Skills Milestones 

When your baby girl turns 5 years old, their cognitive function also develops. Critical thinking, problem solving and even memory retention are incredibly growing. Thus, the best toys for 5 year old girls should include this element. 

Look for toys or gifts that teach concepts such as shapes, letters and even minimal physical body parts as your child can comprehend and retain this information. Introduce them to games such as the Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Board Game to further foster the development of strategic, problem solving and critical thinking skills. 


Young children will always be fascinated by the cause and effect concept. Thus, they tend to always explore this area. This may put them at risk if toys are not built up to the safety standards. To ensure your child’s toy is safe, first ensure that it is age-appropriate by looking at the manufacturer’s recommended age and safety certifications. Then, depending on the design of the toys, look for other safety features such as manageable weight and size, non-pointy edges, non-toxic material, and other similar features.  


It is also easy for a growing child to lose interest and become bored. Therefore, you want their toys and gifts to be highly engaging and entertaining. It is also worth knowing your children’s interest because this will allow you to choose a more appropriate toy. At 5 years old, your baby girl can express themselves, so you can easily find out their interests. 

Physical Development 

At age 5, your baby girl is going to be a jumping jack.  Their curiosity and natural hype make them almost restless. So toys that encourage physical activity are also a good option. To leverage this fact, toys that encourage physical activity also help to further develop motor skills and body coordination. A good example of such toys is the Huffy Frozen Elsa Girls Bike.

Psychological Development 

Your baby girl begins to slowly reason and evaluates situations when they turn 5. Thus, as mentioned above, this is a great age to foster role playing and imagination. As they find themselves in different circumstances whilst pretend playing, they also begin to use their thinking skills as well as language and social skills to navigate these situations.



Q:Can These Toys Be Used Above The Age Of 5? 

A: Yes. The majority of toys for 5 year olds can be used above the age of 5. The age limit varies with each toy. So, when choosing which toy you want, simply go through the manufacturer’s recommended age to find out its age limit. 

Q: How Do I Know I Have Made The Right Decision?

A: You will know that you have chosen the best toys for 5 year old girls through several factors. These include;

  • The appropriate developmental outcomes for 5 year old toys
  • Age-appropriate toy
  • Safe construction of the toy
  • If your 5 year old daughter actually express that they like it

Q: Should I Choose Educational Over Entertainment Toys? 

A: No. You shouldn’t choose educational toys over entertaining ones, and vice versa. Try to choose a toy that is both educational and entertaining. An educational toy helps to foster your child’s cognitive development. And to ensure they don’t easily lose interest or focus, the toy must also be entertaining for them. 

Q: When It’s Time To Upgrade To More Challenging Toys?

A: This depends on the situation. You may come across toys with a wide age range thus allowing your child to keep playing with them even as they grow. But this is not the same for all children. Your child may also outgrow it and begin to lose interest, thus, warranting it a time to upgrade to more challenging toys. 

Q: What Type Of Toys 5 Year Old Girls Like?

A: 5 year old girls like different types of toys as they are exploring and developing different skills. Thus, a 5 year old girl will be interested in toys that incorporate anything for STEM growth to the arts and physical activities. These include play and dollhouses, toy musical instruments, make up kits, activity books, bicycles, and many other similar toys. 

My Babies Planet Overview

The toys for 5 year old girl reviews outline the significant growth and changes that your baby girl begins to experience.  And with the changes, it is only fair and practical to also invest in toys and gifts that foster and support the outcomes. The list of the best gifts for 5 year old girls above shares a myriad of choices to complement this positive transition. The buying guide also helps to outline the vivid changes that are associated with your child, thus, providing an excellent guide to choose the best toys for 5 year old girls.

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