10 Best Fetal Doppler in 2019


What Are The Best Fetal Doppler? – Let’s Review!

When you learn that you are pregnant, for a lot of expecting parents, the sound of their child’s heartbeat, even months before they come home can excite many parents. If you’re not at the doctor’s office though, you may wonder how you can still have that experience at home. With a fetal doppler, you can hear their heartbeat any time, but how do you know which one is best to help you hear your little one inside?

With that in mind, we went shopping for you and came up with a list of the 10 Best Fetal Dopplers in 2019 to give you an idea about some of the options that out there to help you hear how they are doing

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you when choosing a fetal doppler.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!


Baby Fetal Doppler Reviews

1. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic


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Hearing your baby’s movements and heartbeat while they are in the womb can be one of the most magical moments you’ll ever experience. Keeping those moments forever is something any parent would want. With the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Wusic, parents can keep those memories alive forever.

Designed to rest on an expectant mom’s belly hands-free, the Baby Monitor allows parents to hear their little one’s heartbeats, kicks and movement to help mom bond better with her baby. Safe and non-invasive, the monitor can easily be packed into a bag or purse and taken with you wherever you may go. To keep the memories of their first heartbeats alive, you can record the sounds to your computer. With this recording, you can keep it as a timeless keepsake or even upload it online to share with family.

Why we love it – The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Wusic is a great pregnancy gift. With two sets of included ear buds, both mom and dad or anyone else can listen in on the little bundle of joy’s heartbeat.

2. Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Bjingles


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Having a fetal doppler that you can take with you can be one of the biggest things to look for when you decide to purchase one. Being able to stop and listen anytime your little one kicks or moves can be an exciting experience. With the Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Bjingles, you can both stop and listen to them growing day by day

Package with two sets of headphones, mom and dad, the grandparents or other friends and family can share in on the excitement by listening to your child’s heartbeat get stronger everyday. The monitor allows you to record either your baby’s heartbeat to keep as a timeless keepsake or even record mom’s heartbeat, this way you can play it back after their born to help soothe and relax them. The lightweight, portable design encourages taking the Heartbeat with you so you never miss a moment listening to your little one’s heart, kicks or other movements that they might be making.

Why we love it – The Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Bjingles gives parents a very portable fetal doppler that can share in the joy of your coming baby. Included is Bjingles’ app which contains many wonderful features such as Tummy Pix and a Mom to be Album

3. BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier by Bambeego

BabyBlip-Womb-Baby-Sound-Amplifier-by-Bambeego Check Price Now

During pregnancy, an expectant mother may not be able to wait to hear the first faint sounds of their little one’s heartbeat pumping away inside their belly. With the BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier from Bambeego, while the wait may be excruciating, the results will be music to your ears.

Designed to amplify your baby’s sounds, anything from a heartbeat to a hiccup can be heard with the Sound Amplifier’s crisp clean audio. With indicator lights and an easy-to-operate control set up, finding your baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be easier. Once you find it, you can either record it using to included recording cable and play it back anytime you want or share in the joy with two headset sockets for multiple people to listen in.

Why we love it – Waiting to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time can be a painful waiting game for any expectant mom. With the BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier from Bambeego, some mom’s have indicated being able to hear their baby at 12 weeks making that wait just a bit shorter.

4. Baby Sound Amplifier and Recorder by Little Martin’s Drawer

Baby-Sound-Amplifier-and-Recorder-by-Little-Martins-Drawer Check Price Now

For friends and family of the parents-to-be, finding just the right gift can always be a struggle as they are likely to receive multiples of the same item. With the Baby Sound Amplifier and Recorder from Little Martin’s Drawer, you can give them a gift that will help them bond with their little bundle of joy before they get here.

An FDA approved device, the Recorder is designed to be a lightweight doppler that can help give expectant parents an amazing experience of hearing their little one’s heartbeat for the first time and helping to build a strong bond early on in the pregnancy. Equipped with a detecting probe to help make capturing your baby’s heartbeat and other sound rhythms much easier. Easily record and save your little one’s heartbeat to either your cell phone or computer. You can then keep them forever or easily share them with friends and family.

Why we love it – With two hearing options, either by headphone jack or through the amplifier built into the base, the Baby Sound Amplifier and Recorder from Little Martin’s Drawer makes bonding with the child you’re expecting a much more fulfilling experience. Because of this, it is one of the top rated fetal dopplers on our list.

5. Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier for Home Use by FIGERM

Pocket-Unborn-Baby-Sound-Amplifier-for-Home-Use-by-FIGERM Check Price Now

For some parents expecting a baby, having a fetal doppler that is easy to take on the go is very important so that they can stay abreast of how their little one is doing. With the Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier for Home Use from FIGERM, checking in one your little bundle of joy to be can be much easier.

With an LCD display that has 3 working modes, the Pocket has a higher sensitivity than other fetal dopplers on our list. Powered by two 1.5 volt batteries which come included, along with a one year warranty. While the Amplifier has a speaker on the device itself, it also has a one jack output for joined listening.

Why we love it – Finding a high quality fetal doppler at a quality price with the features you’re looking for can be tough. With the Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier for Home Use from FIGERM you can be sure that every beat of their heat and every kick will be heard by you.

6. Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K


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A pregnant mom can be a very anxious person. Between the changes their body is going through to worrying about what the little one inside them is going to look like or be like, any added stress can be terrible. With the Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Medi-K, mom can sit back and relax and calmly listen to their baby’s heartbeat.

Designed to be a non-invasive device, the Baby Monitor is easy to use and with its design to help amplify the sounds your little one produces, letting you clearly hear the sounds your baby makes early in their pregnancy. With its ease of use design, operating the Monitor is as simple as switching it on and placing it on your stomach and listening to your baby grow. With two sets of headphones and a recording cable, sharing or saving your baby’s heartbeat is as easy as possible.

Why we love it – An expectant mother’s days of waiting while pregnant can be nerve-racking and anxious to say the least. With the Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Medi-K, those days can be just a little bit more relaxing hearing their child’s heartbeat grow and grow.

7. Digital Fetal Heartbeat monitor by Up & Raise


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One of the most convenient things about owning your own fetal doppler is that you don’t have to deal with a doctor’s office to know how your baby’s heartbeat sounds. With the Digital Fetal Heartbeat monitor from Up & Raise, you can easily check your little one’s heartbeat any time you want, instead of waiting in a doctor’s office.

Designed to be a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use heartbeat monitor, can help to promote bonding between mother and child during pregnancy, during which, being able to hear your little bundle of joy’s heartbeat can help you feel closer to the little person growing in your womb. With its unique technology, when the sound of their heartbeat is generated, a clear sound is delivered by minimizing typical ultrasound noise and delivering the best quality sound available.

Why we love it –.With its unique design and features, having to wait in a doctor’s office to hear your baby’s heartbeat doesn’t have to be an issue any longer. With the Digital Fetal Heartbeat monitor from Up & Raise, you can hear their heartbeat or movements any time you want.

8. Pocket Unborn Baby heartbeat Sound Amplifier by Barkley


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Hearing the first set of heartbeats from your unborn baby can be one of, if not the most world-changing moments you will never forget. Being able to experience that feeling, no matter where you may be is why the Pocket Unborn Baby heartbeat Sound Amplifier from Barkley lets parents enjoy hearing their child’s heartbeat growing stronger and stronger.

Designed to help mom bond with her little one growing in her belly, the easy-to-use and convenient Sound Amplifier is equipped with a larger LCD screen for easy reading, even in dimly lit rooms. A non-invasive fetal doppler, the Pocket is easy to use at home. Simply use the on/off switch and listen with the built-in speaker to listen to their heartbeat.

What we love it – Your baby’s first audible heartbeat can change your world forever. With the Pocket Unborn Baby heartbeat Sound Amplifier from Barkley, that first moment can become a long line of memorable moments you will never forget.

9. Fetal Doppler Monitor by Stuffschoice


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Many parents cannot wait to meet the new little person that is growing stronger in mommy’s belly. While it’s not really feasible to meet them before the ten months of pregnancy have passed, with the Fetal Doppler Monitor from Stuffschoice, you can easily check in on your little one’s heartbeat as it grows stronger each day.

A safe and non-invasive way to listen to your little one’s heartbeat, the Fetal Doppler runs off of two double A batteries and weighs less than 15 ounces, making it easy to tuck away into a bag on a trip for use anywhere. The perfect pregnancy gift from expectant moms, the Fetal Monitor can be a perfect choice for any parent who is expecting a child.

Why we love it – Being a tad impatient while waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive is completely normal. While waiting, the Fetal Doppler Monitor from Stuffschoice gives you the ability to look in on your little one as they grow up.

10. Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener by Alayna


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When your unborn child is growing in mommy’s belly, knowing anything about how they are doing can be very important information. With the Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener from Alayna, you can check how they’re doing simply and easily.

Designed to be an easy-to-use monitor, the Listener comes with a set of headphones to help you or anyone else listen to your little one’s heartbeat. The compact design helps it easily fit into any handbag or suitcase, making it easy to take with you if you’re on the go.

Why we love it  – The Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener from Alayna offers parents an easy way to check on the health of their child without needing to go to the doctor’s office. With its affordable price and easy to use design, it is definitely worth considering.

How We Chose the Top Fetal Doppler in Our List

When setting out to by your own fetal doppler, there can be many things to consider rather than just buying the first one you see. When we started to build our list of recommendations, we wanted to make sure that each choice met certain criteria. Our criteria included:


The price for a fetal doppler can vary greatly. Ranging anywhere between ten dollars for a basic stethoscope, to thousands of dollars for a medical grade model. Like many things you buy, the amount of money you spend will determine the quality of the product and its performance. When you choose one, finding one that is within your budget, but easy and accurate to use is something to be looking out for.


Most expecting parents are likely not going to choose a medical grade device or the fetal stethoscope that their doctor may use. Even if you don’t go with one of these, there can be different types of at-home fetal dopplers. A basic stethoscope will work if you are looking for something that doesn’t require you to be tech savvy or a basic monitoring device may be the way to go. If you are looking for something with more options and settings, some battery-powered devices can come with multiple features.


Whenever you purchase an item, the warranty can protect you if it happens to get damaged or stops working. Having a good warranty for your fetal doppler can protect you if you happen to purchase one that is defective. There is no worse feeling that being all excited to bring a doppler home and have it not work at all.

Additional Features

With many fetal rollers, there can be a multitude of additional features that come with the one you may choose. Some may come designed to let you listen to your child’s heartbeat through a built in speaker, but with some, an additional feature of having a headphone jack could make the difference when you choose which one to buy. It’s always best to compare different options before making a purchase.

Benefits of a fetal Doppler

Owning a fetal Doppler can have many benefits for expectant parents which can range farther than just hearing your baby’s heartbeat, even though that is one of the most exciting moments you may ever experience, there can be many other benefits. These benefits can include:

Peace of Mind

During pregnancy, there can be a lot of anxiety. You have this little life growing inside you that you can’t see or touch and if they aren’t kicking, some moms-to-be can get worried the worst has happened. An at-home fetal Doppler can give peace of mind letting you know everything is going to be ok.


Owning a fetal Doppler can bring a lot of enjoyment to your pregnancy. When you hear their heartbeat for the first time it is a magical moment. As they get bigger, you can hear their kicks get stronger and stronger.

Family Bonding

With an at-home Doppler, the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat no longer have to be just for you and the doctor. You can share the sounds with the future grandparents or friends. With some models, you can record their heartbeat and send it to family across the country by email or even posting it on Facebook.


A fetal Doppler can be very convenient to own. While seeing your doctor is always best, in between appointments, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat grow each and every time instead of sitting in a waiting room.

Different types of Fetal Dopplers

When you start to look at the market for the right fetal doppler to buy, you will inevitably see a lot of different options on the market. To help avoid any confusion, we want to provide a handy guide to the different types out there.

At Home Doppler​

Often the most recommended choice for expectant parents to use, an at-home fetal doppler is usually inexpensive but it can also be a bit less accurate and can have trouble detecting a heartbeat, which can worry some mothers. Before you bring one home, if you’re able to, try it out first. This way you can ensure it works and not end up feeling like you wasted your time and money.

Medical Grade Doppler

When you go to the doctor’s office, this is typically the type of machine that you will see. This doppler can be quite accurate as long as it’s used properly. Normally, these aren’t recommended to use at home because of their bulky size and the cost of the machine. Medical Grade Dopplers tend to be much more expensive than their at-home counterparts.

Doppler Stethoscope

If you have ever had your heart or breathing listened to while you were at the doctor’s office, then you may be familiar with this type of stethoscope. Specifically designed to be able to hear a baby’s heartbeat inside a mother’s womb, these tend to be much cheaper that the bulky medical grade option, but at the same time, can be one of the most difficult ones to use.

Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the right fetal doppler to help you hear your little one’s heartbeat while they are in the womb can come down to a lot of different criteria, but at the end of the day, personal preference will ultimately decide which one you choose.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Fetal Dopplers in 2019, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for to help you hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Do you have a Fetal Doppler on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 4th of September 2017

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