When you learn you are pregnant, for a lot of expecting parents, the sound of their child’s heartbeat, even months before they come home can be exciting. However, if you’re not at the doctor’s office, you may wonder how you can still have that experience at home. With a fetal doppler, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat at any time, but how do you know which one is best home fetal doppler to help you hear your little one’s heartbeat?

To make it easier for you to find which are best baby dopplers, we decided to do the research and create a list of the 4 Best Fetal Dopplers in 2020 to give you an idea about some of the options available that can help you hear how your little one is doing.

We hope with our recommendations, the process of choosing a fetal doppler will be a bit easier for you.

Check out our list of the 4 best fetal dopplers in 2020 to find the best one for you and your baby.


How To Choose A Fetal Doppler – Buying Guide

When setting out to by your own fetal doppler, there are several things to consider before buying so you can be sure you are buying the best product. When we built our list of recommendations, we wanted to make sure that each choice met certain criteria. These criteria are listed below.


The price for a fetal doppler can vary greatly, ranging anywhere between ten dollars for a basic stethoscope, to thousands of dollars for a medical-grade model. Like many things you buy, the amount of money you spend will determine the quality of the product and its performance. We recommend choosing a fetal doppler that is within your budget, but easy and accurate to use.


Most expecting parents are probably not going to choose a medical-grade device or the fetal stethoscope that their doctor may use. Even if you don’t go with one of these, there are different types of at-home fetal dopplers. A basic stethoscope will work if you are looking for something that doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy or a basic monitoring device may be the way to go. If you are looking for something with more options and settings, some battery-powered devices can come with multiple features.


Whenever you purchase an item, a warranty can protect you if the product happens to get damaged or stops working. Having a good warranty for your fetal doppler can protect you if you happen to purchase a defective one. There is no worse feeling than being all excited about purchasing a fetal doppler and having it not work at all.

Additional Features

Many fetal dopplers, will have a multitude of additional features that come with it. Some may come designed to let you listen to your child’s heartbeat through a built-in speaker, but with some, an additional feature of having a headphone jack could make the difference when you choose which one to buy. It’s always best to compare different options before making a purchase.

Benefits of a Fetal Doppler

Owning a fetal heart doppler can have many benefits for expectant parents which include more than just hearing your baby’s heartbeat, even though that is one of the most exciting moments you may ever experience. Some of these benefits include:

Peace of Mind

During pregnancy, there can be a lot of anxiety. You have this little life growing inside you that you can’t see or touch and if they aren’t kicking, some moms-to-be can worry that the worst has happened. An at-home fetal Doppler can give you some peace of mind by letting you know everything is ok.


Owning a fetal doppler can bring a lot of enjoyment to your pregnancy. When you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time it is a magical moment. As they get bigger, you can hear their kicks get stronger and stronger.

Family Bonding

With an at-home Doppler, the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat no longer have to be just for you and the doctor. You can share the sounds with your baby’s future grandparents, siblings or friends. With some models, you can record their heartbeat and send it to family across the country by email or even post it on Facebook.


A fetal doppler can be a very convenient device to own. While seeing your doctor is always best, in between appointments, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat grow each and every time instead of sitting in a waiting room.

Different Types of Fetal Dopplers

When you start looking for the right fetal doppler to buy, you will inevitably see a lot of different options on the market. To help avoid any confusion, we want to provide a handy guide to the different types out there.

At-Home Fetal Doppler​

Often the most recommended choice for expectant parents to use is the at-home fetal doppler. An at-home fetal doppler is usually inexpensive but it can also be a bit less accurate and can have trouble detecting a heartbeat, which can worry some mothers. Before you bring one home, if you’re able to, try it out first. This way you can ensure it works and not end up feeling like you wasted your time and money.

Medical-Grade Fetal Doppler

When you go to the doctor’s office, the medical-grade baby doppler is typically the type of machine you will see there. This fetal heartbeat monitor can be quite accurate as long as it’s used properly. Normally, these aren’t recommended for at-home use because of their bulky size and the cost of the machine. Medical Grade Fetal Dopplers tend to be much more expensive than their at-home counterparts.

Fetal Doppler Stethoscope

If you have ever had your heart or breathing listened to while you were at the doctor’s office, then you may be familiar with this type of stethoscope. Specifically designed to be able to hear a baby’s heartbeat inside a mother’s womb, Fetal Doppler Stethoscopes tend to be much cheaper than the bulky medical grade option, but at the same time, can be one of the most difficult ones to use.


Q. What Is a Fetal Doppler?

A. A fetal doppler is a handheld device that allows you to detect, listen or even measure your child’s heartbeat depending on the model. Home fetal dopplers are often purchased by expecting parents because of the convenience of having an on-hand at-home device to listen and detect their baby’s heartbeat and offer some peace of mind between doctor’s appointments. 

Q. What Are the Uses of a Fetal Doppler? 

A. Fetal dopplers can be used to listen to your unborn child’s heartbeat at home and between doctor’s appointments so you can rest assured that everything is fine. Fetal dopplers can offer expecting parents some peace of mind, but also an opportunity to bond with their baby. Parents can also share these bonding moments with other family members and friends which can be an enjoyable moment. Finally, fetal dopplers can be a convenient way to keep track of your child’s heartbeat without needing to go to the doctor’s office every week.

Q. How to Use a Fetal Doppler? 

A. Different fetal dopplers will most likely be used in different ways depending on their model. The simplest of baby doppler designs, i.e. the Fetal Doppler Stethoscope won’t require you to be tech-savvy or have any special knowledge, while the more elaborate devices such as the Medical Grade Fetal Doppler may be more challenging to use. However, most fetal dopplers will come with a set of instructions that will make it easier for you to understand how to use them. 

Q. What Are the Features of a Fetal Doppler? 

A. Different models of Fetal Dopplers may have different features. While some will simply let you detect your baby’s heartbeat, others will actually measure your child’s heart rate. Some fetal dopplers even include more elaborate features such as the ability to record your child’s heartbeat and share it with friends and family.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the right fetal doppler to help you hear your little one’s heartbeat while they are in the womb can come down to a lot of different criteria, but at the end of the day, personal preference will ultimately decide which one you choose.

We hope our list of the 4 Best Fetal Dopplers in 2020, has given you an idea of what to look for to help you hear your baby’s heartbeat.

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