Once your children are born, you will eventually want to leave the house at some point to run errands and enjoy life. However, when they are still young, walking while carrying them everywhere can be so strenuous that you might swear off going out for a while. A good thing to have in these situations is a double umbrella stroller that is easy and comfortable to use for your children.

There can easily be way too many stroller options to choose from, and it can get confusing quickly when it’s time to decide on what you should buy. To speed up the process, therefore, we reviewed a list of the best double umbrella strollers on the market.

If you are ready, let’s get started.


How To Choose A Double Umbrella Stroller – Buying Guide

It is no easy feat to choose the best double umbrella stroller that’s useful when you want to go out with your child safely and comfortably. Thus, while listing the 10 Best Double Umbrella Strollers in 2020, we came up with criteria to ensure that our double umbrella stroller reviews were as comprehensive as possible. Here they are: 


The weight of a double umbrella stroller can be one of the determining factors before buying a high-quality pram. Technically, every time you use it, it should not feel like it’s going to fall apart and harm your kids in the process.

A lightweight stroller, to be specific, can be much easier to load into your car or closet, push, carry upstairs, or steer. You can even do a lot of errands while the children are riding it. Meanwhile, a more massive stroller may be more challenging to take anywhere or at least maneuver because they are composed of better materials than the lighter ones.

A piece of advice: Try not to get lured by the salespeople who are great at marketing the biggest stroller in the store. To ensure that you have the best stroller, you need a product that is not too hefty but still of high quality. This way, even if you have more kids in the future, they may also be able to use the same stroller.


Given that children have a lot of essentials, no matter how short the trip may be, parents are often seen carrying a big bag for them. Because of that, you cannot take a stroller that has a small or no basket at all under the seat. You need one in which you can stuff your child’s things so that both of your arms are light and free to push the pram around.

 This is a feature that you can only get out of a quality double stroller. Ideally, it has enough room for everything you want to carry along with your kid. E.g., diaper bag, snacks, blanket, groceries, etc. 

Still, before loading your belongings into the double stroller, you should be aware of its maximum capacity. Say, the buggy can only hold up to 50 pounds of weight. If the child weighs 25 pounds, the other material objects should weigh 25 pounds or less. That is how parents can make sure that the pram will not collapse or tip over.


One of the best ways to eliminate some choices in the market is by setting a budget before you start shopping. Buying double strollers is not as straightforward or cheap as getting a jar of sea salt at the supermarket, you see. Some popular styles usually run between $100 and $200 per piece, while others’ prices go as high as $300. A few buggies cost more than $600, but they tend to be directed more towards celebrities and are more valued for the brand than anything. The only thing you can do is decide whether you want to splurge on a stroller or not.


The ideal umbrella strollers offer comfort to parents who used to choose to stay at home instead of going out with a couple of wiggly kids. By being able to put both of them in their own seats, it reduces all the possible troubles that moms and dads may experience, such as carrying and running after the children. It also keeps them comfortable in their little space and even ensures that their sleeping schedule remains unperturbed by the trip. Furthermore, your chosen double umbrella stroller should give you with an effortless way to increase your children’s bond.

Seat Height

You want a double umbrella stroller that gives both kids an unobstructed view of the world around them. There may not be any problem if the seats go side by side, of course. But when you have a tandem buggy, the rear seat should be a little elevated. Otherwise, the child at the back may get bored or upset and start getting fussy.


The most excellent double umbrella strollers should be easy to collapse and unfold. It may even be better if you will only need to use one hand to assemble them. 


Q: Is an umbrella stroller necessary?

A: Yes, an umbrella stroller is necessary for families with kids. It is a lightweight type of buggy that unfolds easier than others.

Q: What is the weight limit for an umbrella stroller?

A: The weight limit for an umbrella stroller depends on the model. However, the maximum capacity of most umbrella strollers is 50 pounds.

Q: How long can you use an umbrella stroller?

A: You can use an umbrella stroller as long as it suits your child’s weight. If they exceed the limit, it may be best to get a bigger pram.

My Babies Planet Overview

Parents must pick the best double umbrella stroller not only for their sake but also for the children. Despite that, it is no secret that getting one is not as simple as some people make it seem. With so many options and features that look picture-perfect, you need to ensure that the stroller you spend money on meets all your preferences. 

On that note, we hope that you will find the best pram from the products recommended above.

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My Babies Planet Double Umbrella Strollers Review

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