If you are lucky enough to have twins or two children close in age, transporting them from one place to another can be a bit of a challenge. A double stroller, however, is the best solution you can find to avoid needing to carry or run after them. The question is, how can you tell which stroller is the best for your needs?

For this reason, we have decided to create a list of the 10 Best Double Strollers in 2020. It should give you some ideas about the most helpful or affordable prams out there. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Best Double Strollers

How To Choose A Double Stroller – Buying Guide

We have decided to highlight 10 Best Double Strollers of 2020 to make sure that the parents reading this guide are aware of the things they should look for in a stroller. Here are the criteria that we have focused on:

Handlebar Height

The first thing to ask yourself is, “Is the handlebar tall enough for me?” You don’t want to be bent over while pushing your little ones around and then get a bad back in the process. Before you a double stroller, therefore, you should take it around the store for a spin to ensure that the handlebars are neither too high or too low and that they fit your gait when you walk.


It seems that whenever you see a parent using a stroller, they are not merely strolling around the neighborhood. Instead, they are running errands or visiting friends or family. Thus, you need a double stroller that offers ample storage.

Most double strollers will come with a basket under your child’s seat, which is perfect for the diaper bag or an afternoon’s worth of blankets and toys. You may even be able to fit your groceries in there so that you won’t have to carry them in your arms while pushing the stroller. 

Still, no matter how sturdy the double stroller may be, be careful with the number of things you store or hang off it. If the total weight (including your kids’ combined weight) goes beyond the maximum limit, it might tip over and hurt your little passengers.

Car Seat Compatibility

Strollers have come a long way from being the rolling bassinets that our parents or their parents used once upon a time. A lot of modern strollers come with one or two infant car seats that can be quickly taken out and snapped into a base in your car. Because of that, finding the right travel system will never be a problem for you.


Double strollers are very similar to single strollers, in the sense that they come with wheels, brakes, seats, and handlebars. The former is almost the same thing—just the bigger version of the latter. However, specific add-ons like a removable infant car seat cushion or an activity center are also necessary for some parents.

Quality double strollers will help keep your child safe by using a 5-point harness that will keep them safe every ride. Despite the higher level of security that it provides, the buckle and straps do not restrict their movement completely.

Furthermore, the frame of your chosen double stroller should protect your child from external influences. Side impact protection systems are also added on many strollers in the market these days. 


Price is not always the best indicator of a double stroller’s durability. Some products with higher price tags may be expensive due to the materials used or the brand’s reputation. Other items may be low-priced, but they have the basic features. You simply need to pick the most affordable one for you.


A stroller’s weight is another dealbreaker for a lot of moms and dads. Generally speaking, no one wants to buy a double stroller that makes you feel like you are wheeling around bricks. A lighter stroller is much easier to push, load into the car, steer, carry upstairs, and use for many activities that involve your child. A more massive stroller, on the other hand, is not the easiest object to maneuver, even though its heft may come from the fact that it is made out of heavy-duty materials.

The key is to find a stroller that is neither too light to the point that the wind can tip it over nor too heavy that even a couple of adults cannot lift it. As long as you get the quality that you have paid for, you have made the right decision.


Buying your child’s stroller should be like purchasing a car. You won’t just pay for the first one you see on the lot, so you shouldn’t buy the first stroller you see either. Below are a few types of double strollers to choose from: 

Side by Side Twin

Like its name, a side by side twin stroller has been developed to allow two kids to sit beside each other in one stroller. Although it is not the best tandem stroller to fit through a doorway, neither child has to worry about not having enough room for their little bodies or legs.

Tandem Stroller

With a tandem stroller, one of the children gets the front seat, while the other stays in the back seat. This in-line setup can make it easier to enter doorways and narrow sidewalks. Many tandem strollers are compatible with infant car seats, making them an excellent choice for a travel system.

Sit and Stand Stroller

Specially made for families with a toddler and an infant, the sit and stand stroller offers a seat upfront for your little one, as well as space where your toddler can stand when they do not want to walk. These strollers are easy to maneuver for a smooth ride and stow away in the trunk afterward.

All-Terrain Stroller

Think of an all-terrain stroller as the SUV of strollers. With better quality wheels, suspension, and in some cases, hand brakes, this type is ideal for parents who love to run or jog with their kids. The only caveat is that it can be more challenging to maneuver than a standard double stroller.

Umbrella Stroller

The umbrella double stroller has gotten its name from the fact the product folds compactly. It is not a full-sized one, so there may still be plenty of room in the trunk even when you store it there. This is likely one of the most sought-after baby products due to the high level of convenience that it provides to moms and dads.


Q: Do you really need a double stroller?

A: Yes, you need a double stroller if you always travel on foot. It can be stressful and exhausting to walk a few blocks with a baby in your arms, especially if they are fussy or sleepy. However, it may be unnecessary if you hardly walk or take your child outdoors.

Q: What age should you stop using a stroller?

A: Parents should ideally stop using a stroller once their toddler turns three years old. This is when young kids have a better sense of balance and listen to basic instructions more. Still, there are no official rules regarding the maximum age for this.

Q: Do double strollers fit through doorways?

A: Double strollers may or may not fit through doorways. The definite answer depends on the width of the stroller and the door. A regular door’s width goes from 28 to 32 inches. It is recommended to get a stroller within this range to ensure that it will fit.

In case you have a double jogging stroller, though, realize by now that it may not be able to go through standard doors. If shoving does not work, you may need to fold it before the stroller can go inside.

Q: How wide is a double stroller?

A: A double stroller’s width ranges from 21.5 to 32 inches. One of the most popular and narrowest strollers for babies is Baby Trend Sit and Stand, which is 21.5-inch wide. The widest ones, on the other hand, are the side-by-side models.

Q: How long is a double stroller?

A: The length of a double stroller can go from 26 to 50 inches long. The typical strollers are more or less 32 inches long.

Q: Which is better tandem or side by side double stroller?

A: A tandem stroller is better than a side-by-side double stroller. The reason is that it is easier to wheel around anywhere and folds smaller than the other type.

Q: What are the benefits of using a baby stroller?

A: Sitting in a moving stroller can soothe babies. Whether you are in a supermarket or busy street, the motion of the rolling wheels beneath them creates a subtle natural vibration that can reduce their crankiness. It may even put the child to sleep or at least allow them to enjoy the stroll.

  • No matter how strong you may be, the increasing weight of your growing child can put a strain on your arms and lower back. With a double stroller, though, there is no need for you to carry them all day long. Putting the little one in the stroller can also be convenient for them as they get a front-row seat to the world around them.
  • Strollers can be the safest way to take your little ones around the neighborhood. Being able to place them in a comfortable and secure seat on wheels is a plus for any parent.
  • A double stroller is helpful for moms who want to get some exercise done without leaving their baby out of sight. Pushing your little one in their stroller not only lets you walk and run but also gives your child a chance to have a little fun outside.
  • Double strollers are known for being extremely durable, thanks to the high-quality construction process that they go through. Most strollers are compliant with stringent safety standards and considered as long-lasting products. This is why a lot of parents tend to use the same stroller for their second child or even lend it to a family member or friend.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the best double stroller is an important decision not only for you but for your children as well. After all, you need a stroller that can prevent you from dreading family trips or even going on a grocery run with the kids. As with any product that you buy for your children, though, it will all come down to your personal preference.

We hope that our list of the 10 Best Double Strollers in 2020 has given you an idea of what to look for in a double stroller.

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