Having one kid is great, having two is even better, but this can have a significant impact on how often and how well you manage to work out. What was almost a daily routine before you became a parent can quickly be turned upside down by a couple of children, making you forget about the life you led before. Having the best double jogging stroller by your side, however, provides a solution to bringing those two worlds together.

The best double running stroller is built to let you take your children with you as you exercise, keeping them safe and well strapped in all the way but also providing you, as a parent, with a smooth and comfortable ride that lets you maintain your stride all along. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top rated double running strollers you can find on the market, since making a choice can become hard given all the available options. Read on to find out which jogging double stroller will fit you best, so you can quickly be on your way to getting back to training.


How To Choose A Double Jogging Stroller – Buying Guide

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity numbers you find in our double jogging stroller reviews serve as an indication of the maximum load the stroller can carry without compromising the integrity of the structure and, therefore, the safety of its occupants. Before setting out for a stroll, be sure to have some kind of idea as to the total combined weight of the two children you will be carrying, so that you can know more or less how much extra gear you will able to bring with you.

Exceeding the weight limit will make the stroller harder to push and stop in case of an emergency, and render turning much more tiring as well as put excessive strain on the frame, potentially leading to it getting damaged. These are all conditions that will increase the risk of injury and discomfort for the kids you are bringing with you, and have to be avoided at all costs. Be sure to research which brand offers the right capacity for your needs before making your choice.


Being that the goal of a double jogging stroller is to not get in your way as you try to run and work out, its dimensions are an important factor to take into consideration when you are thinking of buying on, for a number of different reasons. First of all, it has to be wide enough to provide a comfortable ride for both of the children you will be transporting, without making them feel too constrained and unable to move. They will already be held in place by a secure harness, so you should avoid putting further limitations on their ability to move. 

Secondly, having a stroller that does this while remaining not too wide will makes your life significantly easier if you have to navigate in the city, in and out of shops, as well as being easier to turn and maneuver when you’re running on the trail. Most of the best jogging strollers have a tighter front that the rear, precisely to make them more nimble and agile when on the move. A final consideration has to be reserved for the folding dimensions of the stroller (more on that in a second). If you plan on being on the road a lot and see yourself needing to transport the stroller in the back of your car, then having one that folds down to a small package is absolutely crucial.


A double jogging stroller is by no means a small tool, so having the ability to fold it and make it more compact and easy to transport can be a life saver if you plan on being often on the road. Most strollers can be folded easily and quickly by using only one hand. A button or a strap is usually hidden under the child’s seats, and pressing or pulling it frees up the joints letting the various parts of the frame collapse upon each other.

Some strollers even offer multiple folding options, so you can choose between a self standing folded stroller that balances on the rear wheels or even fold or remove those wheels to a have flatter item, perfect to slide alongside the rest of your gear in the trunk of your car. On strollers with larger wheels, to provide more stability, these can often be detached through their quick-release mechanism, further reducing the size of the stroller and increasing its convenience and portability. 


Wheels are one of the most distinctive features that set jogging strollers apart from all the rest since they have to be able to sustain high speeds over extended periods and provide stability and reliability throughout. They are usually much larger than the ones found on regular strollers and have dedicated suspension systems, often very similar to the ones found on top rated mountain bikes, designed to absorb all the bumps that a quick jog is bound to entail. The front wheel can swivel but can also be locked into position, parallel to the rear wheels, to give the runner extra stability on the road, without the stroller twisting and turning in an unpredictable manner.

The choice of tires also sets double jogging strollers apart from the rest, since these use much less plastic and more rubber than standard strollers, to increase the shock absorption of the wheel set. Tires can be filled with air or foam, and we tend to recommend the foam version since this makes them usable even in case they get punctured. Wheels are often attached to the frame with a quick-release mechanism, which makes them easy to remove if you need to store them away and are in need of saving space.


With the powerful set of wheels that come on jogging strollers, it is normal to find an equally powerful set of brakes to keep them in check, when sometimes simply stopping might not be enough to halt the roll of the stroller. Several different braking systems can be found on jogging strollers, and they all provide good results even if using different methods. The most common is through the use of pedals that can be operated with your feet and lock the wheels in position. These can be very useful as parking brakes, and some strollers even give you the option of blocking both rear wheels with a simple click. 

The other version, which is found on strollers that are very advanced when it comes to performance, are hand operated brakes that sit on the handlebars. These can be very useful for joggers since they can be operated without breaking their running stride or losing concentration while trying to find the brakes on the wheels. They can work either with a lever or with a twisting mechanism and sometimes are also complemented by a lock that can hold the front wheel in place to make it more suited to running.

Reclining Position

Reclining seats are not always found on jogging strollers, since some manufacturers suppose that rides on them will probably be shorter than long walks in the park, but we still believe that they are a very useful feature, one that is worth having. Not only can they make the whole ride much more comfortable for your kids, but should one of them fall asleep they allow you to place them in a much more natural position and continue your run with much less danger of waking them up. Something to keep in mind when looking to buy a double stroller is checking that both seats can move independently from one another since the two children you are pushing around might have different needs in different moments. There are usually up to four or five intermediate positions one can choose between, so the ride can be as enjoyable as possible for the little passengers you are taking care of.


There are many different ways to ensure the comfort of both the children an the parent on a double jogging stroller. Firstly, you should make sure that both seats have extensive quantities of padding around the areas were they will be in contact with the child’s body. The straps of the harness should also feature some kind of foam filling as to not be painful when they are pulled tight against the baby’s body. Secondly, reclining seats will also go a long way towards making the ride more enjoyable, as we have said earlier. 

Wheels and suspensions are also very important since they can significantly reduce the amount of vibration that travels through the frame and up to the child’s body, with thick tires going even further in absorbing the shocks of the road. For the parent, adjustable padded handlebars are great to find a comfortable position behind them and not having to interrupt your stride while jogging. Of course, your running style will also play a role in the overall comfort of the passengers, since managing to avoid holes in the road is already a much better starting point for a smooth ride, but having all these features in a double jogging stroller will go a long way in providing a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.


The materials used in the construction of double jogger strollers have to be strong enough to endure long rides on uneven terrain, while remaining light enough to not be a burden if you need to drag the folded stroller around somewhere. This is usually achieved by using a combination of aluminum for the frame and light fabric and foam for the interior. When looking to buy a stroller pay close attention, also, to the construction of the joints, since this is likely to be the first place to see some damage. Other convenient features to look out for are washable fabric, which is pretty common to find, and a UV-resistant canopy, which is also a trademark of high-quality double jogging strollers. 


Q: Do Double Jogging Strollers Fit Through Doors?

A: This is a delicate question since a lot will depend also from what kind of door you are trying to fit through. Generally speaking, however, most regular doors will be around 28 to 30 inches wide, so it’s very possible that not all double jogging strollers will be able to fit through them. One workaround is to take your children out of the stroller and fold it before going inside, but this is likely not to work if one of them decides to fall asleep.

Q: Do I Need A Double Stroller For A 2 Year Old And Newborn?

A: With a two year old and a newborn, a double stroller can be a valid option to bring the whole family out on a trip together. In this case, it might be worth investing in a car seat that is compatible with the stroller you purchase, since it is easier to move an infant like this and also not all double strollers can be used as infant carriages. With the right accessories, however, we believe it is simpler to have one slightly larger product rather than two separate small ones to bring around.

Q: How Wide Is A Double Jogging Stroller?

A: The typical width of a double jogging stroller is around 30-32 inches, which still makes it quite maneuverable and easy to turn. This average number has proven to be the best compromise between comfort and convenience, letting the parent take the children for a stroll without them feeling too cramped or the adults too overwhelmed.

My Babies Planet Overview

Taking out two children come with a unique set of challenges, and only the best built baby strollers are the ones that have what it takes to provide them with an enjoyable ride on the road. Taking out to children and wanting to work requires the best possible double stroller you can find, and we hope that by browsing through the options we have presented in our article you have been able to find one that fits just right, ticking all the boxes you need and letting you take on with confidence the exciting challenges of parenthood.

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