As you know, newborns require a diaper change multiple times a day. You need to think about the amount of dirty diaper that may simply pile up in the room if you are too tired to take them in the dumpster. When you are preparing your baby’s nursery, therefore, you need to look for the best diaper pails to place there.

That said, you cannot get any trash bin since the used newborn diapers tend to smell bad. But do not worry about making the wrong decision because we have compiled a few candidates for the best diaper trash can for you.

It is impossible to guarantee at this point that any of the ten pails mentioned below will have everything you need in a trash bin for your child’s nursery room. However, we hope that reading this article will prevent you from getting stuck with an awful choice or wasting your money.


How To Choose A Diaper Pail – Buying Guide

Choosing the best diaper pail can be harder than it may seem. There are many factors to consider before claiming that you are in a room full of the best baby diaper pails, including:

Odor Control

If your child’s diapers smell like roses when you change them, then you are a lucky parent. For the rest of us, how well a diaper pail contains the used nappies can be a good way of determining which one to buy. Specifically, you want to find a trash bin that not only contains the odor when the diaper is sitting there but also prevents it from wafting in the air after you drop a new one in the bag.

Cost Of Ownership

When you have a child, everything you purchase should meet your budget. That is especially true if you are paying your house’s mortgage, and your salary gives you a small room for luxury. When you decide on a diaper pail, therefore, you need to take the cost of the pail and the replacement bags into consideration. Otherwise, you may end up with a product that requires specialized—read expensive—refill bags.

Ease Of Diaper Disposal

At 2 A.M., the last thing you want to be struggling with is an overly complicated process of putting your child’s dirty diaper into the diaper pail. The good news, however, is that many items on the market today come with foot-activated pedals. This feature makes the bin easier to use than ever, especially when you are holding your little one in the middle of the night.

Ease Of Bag Replacement

When your baby comes home for the first time, they tend to require diaper change almost every hour. It means that their nappy pail is going to fill up quickly. For that reason, finding a diaper can with a bag that is easy to change without making you feel nauseous because of the smell of soiled diapers is a definite plus.

In the products reviewed above, a couple of related features stand out. Some of the trash bins have refill rings, which entail that the bags are continuous. When the bag is full, you can detach it with the cutter that’s already in the pail and then tie the loose end to form another bag. 

Other pails come with refillable bags that snap and seal shut on their own. Although this type of refill may require you to replace it with a new one every time, there is no need to cut anything. Once it is filled to the brim, just open the bottom or side of the trash can, pull out the bag, toss it in the dumpster, and put a fresh bag in the pail.

Childproof System

With many diaper pails found in various marketplaces, they have a plastic bag that can hold as many diapers as possible until you are ready to dispose of them. However, these plastic bags can attract your curious baby’s attention, primarily when you allow them to crawl on the floor where the bin is located. In case they manage to access the can, it can present a myriad of problems, such as spilling the used diapers on the floor, reopening the soiled nappies, and finding your child in the middle of the mess. 

This is why the most ideal diaper pails are not like regular trash cans that are flimsy enough for an infant to topple over with a slight push. Most of them have a childproof lid that individuals beyond the age of 2 can access. The foot pedal that is attached to some tend to be difficult for babies to operate, so you do not have to worry about them stepping on it and opening the lid. The other parts of the pail that can swing open (e.g., service door) are also babyproofed, especially the ones with a built-in cutter for bag replacement.

Hands-Free Operation

Parents of newborns are undoubtedly the busiest people on the planet. Babies require full attention even when they are asleep, so it is common for moms and dads to not even have time to eat, shower, get a haircut, or walk from the nursery to the dumpster outside the house to throw out used diapers. Thus, it is essential to have a trash can that you can operate even with one free hand.

We are yet to see a diaper bin with sensor technology, but the best ones have a foot pedal offer plenty of benefits already. For one, you can open the lid without touching any part of the pail with your bare skin. It also allows you to avoid bending close enough to the opening to get a whiff of the soiled diapers in there. If you place the pail strategically at the foot of the changing table, you may be able to swipe the used nappy with enough force so that it will drop directly in the pail.


As mentioned previously, modern parents typically want every item in the baby’s nursery to fit the aesthetic that they are going for. While functionality matters, it should not stick out like a sour thumb in the middle of a beautifully decorated room. 

The same ruling goes for diaper trash cans. Even if it is a vessel for waste products, a pail can still affect the overall appearance of the room. So, to keep up with the modern vibe, it is best to opt for bins in white or silver color.  


A diaper garbage with a good capacity is an important thing to look for when buying one. If it can only hold several diapers, you will need to empty it a few times a day instead of spending time with your new baby. Because of that, you should obtain a trash can that can carry hundreds of diapers at a time. 

One caveat: you have to remember that the more diapers are sitting in a bag, the smellier they will get. Finding a pail somewhere in the middle of the extremes can be your best option here.


Typically, diaper pails are made from either plastic or metal. Each material can have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic trash cans, for instance, have more features than the metal ones. They can also be cheaper and are more commonly available than the latter. However, the plastic material can get stained after some time and be far less durable than a metal diaper pail.

A metal diaper bucket can offer a premium look that may fit your nursery’s contemporary design. It will not absorb odors and can last a long time, making it extremely reusable. Still, it can be more expensive than plastic and is not the best choice for a wet diaper can because rust can form soon after. 


Q: What Is A Diaper Pail?

A: A diaper garbage is a unique kind of trash can that is specifically designed to hold the used diapers of your baby. The number of nappies that it can carry at a time depends on its size, as well as the capacity of the trash bag inside.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Diaper Pail And Regular Trash Can?

A: Diaper pails and regular trash cans mainly differ in terms of their ability to avoid making a nursery smell bad. The latter, despite their usefulness in other parts of the house, usually come with a thin lid that does nothing to mask the foul nappy odor. Meanwhile, the former tend to have odor-controlling technology in the form of carbon filters or deodorizers. 

Standard trash bins do not hold a candle to the functionality that diaper pails provide as well. For one, some trash cans for nappies have continuous refill bags, which means that you merely have to cut the filled part while still attached to the pail and treat the rest of it as a new bag. Others have containers that you can snap, seal, and toss in the dumpster once they are full.

The best feature of high-end diaper trash cans that regular buckets do not have is their child-safe lock system. This factor is essential, especially if you are raising curious babies who are not aware of what’s gross and what’s not.

Q: Do I Need A Diaper Pail?

A: Honestly speaking, a diaper pail is not as necessary as a diaper. Your infant can grow up one, and it will not affect them in any way. However, if you are a busy parent who cannot afford to either take several trips to the kitchen or bathroom to throw out the soiled nappies or watch as the diapers pile up in the room, you need a diaper pail. It will not only keep the diapers out of your line of vision but also prevent the room from stinking. 

Q: When Do I Need A Diaper Pail?

A: A recent study showed that during your child’s first year, they would have an average of 2,500 dirty diapers, and it would only decrease slightly in the next year or so. That’s a lot of diapers and a lot of horrible smells. A trash can for nappies is a must-have during these years to be able to get through your parenting duties and not lose your sanity due to the foul diaper odor.

Q: How To Clean A Diaper Pail?

A: If you happen to own a metal trash bin, the good news is that it does not require much cleaning. The poopy smell will not stick to its wall; it is typically lined with plastic bags as well to avoid leakage. Should you want to clean it, you can take a rag and wipe the metal can from top to bottom.

A plastic bucket, however, needs a thorough cleaning. Before you start, be sure to get rid of all the diapers in the pail and open every accessible part of it. Then, you can take it in the bathroom or garage, wherever you feel comfortable cleaning the trash can.

Dunk the plastic pail in soapy water, pour baking soda all over it to neutralize the smell, and leave it in place for no less than five minutes. After that, scrub it well with a sponge inside and out, rinse, and wait for it to dry. 

Q: Should I Put The Diaper Pail In The Baby’s Room Or Somewhere Else In The House?

A: The diaper trash can should ideally be in the nursery throughout your diaper-changing days to keep you from having to leave the room while doing the task. Once your baby has outgrown their diapers, you can think of placing the pail in the bathroom, garage, or kitchen.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Diaper Pail? 

A: Here are some of the benefits that come with a diaper pail:

  • Easy disposal of used diapers 
  • Eliminate the odor and the unwanted bacteria 
  • Providing secure storage 
  • Take a small space but provide a lot of useful features

Q: How Can I Prevent Foul Odor From Sticking To The Diaper Pail?

A: Here is how you can prevent odor from sticking on the diaper pail:

  • Use trash can liners. Plastic liners can help to prevent your child’s diapers from contacting the pail itself. This can result in reducing the smell that lingers even once the diaper pail has been emptied.
  • Wrap the diapers. When you put a diaper in your child’s pail, be sure to wrap it tightly, using the adhesive strips to help keep it closed. This can help keep the smell inside the diaper and keep it from being absorbed by the pail.
  • Empty the diaper pail right away. Every child at one point or another will have what some parents have affectionately termed a natural disaster which is basically a dirty diaper that has a smell you’ve never smelled before. If your child has one of these, the best thing to do is to put it in the diaper pail and empty the diaper pail right away. Otherwise, it will start to stink up the rest of the room.
  • Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the diaper bucket. While you will need to replace it every two to three weeks, during that time, it can help to absorb the smell that can come from their diapers, making it a little better in their room. For extra odor-fighting, you can also sprinkle some inside the plastic bags that will hold their dirty diapers.
  • Tape a car air freshener in the trash bin. The air fresheners shaped like little pine trees can work great at helping to mask the odor that comes from your child’s dirty diaper.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best diaper pails is not going to be as easy as buying the first one you see in the store. You have to consider many other things, such as functionality, ease of access, odor control, material, etc. You should also think about how and where you can use the best diaper pail once your baby no longer needs to wear diapers. 

We hope that you pick one of our recommendations above or use the buying guide to find one that suits your personal preference.

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