Every parent knows how long it takes to get out of the door when you have a child. Not only does your child take a while to get ready, but you also must plan meals, toys, and clothing to bring along for even the shortest of trips. 

All that extra cargo must go somewhere, and most often, people turn to the best diaper bag that act as a carry-all for all things baby related. From diapers and bottles to extra clothes and toys to keep them occupied, this particular bag has a lot of responsibilities.

Diaper bags allow you to bring along everything your little one may need and guaranteed to make your outing much easier. The best diaper bags are ones that are large in capacity with many different pockets and compartments as well as appealing in design. 

To help make this a stress-free choice, we have listed the 10 best diaper bags for moms and dads on today’s market. All the bags on our list will make going out much easier by having everything you may need close by.


How To Choose A Diaper Bags – Buying Guide

The quest for the best diaper bag is not an easy one. However once you’ve found “the” one, it will be an indispensable item in your daily routine. With so many options on the market that might confuse you, we’ve come up with certain features that you shouldn’t ignore while shopping.


Storage is an essential feature of diaper bags. The best diaper bags have enough storage not only for the babies’ necessities but also for the mother’s needs. Bags with a separate compartment or pockets make it easier for you to store and find items.


The lighter the bag, the better. You don’t want to be carrying around a ton of weight in a diaper bag. It should be able to store all your items, but it shouldn’t break your back. 


A diaper bag can be closed with a zipper, Velcro or a magnet latch. 

If your bag has a zipper, you can open it with one hand and it will keep all your items safe when you zip it up. 

With magnet latch or a Velcro, there is a good chance that your bag will open if you overload it.

Velcro makes a lot of noise when you open it, it might even wake your sleeping baby. It also sticks to everything and it wears out in time. Therefore, it wouldn’t be our number one recommendation.


You will probably have to clean your diaper bag a couple of times during its lifetime. Look for a durable bag that is made from materials that can be easily cleaned. Don’t buy a bag that is made from materials that absorbs everything and stains easily.


There are a few different diaper bag types that you can choose from depending on your style and needs:

Backpack Diaper Bags: This is a great option for parents who carry a lot of baby items around with them. It is like a standard backpack, but it contains individual pockets where you can add in diapers, wet wipes, and other baby necessities. By wearing the bag on your back, you can evenly distribute the weight on your back rather than carrying all the weigh on one shoulder. 

Tote Diaper Bags: This is a bag that is usually bigger than your average handbag. It includes different pockets and sections to hold all your babies’ stuff. Most tote bags can be carried in your hand or over your shoulder. 

Messenger Diaper Bags: These bags have long straps that can be worn over the shoulder or the chest. Messenger bags are usually designed for dads.


Q: Do you really need a diaper bag?

A: A diaper bag is definitely a necessity when you have a kid. You need it to pack all your baby’s necessities and carry them around easily and safely. 

Q: Are backpack diaper bags better?

A: Deciding between a diaper bag and a diaper backpack will depend on your preference. A diaper backpack allows you to have your hands-free, and you can evenly distribute the weight on your back. On the other hand, a diaper bag hangs over your shoulder, providing you easy access to grab whatever you need. 

Q: Can I use a purse as a diaper bag?

A: It is possible to use a purse as your diaper bag if you have a purse that can accommodate all your babies’ items. 

A diaper bag is, however, specially designed for this function and made to be durable with lots of space and different compartments. It could be difficult to find a purse that offers you the same functionality. 

My Babies Planet Overview

After reviewing the best diaper bags in today’s market, you might be feeling more equipped to make your decision now. 

As any parent knows, kids are messy. That is why it is important to have one that is easy to clean. Finding one that allows you to store bottles separately is an excellent way to reduce the amount of mess. 

It is crucial to find a diaper bag that has a lot of space, too so that you can easily carry all you may need on your trip. 

The last thing you, as a parent, want to struggle is to juggle a baby, a bottle, and a diaper bag. That is why it is important to ensure your bag has either a crossbody strap or can hook to a stroller.

Quality is also essential. Your lifeline, when you are away from the house, this carry-all bag should be able to hold everything you may need. 

All of the best diaper bags on our list are sure to reduce your stress when leaving the house and we hope that one of our recommendations is the one you’re looking for.

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