The Italian brand Chicco has been making products for babies for over 50 years, and this experience has led them to become one of the best-known names in the industry, synonymous with quality and reliability. As a parent, you will be looking for a good stroller to take of your child when you go out of the house, and the best Chicco strollers should be high on your list of options because of how they combine a safe and smooth riding with an affordable price.

Finding the best stroller Chicco makes can be hard since the company has put many options on the market, designed to fit all needs and all pockets. In this article we will present you with a wide range of baby products, so you can compare Chicco strollers one by one and figure out which one is the perfect fit for your family. The Chicco stroller system features a number of great strollers, prepared to take on any situation, so we are confident you will find one that is right for you.


How To Choose A Chicco Stroller – Buying Guide



The Chicco lineup is full of different kinds of strollers, designed so every family can find something that is right for them and will let them take good care of their children. First off, we have regular strollers, made to fit one child up to when they can confidently walk on their own. Some come with a bassinet to turn them into baby carriages, perfect to take care of infants. Double strollers take the same principle but are designed to accommodate two seats, so two passengers. Many of these strollers are compatible with a car seat, often sold separately, which can clip into the frame so you can just lift your child out of the car and basically be ready to go. Finally, you have jogging or all-terrain strollers, which have thicker wheels that roll smoothly and fast over all sorts of terrain and are perfect if you want your child to experience the outdoors alongside you.


Safety on a Chicco stroller is provided in several different ways, and one would not expect any less from a product designed to take care of children. First of all, there is the frame, which has to be sturdy and durable while remaining lightweight so the parents can still control it. Then come the wheels and braking system, who need to ensure a safe and smooth ride even on a bumpy road and stop at a moment’s notice. Finally, and more importantly, the inner safety harness that wraps around your child. This usually has five points of contact with the backrest and can be tightened to ensure the kid stays securely where they need to be. The top canopy rounds it off by protecting from exposure to the sun and rain.


Storage space is crucial on a stroller, since going out with a baby always entails bringing at least one full bag of extra equipment, between bottles, sippy cups, or an extra bib or pair of baby shoes. This is always provided thanks to a long pocket, sometimes closed with a zipper and sometimes not, which sits underneath the baby seat and is deep enough to carry enough stuff for a day trip. On more elaborate strollers you can also find cupholders near the handlebars, as well as a smaller storage compartment that is perfect for smaller items such as keys, sunglasses or your smartphone.


The wheels of a stroller are greatly responsible for how smooth your ride is, and this translates to a safer and quieter ride for your baby, so they deserve your closest attention. Most low-end strollers use plastic wheels covered with a thin layer of rubber, which will be enough for a stroll in the part but not give you the confidence of doing much more. We strongly recommend, if you can afford them, that you consider thicker and wider rubber tires, which will provide much greater comfort and smoothness. These are usually on larger wheels that absorb the impacts with the road better and can be filled with air or foam. A foam filling is a preferable choice since it means the wheels will never puncture or need maintenance. On jogger strollers wheels are even bigger and sometimes with metal spokes, to provide the best performance possible and not force you to break your stride.

Age Recommendation

The age recommendation that manufacturers attach to their products, and that you can find in our Chicco stroller reviews, is based on what a child’s average size is at that age. This can give you a good idea of how long you can use the stroller for, but this will depend greatly on your specific case since children grow faster, slower, taller or shorter and you can’t really plan it, so take them more like guidelines than actual rules.


There are two main accessories you can get for a Chicco stroller, and we recommend you stick to them since it would be unwise to try and further customize your stroller. These are a tray to place in front of your child, so they can have something to play with as you roll along or a better set of wheels. These come is a set, compatible with only a certain number of models, and can be a significant upgrade to your stroller preventing you from having to buy a full-on jogging model.



Q: Is Chicco A Good Brand For Strollers?

A: Yes, it is. You don’t survive as a brand for more than 50 years if your products are not good, and Chicco strollers have proven their worth time and time again for their reliability and overall quality, so we won’t hesitate to recommend them if you’re looking for your first baby stroller.

Q: Is Graco Or Chicco Better?

A: Both Chicco and Graco are excellent brands for baby strollers, and it is very hard to make a distinction between the two. It often comes down to personal preference more than a features comparison, and the best thing would be to see if a shop near you has both brands so you can see how they feel before you choose.

Q: What Does Chicco Mean?

A: In Italian, the word “chicco” literally translates to a very small quantity of something, and is usually used for a grain of rice. It can also be used as a way to call a child, given their smallness and cuteness.

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As one of the top brands for baby products, Chicco has placed many strollers on the market so it might be hard to navigate through all your options. We hope that our article has helped you clear up your mind and has pointed you in the right direction, so you can confidently choose the best stroller for you and enjoy your time with your family, knowing that your child is well taken care of.

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