10 Best Car Seat Stroller Combos in 2018


What Are The Best Car Seat Stroller Combos? – Let’s Review!

Any parent knows how expensive babies can be. You want the best for them and often that comes with a hearty price tag. With so many other purchases you will have to make, it is wise to combine some of your purchases for ease of use. Buying an individual car seat and stroller can not only cost more money but can also be a lot more confusing and inconvenient.

Investing in the stroller carseat combo will not only make your life much easier and save you money but will also last you through the first five years of your child’s life. Having your little one asleep in the car seat and then effortlessly attached to a stroller makes moving between car travel and foot travel a breeze. This popular system can be found with regular strollers as well as all-terrain jogging strollers.

You have enough on your plate as expecting parents, that is why we did the work for you. We scoured the web to find the best car seat stroller combos on today’s market. All of the ones on our list have safety and convenience in mind making them the ultimate buy for your little one.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Car Seat Stroller Combos Reviews

1. Millennium Expedition LX Travel System by Baby Trend


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Baby Trend’s Millennium Expedition LX Travel System is a top rated jogger travel system. The large front tire has the ability to lock which makes it ideal for running and jogging. When you’re not exercising the wheel swivels a full 360 degrees for the most maneuverability. An adjustable handle allows you to completely adjust the height for you.

This stroller also has a dedicated area for trays for the child and you as the parent. There is also a large basket to store your belongings and a canopy that will keep your kid dry and protected from the sun. This seat has been made for children from 5 to 30 lbs while the stroller is great for newborns up to 50 lbs.

Why we love it – This is a well-equipped jogging stroller. Features like an adjustable handle, large locking front wheel and loads of storage will win you over. The safety and exceptional design of this purchase makes it one of the best travel system strollers on today’s market.

2. FastAction Travel System Stroller by Graco


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This Graco FastAction Stroller lives up to its name. It only takes a second to fold flat and get ready to transport. The great feature of this stroller is the multi-position reclining seat for your child. If it’s nap time you can fold the seat nearly flat to let them sleep. It also has a seat cushion that is easily removable and machine washable. The wheels are smaller and have a suspension system making them great for trips around town or to the grocery store.

This stroller only weighs 22 lbs making it an ultra lightweight option. Even though it is so light the frame is strong and easy to steer. There is a 3 and 5 point harness so you can rest assured that your little one will stay secure in the seat. It even has a child’s tray that has a cup holder for their sippy cup.

Why we love it – Graco has made an exceptionally portable stroller. It folds in a second and is super lightweight. This combination makes it great for short trips to get groceries or to the local mall. The wheels have a suspension system that makes the ride even more comfortable for your toddler.

3. EZ Ride 5 Travel System by Baby Trend

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This stroller folds flat with one hand. It has a large pillow for your baby’s head to rest on while they are laying down for a nap. The seat is also completely adjustable to allow for multiple positions for your little one to enjoy. This means that your child can sleep comfortably or sit up properly to enjoy the food tray in front of them.

The EZ Ride 5 Travel System is for babies up to 30 lbs for the car seat and 50 lbs for the stroller. Meeting and exceeding the government’s safety standards, this rear-facing car seat allows your newborn to enjoy the ultimate safety and comfort. The wheel system features two large back wheels and a single front set of wheels. This creates a highly maneuverable stroller that can turn on a dime. The large storage basket below the stroller allows you to pack along lots of cargo making this stroller even more practical.

Why we love it – As far baby strollers and car seats combos go, this is one of the best. It can fold flat with one hand and has features that will keep your baby comfortable. A large peek-a-boo window allows you to check in on your baby to see how they’re doing without having to walk all the way around the stroller.

4. Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System by Graco

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If you are a hiker who loves off-roading this Graco Fastaction Fold Travel System is the stroller combo you should consider. It has large pneumatic tires that will take you on any trail you want while giving your child a smooth and comfortable ride. If you are looking to run on city streets these tires will also make city running easier. You even have the option to lock the front wheel so you don’t have to worry about steering while you run.

Your toddler will be super comfortable in their fully adjustable seat. The stroller also has padding lining the inside of the stroller to add even more comfort. An extra large canopy will keep the sun out of their eyes and protect their skin from UV rays and the elements. There is a dual cup holder and even a spot for your cell phone within arms reach.

The rear-facing car seat securely hold infants between 4 and 35 pounds. With the included base this system transforms from car to stroller with ease. Surpassing industry standards in safety and quality you can rest assured that your little one will be safe and happy.

Why we love it – The easy transition between car and foot travel makes this one of the best jogging strollers on the market. You can bring along two water bottles and even watch a show on your phone while you run in the tech compartment. Your child will also be riding in luxury with it’s fully adjustable and extra padded seat. They will also be strapped in with a top of the line harness system.

5. Bravo Trio Travel System by Chicco

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This is a modern looking toddler stroller. It has an upright design that puts your toddler in more of a sitting position. The cool thing is that the seat is still fully adjustable and can be reclined for nap time. This stroller has four wheels that create a strong stable base. It also has a large basket near the bottom that will be perfect for carrying your purse or diaper bag.

This is one of the easiest strollers to fold, only needing one hand. And unlike other options, this Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System stands upright on its wheels when folded. This makes it super easy to move around without having to struggle. When standing at the handle you have designated spots for two water bottles and your phone all while being able to keep an eye on your kid through the mesh window.

Why we love it – This could be the best stroller carseat combination on the market. It has a stylish design with superior functionality. You have loads of space to store your belongings while keeping an eye on your kid as they ride comfortably below. The seat is in more of an upright position yet can be fully reclined.

6. Pivot Modular Travel System by Evenflo


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Evenflo has made a top stroller with car seat. This has one of the most modern looks on our list. The seat sits higher than most strollers which make the basket underneath able to hold that much more. This stroller uses a four-tire system with larger wheels on the rear. The structure has a minimal yet exceptionally sturdy design. Everything has been designed to be lightweight and ergonomically perfect. This will make you able to push this stroller with minimal effort and strain on your body.

This stroller has three modes: carriage, frame stroller, and a toddler stroller. It can grow with your child and will last longer than other options that are easily grown out of. Carriage mode is for the youngest children and acts more of a bassinet than a seat. The frame stroller uses the car seat to carry your kid. This is perfect for car trips to the store as you can use the car seat in the car while the stroller is easily folded and thrown in the car. The toddler stroller is for older kids. It has a seat where they can stretcher their legs and enjoy the view as you push them.

Why we love it – Unlike other strollers on the market, this Evenflo option grows with your children. It transforms from a carriage stroller to a toddler one in no time at all. The included car seat is easy to get used to and can be used as a seat in the stroller. This makes short trips to the store or a friends house effortless.

7. Cortina CX Travel System by Chicco


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This is one of the most well-equipped travel strollers available. Every aspect has been over-designed. The dual front wheels give you precision control. Your kid will love his seat. It can be adjusted to 8 different positions with minimal effort. You even have a covered tray to store your phone or wallet without fear of it getting wet.

To make it easier to control and push the handle can be adjusted into three positions so no matter who is pushing this stroller they will be comfortable. The storage space under the seat is one of the largest on the market. There is enough space to store everything you could possibly ever need.

The car seat comes with a base that is easy to install. It also makes it super easy to go from walking to driving. Simply connect the base to the seat belt and you’re ready to put your child seat in the car.

Why we love it – Everything about this stroller and car seat has been designed perfectly. Chicco has put their years of experience into this stroller. The seat completely adjustable and has enough padding so that your kid doesn’t even feel like they’re in a stroller. You will love the parent tray that can house up to two water bottles and loads of your gear. All you need to do to stop this stroller is use the toe-locks and it is secure. This is one of the best strollers on the market.

8. 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Elite Travel System by Britax USA


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This slick black stroller car seat combo comes in three different interior colors allowing you to choose which look best suits your family. One of the baby travel systems on our list, this stroller has exceptional safety ratings that combine with easy to use technology.

The car seat that comes with this set uses quality technology to focus on safety and comfort. With an impact absorbing base and two layers of side impact protection you can rest assured that your little one is well protected when traveling by car as well as on foot. The contoured shell takes up less space in your vehicle while providing better protection to your baby. Lasting you even longer this infant car seat has a removable body pad for when your child has outgrown the cushion. It also features a removable cover that is incredibly easy to clean.

The stroller offers a lightweight and easy to compress design that you will love. Designed for the multi-tasking parent this stroller features a one-hand fold design that takes mere seconds to compress and setup.  With a single step rear brake wheel system, this stroller perfectly combines safety and ease of use.

Why we love it – With safety standards that far exceed industry standards this car seat stroller combo is designed to keep your child incredibly safe and comfortable. This quality buy is not only a great option for your child but its ease of use makes it desirable to you as a parent. A true picture of quality this stroller system is designed for the elite at a price point you can afford.

9. Vive Travel System with Embrace by Evenflo


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Evenflo is responsible for producing this high-quality combo stroller. Perfect for that on the go family who is looking for the ultimate travel pack that moves between car and foot travel with ease. This stroller folds down small allowing it to easily fit in your car and apartment. Coming in three different color sets you can choose which one that best suits your little one.

The included rear-facing car seat screams safety with an extended weight rating of between 4 and 35 pounds. This car seat has been tested to 2x the government safety standards to go above and beyond for your family. The five-point buckle system comfortably harnesses your little one in with a cushioned back providing support. Made using quality fabric this car seat and buckles can be easily wiped clean to look new.

The stroller is suitable for kids up to 50 pounds allowing it to be one that lasts for the first five years of your child’s life. The comfortable seat has multiple reclining positions for maximum comfort which is great for longer outings. The large canopy provides excellent sun protection while still having a peek-a-boo window for you to see in. Not only does the stroller offer comfort, safety, and convenience for your child, but offers stuff for you as well. With two cup holders, a tech compartment that perfectly fits your phone and a storage basket.

Why we love it – Who says quality has to be expensive. With this high-end combo set, you can get the best for your baby without overpaying. Folding down to an impressively compact size this stroller set is a great option for those who do a lot of traveling.

10. Expedition Jogger Travel System by Baby Trend


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This top-rated jogger travel system is a great option for those active parents. Available in 10 different colors you will easily be able to find the perfect option for you. The ergonomically shaped foam handle of this harness is easy to grab which makes it comfortable for longer trips.

The rear-facing car seat is perfect for your newborn and is rated for children from 5 to 30 pounds. The comfortable car seat easily attaches to the stroller which makes transitioning from the car to on foot even easier.

With large all-terrain bicycle tires, this jogger will take you on all sorts of off-trail adventures. The front wheel swivels to allow you to turn and move with ease making this a great fitness tool. With a 50-pound weight restriction, this stroller will fit your child until about 5 years old. With multiple reclining positions and a padded seat, your child will sit comfortably while the 5 point safety harness keeps them secure.

Why we love it – The parent tray on this stroller is equipped with two cup holders as well as a covered compartment storage for your phone and other belongings. Reflectors on the foot rest of this stroller increase visibility and safety for evening strolls. A trigger fold helps you to collapse this lightweight stroller down for easy transportation and storage.

How We Chose the Top Car Seat Stroller Combos in Our List

There are many different features to pay attention to when looking for the best stroller combo set for your family. Before you buy, be sure to consider the following features.


When looking for the best stroller you should take a look at its wheel setup. There are many designs and layouts that the stroller can be based on.

A four-wheel base will give you the most stable base. These usually come with a two wheel setup for the fronts and a larger single rear tire. A four-tire stroller is ideal for trips on smooth terrain such as pavement. They will usually feature some type of suspension on the front tires. This will give your kid the smoothest ride possible.

e wheel stroller is better for running or jogging. If you are looking for a stroller that will go with you on hikes through uneven terrain you should look for a pneumatic tire. This is a tire similar to an inflatable bike tire. They offer the highest ground clearance and can roll over roots and rocks with ease. The front tire should also be able to lock in position. This will give you maximum control when at top speed and not run away from you


The seat can be the most important part of any stroller. If your kid is not comfortable they will not want to spend any amount of time in the seat. Look for strollers that come with extra padding for the seat. This will make it seem like they are laying on a bed or couch rather than in a stroller.

Their seat should also be able to be adjusted into many positions. Every parent has experienced a tired child. Being able to fold the seat completely flat turns a stroller into a bed. Having your kid be able to nap while you continue shopping is a great concept. You shouldn’t have to end your day just to put your kid down for a nap. This way you can plan to be out for longer periods of time.


A stroller should be able to bring a diaper bag or a lunch with you. This usually comes in the form of an under the seat basket. Since this is usually a small space the amount of storage space can vary from stroller to stroller.

Strollers should also allow you to bring a water bottle with you for your walk. This will usually be within arms reach of the handle. On fancy strollers, you will also have a special spot for your phone or wallet.


Every single stroller will have a handle that you use to control it when you are walking. Since every person is a different height, this should be adjustable. Look for strollers that have handles that have many steps of adjustment. The minimum should be three while some will have as many as five.


All strollers should have a canopy. This will keep your baby dry when it’s raining and shaded when it’s sunny. The size of the cover can vary for each stroller but should be able to completely cover the seat. This will ensure that rain falls off onto the ground rather than into the seat.

The canopy should also have a window so you can keep an eye on your baby. This can be done in many ways from a clear plastic material to a mesh material. Being able to see your kid is important for their safety and should not be overlooked.


Strollers need to be on the lighter side. You will find yourself folding the stroller and putting it into the trunk of your car more than you realize. If you struggle to lift the stroller it can be a challenge to bring with you. A good weight averages around 25 lbs This will give you the ability to lift it into your car while still being made of a strong material.

Choosing what’s best for you

This car seat and stroller review is designed to make it so that you have all the tools you will need to find the perfect stroller for you. Whether you are looking for the best jogging stroller or the best lightweight travel stroller, you are sure to find quality with all of the ones on our list.

Buying yours as a set will save you a lot of effort as well as you will not have to find a stroller that is compatible with your car seat. Not only that but the familiarity will make it much easier for your little one to transition into their stroller once they are bigger. Investing in a combo set will save you money while also making your life as a new parent much easier. Moving between car and foot travel should be seamless and with the help of these stroller car seat sets, you will never risk waking your little one up again.

Do you have a Car Seat Stroller Combos on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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