The Bugaboo line of strollers has become associated with excellence in every regard. Not only do they stand out because of the smoothness with which they roll and the quality feel they exude, but the Bugaboos prams are all designed with cool, elegant and modern lines that truly shine in the contemporary urban environment. If you as a parent are looking for a stroller that combines performance and looks, then the best Bugaboo stroller is what you need.

The company has put many excellent strollers on the market, all intending to make parenting easier. This is achieved thanks to smart design, excellent features, and unique wheels, that make for some of the smoothest rolling you can imagine. In this article we have put together what we believe to be the best Bugaboo stroller you can get your hands on, so you can make your choice between the best of the best and find a stroller that will truly make your life easier.


How To Choose A Bugaboo Stroller – Buying Guide


Design is what makes the Bugaboo strollers really stand out from the rest. Their clean, modern lines fit perfectly in today’s urban world and provide an elegant and classy feeling that is so rare to find among items for babies. However, the Bugaboo strollers do more than just look good, since their design keeps parents in mind and strives to keep everything within reach and provide a smooth and hassle-free riding and storage experience.


The Bugaboo strollers are associated with ease of use and quality, and the assembly process is an integral part of what makes them rank among the best baby strollers on the market. Each model comes with detailed instructions and every piece is designed to be intuitive to attach and fasten to the main frame. The wheels sometimes can even simply click in, saving you from having to wear out your hands turning screws.

Folding & Unfolding

Thanks to well-placed buttons and well-designed locking systems, the Bugaboo strollers are very smooth to fold and unfold, making them a perfect travel companion. Some models can even be folded in two different ways, with one that can stand up straight on its own, while the other involves also folding down the wheels to make the stroller as flat as possible.


Thanks to their superb build quality, the strollers made by Bugaboo are ready to take on whatever road surface they might encounter. This is because they feature some of the best suspension systems available on the market, which absorb the impacts of the road be it nice and flat or steep and bumpy. Most of the best stroller Bugaboo provides also make use of foam-filled tires, which never puncture or require maintenance and also contribute to shock absorption. The strollers are engineered to keep you moving in any situation.


The choice of size will depend on where you are planning to use the stroller since models that are designed for travel are significantly smaller than the ones reserved for city use. If you just go out for leisurely strolls in the park and want to feel safe and secure about your child’s comfort, then a larger stroller will make you more at ease. For more active parents that plan to take their kid on the road with them, a smaller sized stroller will instead be the perfect fit, especially if it can fold down on itself and become a fraction of its extended size.


Weight will also depend mostly on where you plan to use your stroller. A heavier model will mean more padding and comfort for your baby, but can quickly turn into a nice walk into a painful experience when you need to drag it back to your car. A lighter model will be perfect for traveling, even if it might not provide the level of comfort you would like. Carefully evaluating your needs and understanding what you value most will guide you towards which is the stroller that best fits your needs.


Aside from design and comfort, the wheels are what makes the Bugaboo strollers really stand apart from everything else. They provide the smoothest and most precise ride of any stroller, with excellent suspensions, and are designed to roll and react even to the slightest of pushes. This allows you, as a parent, to always be in control of the stroller’s movements so you can feel confident and safe knowing that nothing unplanned is going to happen to your child.



Q: Why Are Bugaboo Strollers So Expensive?

A: Bugaloo strollers come with a hefty price tag simply because they are among the best you can buy. They make use of the highest quality materials and incorporate everything with the work of designers that bring together convenience and elegance, and such precise work does not come cheap.

Q: Are Bugaboo Prams Worth The Money?

A: As with any product, you get what you pay for, and if you decide to buy a Bugaboo stroller you’ll know you’re getting the best of the best. It is undeniably a substantial investment, but because of their quality it will last you a very long time and come in handy for future siblings or nephews.

Q: Why Choose Bugaboo Above Everyone Else?

A: The experience Bugaboo strollers provide is quite simply unbeatable when it comes to comfort, smoothness, and durability. This makes them sit well above most of the competition in almost every regard, so if you can afford their price you will have a stroller you can rely on at your side for many years.

My Babies Planet Overview

Bugaboo strollers are one of the best ways to make sure your child has a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride when you take them outside, but there are numerous models on the market and some confusion is understandable. In our Bugaboo stroller reviews, we have highlighted the main features of what we believe to be the best options available, so you can make an informed choice and select the option that will take the best care of your child’s wellbeing.

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