In the world of baby products, the brand Britax has become synonymous with quality and performance that are well above average. The company is responsible for some great innovations in the field of safety, especially regarding baby car seats, which can make your baby’s ride significantly less risky. If the comfort and wellbeing of your child are paramount, then Britax products will be high on the list of strollers you should be considering buying to take care of your baby.

The company has put many models on the market, good for different pockets and needs, so finding the best Britax stroller out of all the available options might not be an easy task. For this reason, we have compiled in this article a list of the nicest strollers Britax has made, so you can make an informed choice about which one is right for you. The choices are many, and we’ve also included some of the best Britax double strollers for you to take a look at.


How To Choose The Best Britax Stroller – Buying Guide



A good canopy might not seem like the most important part of a stroller, but it is crucial for your child to have a safe and enjoyable ride. Nobody likes being exposed to the elements and a baby is much more fragile than an adult, so they need extra protection. Britax canopies are rated with UV50+ protection from the sun rays combined with excellent ventilation to keep your child nice and cool. A see-through window on the top allows the wary parent to always keep an eye on the child and maintain everything under control.


Britax strollers feature various kinds of wheels, which can range from entirely plastic, to air-filled or foam filled. Plastic wheels may not fare well on gravel or tougher surfaces, but usually, never leave marks on wooden floors so are perfect to be used inside. Air or foam-filled wheels are better suited for the outdoors, since they are much more resistant to punctures. Foam is especially suited for all-terrain strollers, since they never have to be refilled with air and also dampen the impact with rough trails you might find in the woods.


Most strollers don’t have brakes since you simply slow them down by pulling them closer to you, but some of the higher-grade models, like the ones made by Britax, feature parking brakes. These allow you to feel extra safe when you make a stop on your trip, since be simply pressing a lever, usually placed near your feet, you can completely block the wheels and just be sure nothing bad can happen.


The maneuverability of a stroller depends on the quality of its wheels, and on Britax strollers, as we have seen, these usually of the highest quality. The best result will be achieved with a three-wheeled stroller, because you can precisely turn the front wheel to steer exactly where you want to go. This is not to say that four-wheeled strollers are not a valid option, but they usually are more suited for closed environments. If you want to take on the outdoors, a three-wheel stroller, maybe with foam filled tires, will be your best bet.


Depending on your height, you will prefer your handlebar to be angled one way or the other, and luckily most Britax strollers give you the option of adjusting it to best fit your needs. Having a handlebar that is correctly placed will ensure that you don’t find your hands and wrists spending hours in uncomfortable positions. This is particularly important on jogging strollers, since in that case, an incorrect hand position may make it very difficult to maintain your stride.


Britax strollers can be bulky, so it’s reassuring to know that they are all designed to fold down and collapse to a much more manageable size. Just like umbrella strollers, they can become truly minute and very easy to store inside the house or in the trunk of your car when you’re going on a trip. Britax strollers are also programmed to be easy to fold, and everything usually manages to get done with one simple, fluid motion. You’ll be surprised to see how fast it goes once you’ve mastered it, and how small and compact they really become.


For parents, a stroller’s height is pretty much a one-size-fits-all affair, since having an adjustable handlebar lets you customize the fit even if it doesn’t click with you immediately. As far as baby sizes go, most strollers are designed to carry them up to an age where they can comfortably walk around on their own. The most important thing to check is the fastening method in the baby seat, which is usually a 5-point safety harness since this will keep your child from moving around too much even if the stroller is still slightly big for him or her at that moment.


Having a heavier stroller usually means it will be more stable, and this holds true most of the time, but there are also several other factors to consider when making your decision. The price to pay for more stability might well be less maneuverability because of the added weight, and most of all it risks becoming a true pain if you are planning to carry it on a longer trip, somewhere far from the house. Also, if you plan on jogging, you won’t appreciate much extra weight bringing you down. Precisely evaluating your needs before you buy a stroller is, therefore, the best way to make the right decision when it comes ti weight and bulk.


Q: Is Britax a good stroller?

A: Yes, Britax is a brand that is known for producing excellent quality strollers, and it has stood the test of time. They are particularly well-know for the durability and safety of their products, having introduced several innovations in this field, mostly for infant car seats.

Q: Why Choose Britax Above Everyone Else?

A: Because you get what you pay for. When the safety of your child is on the table, cutting corners is simply not an option, and a less expensive option is likely not to give you the confidence you would like when you take your child out for a stroll.

Q: Are Britax Strollers Durable?

A: Yes, it is one of the main reasons to consider buying them. Making use of the best materials available on the market, the Britax strollers are some of the toughest and most reliable you can find, and one should ask for no less if they want to entrust a product with the safety of their children.

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There are many excellent strollers by Britax on the market, and choosing between all the available options may seem daunting and confusing. In our Britax stroller reviews we have highlighted the main features of every model, so you can see the whole picture and make an informed choice, selecting the product that will best fit your needs and let you take care of your child as best as you can.

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