As they become more physically adept, more independent and develop a longer attention span, boys aged eight start to develop strong interests. Some will display natural athletic ability and an interest in sports while some will show artistic potential and start to develop hobbies. The best toys for 8 year old boy are engaging, challenging and educational.

They provide hours and hours of hands-on fun while challenging and sharpening their physical, cognitive and psychological skills. Based on the developmental milestones at this phase and what boys this age are into, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 gifts and toys for boys aged eight. They include sports equipment for athletic boys who love sports, popular toys that offer pure fun and educational toys that foster learning. 


How To Choose A Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boy – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Eight year olds learn best through hands-on play, experimentation and observation. In addition to being engaging and entertaining, the best toys for 8 year old boy teach kids new things and foster a love for learning. The best educational gift ideas for 8 year old boy include science experiments kits, coding robots, and construction toys that encourage STEAM and STEM based learning and innovation.

If he’s interested in creative pursuits such as drawing and painting, get him art and craft kits that will build his innate abilities. Comic books and chapter books are great gifts to improve their reading and comprehension skills and build their vocabulary.

Emotional Development

The emotional behavior of an 8 year old boy can be baffling. One minute he will be independent and needy and babyish the next. He will also be prone to angry outbursts sometimes. While he can express his emotions and is better able to handle frustration, failure, and disappointment, he’s still learning how to manage different emotions.

Look for gifts and toys that hone his emotional regulation skills. Art and craft activities have therapeutic benefits and art and craft kits are a great way to promote kids emotional wellbeing. Board games and card games are awesome outlets for negative emotions.

Cognitive Skills Development

Boys this age have more sophisticated thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Their attention span is developed to such a level that they can focus on a single task for an hour or more. They are also starting to have an understanding of money and time.

Gifts that promote cognitive development include science experiments, building toys such as LEGOs and art and craft kits that require them to think and brainstorm different solutions. Board and card games and puzzles are also a great way to improve their logic and creative thinking skills. Books are also a great way to improve their creativity and cognitive skills.

Physical Milestones

Physical development at this age is all about refinement. Physical abilities like coordination and balance are more accurate and precise and continue to improve. Physical exercise is essential for healthy development and continued honing of these skills. Give him toys and gifts that will encourage him to go outside and run, jump, swim, and explore. Examples include all-terrain RC cars, skateboards, bikes and scooters.  

Some boys age 8 will identify as athletic and show interest in sports such as baseball, soccer or basketball. Sports equipment that support their sport of choice are some of the best gifts for 8 year old boy who likes sports. If the boy in your life is interested in artistic pursuits, his dexterity and longer attention span allows him to draw, paint, build and play musical instruments. Art and craft kits, building kits and musical instruments will foster his interests while sharpening his fine motor skills.

Psychological Milestones

A boy this age is developing a more sophisticated sense of himself. He is determined to be independent but will still want to spend time with his parents. He has a new-found sense of self-confidence but also has moments of self-doubt especially when he fails at something. Give him gifts that expose him to new things. Trying new things and conquering new challenges will give him the confidence to learn other things as well.  

Promote independence by allowing him to engage in activities he likes to do on his own with gifts such as building sets, books, art and craft kits and solo logic games. Creating beautiful artwork and models will give him a sense of achievement and a boost in self-confidence. It is also still important to spend time with him reading to him, building LEGOs together or playing gun battles. Gifts that promote group activities – board games, sports equipment and toy guns- also give him a sense of belonging and security. 

Design And Entertainment

The most important quality any gift or toy you give to a boy aged 8 should have is the ability to engage and entertain him. For him to find a gift intriguing and engrossing, it should capture his imagination by offering open-ended play opportunities. It is also important to choose age -appropriate gifts that are in line with his developmental milestones.

Toys for younger kids won’t present a challenge and will bore him quickly. He will also find toys and gifts that are above his abilities hard to figure out and frustrating. The item itself should be easy for kids hands to handle and tough enough to withstand the enthusiastic handling by an eight year old boy. Toys for 8 year old boy reviews by users can give you an idea of the quality.


When choosing a holiday or birthday gift for 8 year old boy, check that it is suitable for eight years olds and made using safe, non-toxic materials. Confirm that art and science kits don’t contain ingredients the boy you’re shopping for is allergic to. Once you receive the toy or gift, read the labeling and instructions to learn whether adult supervision is required. Injuries are the biggest threat to boys this age. Get him kid-friendly bikes, scooters, or skateboards and make sure he has safety equipment such as a helmet when riding them.



Q: What Do 8 Year Old Boys Like To Play?

A: Eight year old boys love playing video games and Nerf gun battles. As for active games, soccer, baseball and roudtable are some of the popular 8 years old boys games. They also like playing board and card games such as Monopoly with friends.  

Q: How Do I Occupy My 8 Year Old Boy?

A: Building sets, logic games, and puzzles are fun and educational ways to keep your 8 year old boy occupied building, solving, and creating for hours on end. As for how to occupy a boy who loves sports, do get him sports equipment he can use to practice and improve his skills in the comfort of his backyard. Boys aged eight also have a blast when playing video games, Nerf gun battles or controlling RC toys. Having him help with chores he can manage is also a great way to make use of his energy.   

Q: What Activities Do 8 Year Olds Like?

A: Most 8 year olds love playing video games and toy gun battles and building with LEGO blocks. Each and every boy aged eight is different though. Those who identify as athletic like playing sports such as baseball while some are into creative pursuits like reading, drawing, painting or creating music.   

My Babies Planet Overview

As they are developing their interests, eight year old boys need toys and gifts that will foster their passions and innate abilities. They will enjoy gifts that offer independent play opportunities as well as those that involve teams. The best gifts for 8 year old boy also include those that will encourage active play and challenge their dexterity.

Our toys for 8 year old boy reviews above feature fun, challenging and educational toys and gifts that help them learn new things and develop critical skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond. As you choose gifts for your favorite eight year old boy, have his developing interests in mind and you’re sure to choose something he will find delightful.

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