Picking a gift for a child of any age isn’t always easy, as every child is unique in its own way. 7 year old boys are in early school age, and at this stage of their development they are very curious, but they also require toys and games that will stimulate their cognitive skills and educate them at the same time.

Choosing the perfect toy for a child that is not your own could turn out to be a difficult task, but even if it’s your own kid sometimes you simply lack creative ideas for what to surprise him with. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed guide for best toys for 7 year old boys where we present the 20 most amazing products that will surprise and entertain the child.

Keep reading to discover the best gifts for 7 year old boys!


How To Choose A Toy And Gift For 7 Year Old Boys – Buying Guide


Educational Value

When choosing a gift for boys age 7, it’s very important to understand what stage of development he is at. He’s only starting school, so he will still be interested in all kinds of different subjects. If the gift is for your own son or for a boy that you know very well, it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with an idea of a present that will satisfy his curiosity, as you will know his interests. Even if you don’t know him so well, there’s a very wide variety of toys and games that can be great fun for everyone, and we have included some of them in our choice of toys and games for 7 year old boys. It’s also important that it stimulates him and is designed to improve his current skills. He will be able to read and write and do basic mathematical operations, and if this is something that he likes doing, then presents that promote these activities will be perfect for him.

Emotional Development

It’s very important to choose an appropriate gift for a child of a particular age to keep up with his development. When aged 7, boys start becoming aware of themselves and their surroundings, and as a result, they start feeling embarrassed when they fail to accomplish the task that they’re engaged with. A perfect toy for this age group would be something that challenges the child, but at the same time is not too difficult to understand, to avoid frustration and kindle self-confidence. All the toys you will find in our selection are chosen with this in mind.

Cognitive Skills Development

At this age, children are able to recognize different colors, shapes, and sizes pretty well. Their memory improves and they also begin to play with numbers. You need to keep all these things in mind when you choose toys for a 7 year old boy so the toy you choose satisfies his needs to explore and be engaged in an activity that keeps his attention for longer periods without being boring. 

Physical Milestones

Children in early school age have already well-developed fine motor skills and they enjoy pushing their physical limits. They may start trying out some more complex movements that require good coordination as well as combining different motor skills together. So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for 7 year old boys you may want to find something that will promote their physical advancement in this manner.

Playing games that require the child to keep a good posture and that help his muscles, ligaments, and joints develop, but also keep him amused is essential for any age group. Today’s children often prefer to stay inside in front of a screen, but we always must keep in mind that sitting in front of a computer for longer periods could not only damage his vision but also deteriorate his posture. Outdoor games that promote physical activity while he’s entertained and works on his social skills are an excellent choice.

Psychological Milestones

Children are like sponges. When they’re around the age of 7, they rapidly improve their skills of expressing themselves by learning new words each day. One way to exercise this is by offering them activities that would improve their vocabulary, such as reading, either by themselves or by having someone do it for them.

The fun thing is that they start to understand better games with rules since they improve control over their own behavior. So concepts of winning, losing and playing fair become something he copes with better. That’s why games for 7 yr old boys that involve rules could be an excellent option to keep them engaged but also help them improve control over their emotions.

It’s essential that you keep in mind your boy’s current age and offer him entertainment that does not exceed his capabilities, as he’s in an extremely sensitive period where he learns more and more about himself and the people that surround him, and he forms his identity. Choosing gifts that are not up to his skill level may discourage him from trying them out and lower his self-esteem. The same goes for choosing gifts that are too easy and not challenging enough as they may cause stagnation in his development.

Design And Entertainment

As we already said, children when aged 7 can already quite well recognize different sizes, colors, and shapes, so toys that are appropriate for them would further challenge them with their complexity. They no longer need to work with simple shapes and colors so choosing toys and games that have a more complicated structure could be quite amusing for his senses.


Boys are usually more energetic and harder to keep under control than girls at this age. They like being physically active and play group games with their friends, which could involve some roughness. If the boy you’re looking for a gift for is into this kind of activity, then outdoor toys for 7 year old boy could be the perfect category to look into. Of course, safety for the child is always the top priority, so in this case, you may want to look into some safety features to keep him from hurting himself. The outdoor games we have included in our selection are always attentive to the safety features so he can play outside without the worry that he’ll hurt himself.

Needless to say, as 7 year olds are not yet extremely delicate with handling different kinds of objects, we’d recommend you avoiding sharp and fragile objects as gifts to ensure maximum fun and enjoyment and least worry for his well-being.



Q: What should I get a 7 year old boy for his birthday?

A: When looking for a birthday present for 7 year old boy you should always keep in mind the kind of personality that he has. For example, if he likes outdoor activities, then a game that will promote playing outside, whether alone or with friends, could be a perfect present. If, on the other hand, he likes learning new things, then a gift that would satisfy his curiosity and make him explore a certain subject in depth could be a great idea. Or, if he is a creative soul, you could get him a toolkit for something he could build on his own.

There is not a single answer to this question, it always depends on the personality and skills that he displays. Having said this, it’s always important to keep his age in mind when choosing the gift to avoid exceeding his current capabilities and discourage him from wanting to deepen his knowledge or improve his skills.

In this buying guide, we offer an extensive list of some of the top-rated gifts for 7 year old boys, where we’re sure you’ll be able to find something suitable for every type of child. Make sure to check all of the toys we propose and you will be able to make an excellent pick for this year’s birthday!

Q: What toys do 7 year olds play with?

A: Seven-year-old boys are already at an age where their personality differs a lot when choosing entertainment. There’s a wide variety of toys and games that could spike interest in any boy at this age.

Your boy could be someone that loves being outside so a toy or a game that will keep him physically engaged is something to consider. He could also love staying at home and reading, so a game that would educate him and stimulate learning new things could be a great choice.

Q: What do 7 year olds like to play?

A: Seven-year-olds enjoy more complex activities than when they were younger, they learn games with rules, they become physically active and they like to learn new things. So boarding games, football or encyclopedias could all be different types of amusement for your boy, depending on his interests and personality. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a gift or toy for a 7 year old boy is to always keep in mind his age and choose gifts that are appropriate to his development stage. Go ahead and check the selection of toys we have made and you can be sure you will find something appropriate for any boy that is 7 years old!

 My Babies Planet Overview

 As we have seen so far, choosing a toy or a gift for your 7 year old can be a lot of fun because there’s really a lot of choices. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is the quality and safety of the product you choose. The selection of toys and games we have made includes only products that are harmless for boys at this age. The quality of the materials is another important feature to keep in mind because buying good quality products, even if at a bit of a higher price, will ensure the toy or game will be around for a long while for him to play with. We hope that with this list we have helped you better understand what to look for when you choose and how to find the best option for your unique case. Happy shopping!

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