It is time to replace the old toys with new ones as your little boy turns six. At this age, your kid enters the middle stage of childhood. Your kid begins to exhibit significant growth. They bear refined motor skills, improved intellect and mental abilities, proper language and expressive grasp as well as maturing emotional and psychological tendencies. 

Thus, it is only logical to get them toys and gifts that nurture this growth and change. The best toys for 6 year old boys are designed to encourage motor skill engagement as they begin to be highly active. These toys also encourage intellectual and academic engagement through a myriad of interactive activities. Furthermore, they also nurture more focus and attention as they grow mentally. 

Yet, the toys are still fun packed to ensure that they are fully engaged. Through the 20 best gifts for 6 year old boys in 2020 listed below, you will be able to identify these interesting growth milestones for your child. Your task now is to choose the ideal toys and gifts to match your child’s interests.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 6 Year Old Boy – Buying Guide


Educational Value

At age 6, your little boy is at the stage known as middle childhood. They are either completing their final year of kindergarten or are in their first grade. Thus, they have significantly grown academically. At this stage, your child is able to speak simple but complete sentences, follow a series of commands, connect words to their meaning and even begin to exhibit rapid mental growth.  

So, when you are looking for the best toys for 6 year old boys, look for options that further nurture these milestones. Go for toys and gifts that prompt them to read and practice writing, discover unfamiliar words and even toys that require at least 15 minutes of concentration to further build on their focus. You can start your kids with gifts such as the Brain Games Puzzle Book.

Emotional Development

Your six year old kid is now vastly independent and is always trying to show you that they are. They begin to interact more with their peers. You will even begin to notice that boys play with boys and girls with girls. Although this is not always the case. 

Furthermore, you will also notice that your kids will want to choose their toys rather than you choosing for them. And as they have mastered language skills, they are able to express themselves clearly. The best gifts for 6 year old boys should be more “grown-up” toys. 

Get them toys such as the Betheaces Hover Soccer Game Kit and employ more parental controls. Set playtimes and train them to abide. And if the toy is technology connected, install parental apps to limit the indulgence.

Cognitive Skills Development

During this age, your little boy has left the preschooler stage and is on the middle childhood stage. Their cognitive processes also significantly evolved. They begin to leave the fantasy world and their thoughts begin to be governed by logic and reason. They are more inclined to enhance problem solving thinking and to view themselves as autonomous individuals.  

Thus, the best gifts for 6 year old boys should also help to nurture this milestone. However, this doesn’t mean that their childhood and imagination completely evaporates. So, the toys should also incorporate this concept. A good example of such toys includes the Hasbro Connect 4 Game.

Physical Milestones

The physical development for a 6 year old boy is also significant. As they turn six, their large and small muscle coordination is refined. So is their hand to eye coordination. They are able to draw and write with greater control. Their bodies are even more active and you will see this through their undying adrenaline. 

They can ride a bike, learn to swim, run, jump and maintain excellent physical control of their activities. So to keep them engaged, the best toys for 6 year old boys should also incorporate a lot of physical fun.  Go for items such as bikes, trampolines and other similar toys.

Psychological Milestones

Psychologically, your 6 year old boy will also evolve. At this age, they also begin to love to show off their talents and skills, they develop self-control and show improved emotional stability. Thus, toys that help to support these milestones are ideal. 

Go for a toy that requires minimal parental intervention so they feel like they are in control. Get them toys that also allow them to showcase their skill to feel appreciated and encouraged. 

Design And Entertainment

As they have grasped a substantial level of emotional, physical and cognitive growth, you can even give them toys that are a little advanced. At this age, your child is rapidly growing mentally, so intricate toys such as puzzles and remote-controlled robots and cars shouldn’t be as complicated for them to play with.

They are also able to focus and pay attention to an activity for a longer duration. However, as their minds are still growing, you also have to ensure the toys are fun and interactive. This is because they are still likely to easily get bored and lose interest. So you may throw as much content and activities but make sure, they are engaging and fun enough.


You must still ensure that the toys you get for your child are still safe. When you look at toys for 2 year olds and those of 18 month old children, you will still notice significant variations. For example, at age 6, their large and small muscle coordination is refined. This means that a toy such as Skywalker Mini Trampoline is fine for a 6 year old, yet, it is not safe for an 18 month old child. 

However, even with this fact, the toy still incorporates safety measures. For example, the Skywalker trampoline features a net enclosure so your child doesn’t slip through mid-jumping and stretch bands to protect their joints.



Q: What Toys Are Popular For 6 Year Old Boys?

A:  Some of the popular toys for 6 year old boys include the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes, Doinkit Darts and Betheaces Hover Soccer Game Kit. Many popular toys for 6 year old boys are also significantly favored for their physical and active components.

Q: What Should A 6 Year Old Boy know?

A: There are several things that your 6 year old boy should know by now. These include;

  • Understanding concepts of numbers and being able to count
  • Knowing and understanding concepts such as day and night, left and right, etc.
  • Reading simple words and sentences on their own
  • Expressing themselves with full coherent sentences

Q: What To Get A 6 Year Old Boy?

A: When choosing what to get a 6 year old boy, look for gifts and toys that engage their large motor skills, fine motor skills, academic intellect, even environmental exploration as well as toys that will engage them to play with playmates of the same sex. These include active toys such as bicycles, activity books such as coloring books, reading books and role play games. 

My Babies Planet Overview

The toys for 6 year old boy reviews outline the importance of buying age-appropriate toys for your growing kid. As they further evolve through their childhood lifespan, so do their developmental milestones. Getting toys and gifts that are designed for their age means that you are also ideally matching them with their growing interests, learning and talents. 

The buying guide above further explains how to choose the best toys for 6 year old boys. And the list of the 20 best gifts for 6 year old boys above is the perfect place to find all the playing gems for your little guy this year.

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