If you are spending time with a 5 year old boy, you probably know that he is a never-ending source of energy, that he requires action and adventure. The number of questions the little curious mind asks daily is sometimes hard to handle. The best toys for 5 year old boy is are those that the kid will benefit from, apart from having fun.

Finding a toy to satisfy the hunger for knowledge, to help the child use the accumulated energy and encourage skill improvement works not only for children but for parents as well. Instead of spending money on toys that will be looked at and thrown in the corner of the room, try finding good educational toys for 5 year old boy that will be loved and used.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 5 Year Old Boy – Buying Guide



Having better attention span children this age are more capable of absorbing information and learning through play is the easiest way for them to improve knowledge. The 5 years old usually can count to 10, name the colors and successfully answer “why” questions. The math skills are improving and many kids this age are starting to learn to write and read. There are many gifts 5 yr old boy that have strong educational benefits. The toys can teach them about letters and numbers, science, nature, emotions, etc. As long as the child obtains the appropriate information and improves the skills and knowledge, the toys are completing their purpose. 

Emotional Development

The known fact is that 5 years old are “people pleasers” meaning that they have a strong desire to belong and please family and friends. Even though they strive for positive responses, the fight between friends is common and normal. As they are learning to recognize and understand their emotions, they are also more aware of what they need and want. Arguments are normal and welcomed and guiding the child through learning how to resolve conflict and care for other’s points of view will help their emotional development. The best toys for 5 year old boy that will help with emotional skills are the ones that are explaining different emotional states, how to deal with them and how to understand and care for others. 

Social Skills Development

As the 5 year old starts showing more independence may come as a relief to parent but also sentimental. The baby is growing and starting to live his life apart from the parents. He is craving for other children’s company more and more and social interaction is essential for healthy development. If you are thinking about what would be good gifts for five year old boys, look for something that encourages share play. The toy can be related to sports, arts and crafts, board games, pretend play, and so on. The play will not always be friendly as the kids are starting to fight for their needs and wants but that is also a healthy way of learning how to deal with the conflict and develop empathy for others. 

Cognitive Skills Development

Kids age 5 enjoy more dramatic play and they prefer to play with friends. Being more mature, most children can follow more complex games. They will gladly follow rules and are able to understand the concept of right and wrong. The play may be rough sometimes, but the little ones are often able to resolve small conflicts on their own. As the knowledge and abilities are expanded, so does the complexity of play. Children are usually able to count to 10, recognize colors, understand the concept of time, etc. In order to keep their attention and further develop cognitive skills, games should be active and demanding, pushing the child to grow, but in alliance with the current capabilities. 


Safety comes first, we should all agree on that. Sometimes we wonder why some toys cost more and some less. Keep in mind that the quality of products is usually determining the cost as well. When choosing the best gifts for 5 year old boy, read what it is made of. The toys should be non-toxic, child safe and without any harm to children’s health. Since the 5 year olds are still little, it best to look for the toys that kids can safely use without adult supervision. There should be no sharp edges and small easily detachable parts that can be accidentally swallowed. 


According to toys for 5 year old boy reviews, the most entertaining toys are the ones that keep kids active and encourage pretend-play. The toy can be related to sports, science or nature or it can spark the imagination and role-play. Which toy would be entertaining and interesting for a child, highly depending on his talents and likings, therefore it is best to choose according to kids’ individual interests. As they are developing the need for social interaction, try choosing a toy that can entertain a group of friends and bond them together into hours of play. 

Physical Development

The transformation from a toddler to a preschooler physically is very apparent. Kids gain approximately 4 to 5 pounds and grow from 2 to 3 inches. Their vision is better, the adult teeth are starting to grow and the coordination and balance, as well as fine motor skills, are rapidly improving. At this milestone, the gifts for five year old boy should encourage little ones to be active. Kids should participate in sports and games, run, jump, skip and hops or ride. The screen time should be limited due to healthy body development and posture, and they should spend as much time as possible outdoors. 

Psychological Development

By the age of 5, 85% of the brain physical volume is developed and the child is most flexible to adopt new knowledge. Emotional development is mature enough for children to develop empathy and are in better control of their feeling. The fights between friends are somehow increased as the children age 5 are having an increased need to share their opinions and to things their way. To support the child’s healthy psychological development, parents should develop a healthy and trustful relationship with them, help them to recognize their emotions and deal with them and reduce frustration as much as possible. Some of the best toys for 5 year old boy are designed to help the child to understand, express and handle the emotions well.  



Q. How do I select the best gift for my five-year-old?

A. We strongly suggest that when choosing the best gifts for 5 year old boy, carefully read what the toy is made of. As the kids spend lots of time playing with toys, they should be made of non-toxic, safe materials. You should also find a toy that besides being fun to play with, has an educational benefit for the child. There are lots of categories in which the game can help the child improve. Some toys develop motor skills, others are good for cognitive development. If the child is artistic, there are toys that develop creativity, and so on. 

Q. Are these toy and gift suggestions also appropriate for a five-year-old-girl?

A. Yes, all suggested toys for a 5 year old boy are suitable for both genders. The reason the toys are categorized into boys’ and girls’ toys is because of the general biological preferences. Boys tend to like active, exciting and competitive games as the girls lean toward nurturing, domestic chores pretend-plays. What both genders like, and are classified as neutral games, are educational games that develop artistic and cognitive skills. Children are all different and have their own preferences, so it is best to look for what the child likes, no matter what gender he or she is. 

Q. What kinds of activities can I do with my 5 year old?

A. With 5 year old you can engage in more complex activities as they are big enough to grasp the concept of following the rules, take turns and participate in problem-solving games. To spend quality time with the child where you can both enjoy you can choose to read books, play card games, do arts and crafts, walk around nature and explore, play ball games or enjoy role-playing games for 5 years old boys

Q. What kind of toys do today’s 5 and 6-year olds want? 

A. In this day and age, with modern technology all around us, kids are exposed to screens, more than they should be. However, the old fashion activities are still present and sometimes combined with technology in order to appear interesting to the child. Kids love to draw, cut, write, build, play ball games, jump, ride, rollerblade, read and write. They are generally showing more interest in nature and science. The toys for 5 year old boys that can be included in one of these activities are sure to spark the child’s interest.

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Thanks for this extended guide. A a single father is always hard to find the best toys for my son and this is a very helpful guide.
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