Turning 2 years is a big milestone and the little one is no longer a baby and the world around seems exciting and challenging. Choosing the best toys for the 2 year old boy is a complex task and now, that the child is more aware of what he likes and doesn’t like, the selection process is complex.

At this developmental stage, many activities have started; talking, walking and running, climbing, sorting colors and shapes, building blocks, socializing, and many more. As you probably know, tantrums are a usual part of this stage which is the reason for many parents and caregivers to search for an activity which will keep little one’s attention for some time. 

Having in mind this very challenging and important milestone, we have done thorough research to find the best gifts for a 2 year old boy that will help him boost his skills and imagination and enjoy hours of fun. With the list of 20 Best Toys and Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys we hope to help you make the right choice.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys – Buying Guide


Age Suitable

While the toys suitable for younger children may not inspire your 2-year-old to learn and grow, then toys for older children can be overwhelming. The toys for bigger kids can be hard to play with, forcing 2 years old to present the skills that he has not developed. For that reason, the best gifts for 2-year old boys are designed to support the kid’s age and current developmental stage. 

Skills Development

At this stage, most of the kids can sort shapes and colors and follow simple instructions. The toys appropriate for his age are designed to support his current abilities and improve them further. 

Physical Development

2 years old boy is now kicking and throwing a ball, running, climbing, building with blocks, filling and pouring out the containers. What he needs now are toys that will follow his growth so he can feel competent and able to handle the play on his own while being challenged to expand his capabilities further. 

Emotional Development

In this stage, the 2-year-old boy starts copying others, develops social skills while having the need for independence. He is more aware of himself and his abilities and yes, starts being rebellious so the world “No” can be heard very often. Playing with toys designed to help him with emotional and social development may speed up the phase known as “terrible twos” and help the little one to outgrow the frustrated sense of wanting more than he can handle.  


Besides being pretty to look at, the best toys for 2-year old boy are designed to intentionally attract the child’s attention, to stimulate visual skills and teach about shapes and colors. Pay attention to the material that the toy is made of, it is important to have non-toxic toys and the ones that cannot harm the children while they are playing. Since they are still little and everything ends up in the mouth, look for the toys that do not have small parts and sharp edges. 



Q. Can These Toys Be Used Above the Age of 2?

A. Many of these toys can be used above the age of 2 since they have an option to follow your child’s development. For those who do not have this option, you can use them to accompany new toys that will be in alignment with the new milestone. 

Q. How To Know That These Toys Are Safe For A 2-Year-Old?

A. Make sure that the toys are made of non-toxic materials; if it is plastic that they are BPA free, painted non-toxic paint. Safe toys should not have any detachable small parts that the kids can swallow and should have round and smooth edges to prevent injuries. 

My Babies Planet Overview

When filled with research and knowledge about the functionality of the best toys and gifts for a 2-year-old boy, choosing one becomes a piece of cake. All you need to do is look for a toy that will be the fun to play with while helping your child develops and learns. 

Each of these 20 best toys and gifts for 2-year-old boys in 2020 is carefully selected and their functionality is measured according to the above-mentioned criteria. 

My Babies Planet Toys And Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys Review

Oh this is the ideal guide for old fashioned grandparents. I would like to give a nice gift that my grandson will love but I have really hard time to pick a good one. Thanks you for this guide!
- Joni Duffy

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