Being in his late childhood, a ten year old boy needs more advanced toys and gifts that will spark his imagination and entertain and challenge him. He also needs gifts that will allow him to expend his boundless energy while having fun in a way that benefits his development. The best toys for 10 year old boy also include those that suit his social and fun-loving nature. 

To help with your search for the perfect gift for a tween boy, we’ve curated a list of the most popular toys and gifts boys this age want for their birthday or for Christmas. On the list is a wide range of options including STEM toys, race cars, puzzle games, soccer balls and video game consoles. We’re confident you will find something your favorite 10 year old boy will love.


How To Choose A Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Boys this age are in fifth grade and will be joining middle school soon. To prepare him for the years ahead, choose gifts that will educate him and challenge his intellect through play. Get him something that will foster his passions and innate abilities. STEM toys, science experiment kits, advanced building kits, board games, puzzles and coding games are some of the best toys for 10 year old boy when it comes to educational value.  

Emotional Development

While 10 year olds often display more mature behavior when dealing with negative emotions and conflicts, this childhood to adolescence transitional stage comes with a lot of emotional challenges. Dealing with the physical changes taking place, tackling more difficult school work and trying to fit in with social groups makes matters worse. Toys and gifts that help your child learn how to deal with uncomfortable emotions such as frustration and anger will help him continue to mature emotionally.

Physical Development

Ten year old boys have lot of energy and are constantly running, climbing and jumping. Active play is essential to expend this energy and promote healthy physical development. The best gifts for 10 year old boys include sports equipment like soccer balls, bikes, and Frisbees. Their fine motor skills also enable them to do detailed activities like drawing, painting and building complex structures out of construction toys.

Social Skills Development

Boys this age are very social and love spending time with their friends. They form friendships based on common interests and are very loyal to teams and peer groups. Fitting into a certain group is a big deal at this age and peer pressure can play a big role in their social behavior. Get him something that involves collaborative or competitive play with friends. Sports equipment, board games and Nerf guns are all awesome toys for 10 year olds.

Design And Entertainment

The best toys for 10 year old boy should have the ability to entertain 10 year olds and hold their attention. Boys this age require more complex and sophisticated items that will spark their imagination and curiosity and entertain and challenge their bodies and minds. For example, advanced LEGO construction sets and puzzle games that require them to think hard and focus on the task at hand. He is not a little boy anymore but isn’t a teenager yet so toys for younger boys and complicated gifts meant for older boys are no-nos.  


Even when shopping for a bigger kid aged 10, safety is an important factor to keep in mind when buying toys and gifts. The best toys for 10 year old boy should meet toy safety standards and be free from harmful substances such as lead and food allergens. Some age-appropriate toys and gifts for ten year old boys will require adult supervision. Be sure to read the instructions before you hand him the gift to play with.



Q: What Is A Popular Toy For A 10 Year Old Boy?

A: Nerf guns, video game consoles, robotic toys, board games, puzzles, advanced LEGOs, Snap Circuits electronic building sets and all the options in our toys for 10 year old boy reviews above are all popular toys for 10 year olds.

Q: What Kind Of Toys Do 10 Year Olds Like?

A: 10 year olds like toys that spark their imagination and creativity, that are a lot of fun to play with and that involve group play. They like toys that challenge their mind and bodies while entertaining them. Active outdoor toys such as all-terrain RC cars are also top 10 year old boy gifts.

Q: What Do 10 Year Olds Like To Do?

A: Many 10 year olds like to play games, complete puzzles, build robots, read, race toy cars, and play video games. They love being active outdoors riding bikes or scooters, playing soccer, baseball, tennis or Frisbee, skateboarding, hiking, running, or swimming. They are very social and enjoy playing with friends.     

Wood working, building, photography, film making, reading and writing, baking and cooking, drawing, painting, beading, sewing, Origami, science experiments, gardening, playing musical instruments, dancing, singing are examples of activities and hobbies they enjoy.

My Babies Planet Overview

At 10, boys aren’t little kids anymore but they aren’t yet teenagers either. They need more sophisticated toys that will pique their curiosity, engage their imagination and challenge their minds. The 10 best gifts for 10 year old boy we’ve reviewed above will engage their minds and help with their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. One thing that makes figuring out gifts 10 yr old boy will like is that his interests and personality will be showing by now. All you have to do is pick out something that will align with his innate qualities and hobbies.

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