In the early stage of a child’s development, playing has a very important role. The baby boy starts crawling, walking, playing with objects, paying attention to speech and sounds and showing preferences to certain toys. By choosing the best toys for 1-year-old, you can make sure that your little baby boy can properly develop cognitive skills; learn to solve problems, burst creativity, improve memory and concentration.

There are many factors needed to be considered when choosing the toys and we know how overwhelming that can be. Imagine walking into the store with countless shelves full of colorful products, luring you into buying all of them, up to the point where you are no longer able to make a choice. To avoid clearing out your bank account and ending up filling your house with way too many unnecessary products, our advice is to do research before you are ready to buy best gift for 1-year old boy. 


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys – Buying Guide



There are toys that look almost the same and serve the same purpose but are very different in price. This is mainly because of the material used to make them. When buying, read carefully if the material is non-toxic, if plastic then BPA free, tested and approved. Since the 1-year-old is prone to drop toys to the ground very often, it is important that they are sturdy and prone to easy breakage. If made of materials, they should be washable and with good stitching.  


Since you are buying for 1 year old, make sure that there are no small parts that can be easily removed and accidentally swallowed. Carefully inspect if there are any sharp edges, how smooth the surface is and is it safe for the child to use it without adult supervision.

Educational Development

A one-year-old child is as an open book ready to be written. In this early developmental stage, it is essential to surround the child with subtle knowledge that can be sucked in through fun and play. The best toys for 1-year old boy will have the ability to teach him basic letters and numbers, shapes and colors or depending on a toy other appropriate fact. 

Emotional Development

A good toy can help your child improve their social skills and regulate emotions. When sharing the toy with friends, they can practice communication skills and build self-confidence. Our advice is to present the baby boy with the toy he can handle, suitable for his age, in order not to create stress and frustration if the toy exceeds his current capabilities.  

Physical Development

One year old is in the stage when physical development has just started and needs to be motivated. The child can use toys to help him develop motoric skills, hand-eye coordination and teach him to improve balance. Anything that moves will motivate the child to crawl and walk. Buttons and gadgets that produce sound and music will help to develop fine motor skills. You will be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of a well-designed toy in this area of development. 

Creative Development 

Best toys should burst creativity and imagination. The toy should be just a tool, a small component of the rich imaginary world your child creates while playing. You should choose a toy that triggers imagination either through sounds and phrases or visual stimulants. 



Q. How Should I Determine What To Get for 1 Year Old Boy?

A: Since every child develops differently, the best thing would be to choose a toy according to the developmental stage he is currently in. Some of 1-year old boys would crawl at this stage, while others are already walking so they would have different needs and capabilities.

There are many toys suitable for various stages and when choosing the right one, read on the box what other than fun the child can benefit while playing with it. Look for visual stimulations, sounds and words the toy might have, the cognitive stimuli and hand-eye coordination benefits. 

Q: What Are the Best Features To Look For In A Toy For 1 Year Old Boy? 

A: When choosing an appropriate toy, keep in mind that children learn through play and that besides being shiny and pretty, the toy also needs to educate, help your child develop different sets of skills and inspire imagination. 

The toy should also be safe to use, made from approved materials and for the parent’s and child’s sake, not too loud. They should also accompany the current milestone of the 1-year-old boy. 

My Babies Planet Overview 

Choosing the best toys and gifts for 1-year old baby doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Now that you have the knowledge of what to look for in a toy, you can simply walk into a store, knowing what you want and make the right purchase. We hope that with this list of 20 best toys and gifts for 1-year old boy in 2020 you have a clearer understanding of how to make the right decision.

Be sure to look out for the quality and material of the product. What material is used is essential for the safety purpose and it is worth to pay a little higher price for the toys with non-toxic and good quality materials. As you choose among various toys, read on the package how the toy benefits your child in terms of development. Play is the time when they can learn and improve their cognitive, emotional and motor skills and our advice is to use it to its full potential.

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I decided to go with the recommendations 3 and 4. It is my best friend's son b-day and I really don't have any experience with kids toys. Thanks for the help.
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