5 Best Bottles For Gas in 2018


What Are The Best Bottles For Gas? – Let’s Review!

When your baby grows to a point where they are beginning to eat from a bottle, it can be an exciting moment for you as a parent. However, when they are bottle fed, they can also ingest air and that can cause their little stomach to get a gas bubble. Unlike us, their tummies don’t have a way to efficiently expel the gas from their bodies. The right kind of bottle can help keep bubbles out of their tummy and fill it with nutritious food instead. When this happens though, how can you tell what the best bottles for gas will help your little one?

Well, to help you, we decided to do some shopping for you and build a list of the 10 Best Bottles for Gas in 2018 to help you feed your little one without issue.

With our recommendations, we hope we can make the bottle feeding experience a joyous one instead of making your little one fussy and cry because of a bubble in their stomachs.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Bottles For Gas Reviews

1. Original Glass Bottle by Dr. Brown’s


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When your baby is gassy, it can be painful for them to go through, using a bottle that can help not only relieve gas but help to prevent it is something to look out for. The Original Glass Bottle from Dr. Brown’s can help your little one with its patented design.

Made from glass and BPA free, the bottles are designed to help reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas with its vacuum free feeding, which is much like breast feeding. The dishwasher safe bottle helps to maintain the vitamins C, A and E plus lipids in your baby’s formula, all ingredients they need to get big and strong.

Why we love it – Finding a bottle for your little one that can help prevent them from going through the pains that can be associated with having gas is something that the Original Glass Bottle from Dr. Brown’s can offer parents.

2. Anti-colic Baby Bottles by Philips Avent


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Philps, a manufacturer known for making high quality products to help you take care of your baby and help them grow from newborn to toddler, helping them get the nutrition they need. With their Anti-colic baby bottles, your little one can get the food they need without the pains that come with having gas bubbles in their stomach.

Clinically proven to help reduce colic and discomfort, the anti-colic bottles have a valve integrated into the nipple that can vent air into their bottle and not into their tummy. This unique design is made to keep gas and fussiness at a minimum. Made with 4 simple and easy to clean and assemble parts, the BPA-free bottle helps to promote the health and comfort of your child.

Why we love it – Trusted by millions of moms worldwide, the Anti-colic Baby Bottles from Philips Avent gives mom and baby a bottle that can not only feed them more than adequately but also keep their little one from having gas bubbles in their tummy with their unique design.

3. Anti-Colic Bottle by MAM

Anti-Colic Bottle by MAM Check Price Now

When it’s time for your little one to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, it can be tough for them to get used to the nipple on a bottle at first. Finding a bottle that has a nipple that can resemble, at least in texture, can make it easier for them. With the Anti-Colic Bottle from MAM, switching is made much easier.

The plastic bottle has a textured nipple that will feel natural in your baby’s mouth. This can help make the change from breast to bottle a much easier for them to transition to a bottle. With the flat shape of the nipple, it can fit perfectly inside their small mouth. With a patented base that is vented, the bottle helps to reduce the amount of air that they ingest while eating, keeping them from getting a gas bubble in their tummy.

Why we love it – Going from breastfeeding to bottle feeding can be tough on your little one, not only is the texture different, but with a bottle, it is much more likely that they swallow air while eating. With the Anti-Colic Bottle from MAM, its design features a way to help keep them from getting gassy or fussy.

4. Baby Bottle by Comotomo

Baby-Bottle-by-Comotomo Check Price Now

Bottle rejection by your little bundle of joy can be a real thing. When your little one starts to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, getting used to a bottle can be difficult for them. This can create a situation where they can swallow air and get gas bubbles in their stomach. With the Baby Bottle from Comotomo, they can enjoy their food without the risks of crying and fussiness that are associated with having gas.

Both the bottle and nipple are made of 100% safe and hygienic silicone and designed to closely mimic breastfeeding to help reduce the chances of bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. Safe to use in the microwave, dishwashers, sterilizers or in boiling water, the ultra-wide neck allows for easy cleaning. To help prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic, the bottles have dual anti-colic vents.

Why we love it – When your child swallows air while they eat, it can lead to the development of gas bubbles in their tummy. Unlike us, their little stomachs can not expel the gas all the time, which can cause them to cry and be fussy from discomfort. With the Baby Bottle from Comotomo, the dual vents can help reduce the chance that this will happen to them.

5. Closer to Nature Bottles by Tommee Tippee

Closer-to-Nature-Bottles-by-Tommee-Tippee Check Price Now

Your little one’s transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding has never been easier or more successful than it has with the Closer to Nature Bottles by Tommee Tippee.

The BPA-free bottle, with its unique design, can be held by you in 3 different ways and makes cleaning and warming the bottle can be very easy. With a nipple designed to mimic a mom’s natural bread, the silicone material nipple flexes and moves patterned after their mom’s breast. Because of this, feeding is much easier and the risk of your little one ingesting air is much less likely to get a gas bubble in their tummy or become colicy.

Why we love it – When that time comes for our babies to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, we want to make sure that they do it as easily as possible. With the Closer to Nature Bottles by Tommee Tippee, switching has become a lot easier.

How We Chose the Top Bottles For Gas in Our List

When your little one has gas, choosing the right baby bottle not only has an effect on them, but on you as well. The wrong bottle can help to cause more gas and make feeding harder and more stressful. When we decided to build our list, we wanted to make sure that each one met a specific set of criteria. That criteria included:

Buying a baby bottle doesn’t just mean you’ll be buying the bottle and you’re good to go. To feed your little one, you will need a nipple for that bottle. Because of this, we broke our criteria down to cover both the bottle and the nipple.


Bottle Material

When you go shopping for a baby bottle, you may be taken aback by all the different types of baby bottles out there and it can get confusing. With the following guide, you may be able to tell the difference much easier.

  • Plastic – Bottles made from plastic are light, shatterproof, inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. While most plastic bottle are BPA-free, some parents worry about the chemicals made to make the bottles seeping into their baby’s’ food. These types can also deteriorate, so you may need to replace them regularly.
  • Glass – Bottles made from glass can be heavy and can shatter if dropped, although a silicone sleeve can help prevent this. Naturally BPA-free, glass bottles last longer than their plastic counterpart and sold in many areas, but can be expensive.
  • Silicone – Bottles made from silicone are light, unbreakable and also BPA-free. While more expensive than both glass and plastic, they are also not sold in grocery or drug stores which can make replacing them or the nipples hard to do in a pinch.
  • Stainless Steel – Bottles made from stainless steel are light, unbreakable and BPA-free as well and can last for a very long time. However, they can be hard to find and quite expensive.

Bottle Shape

For every different material there is out there to make a baby bottle from, there are just as many different shapes as well. More traditional bottles can be tall and slightly curved or angled to help keep your baby from swallowing air while they eat. Many bottles  on the market will make claims that their bottle is designed to help you or your baby hold them while they eat. A wide-necked bottle can help  measuring the formula you’re using easier, but this shape tends to not fit into drink-holders in vehicles or on strollers.



Like bottles, nipples can come in varying materials. Whether they are made from latex or silicone, there can be differences between them. Latex nipples tend to be softer and more flexible. However, they don’t last very long and some babies may have an allergic reaction to latex, keeping these from being an option.

Silicone nipples on the other hand, can last much longer and can be firmer when compared to latex nipples.


A traditional bottle nipple is shaped like a bell or dome. Designed to help accommodate your child’s palate and gums, orthodontic nipples come with a bulb that is flat on its side and rests on your little one’s tongue.

Flat-topped and wide nipples, which are typically used with wide bottles, are said to be more like a Mother’s breast and can be a good option to use if you’re planning on switching from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Size and Flow

Nipples are designed to allow for a certain amount of fluid to pass through the tip at certain flow speeds. If your child is a newborn or preemie, the smallest nipple is likely to be the best option, often called stage 1, because of their slow flow rate.

In stores, nipples are marked in accordance with a size and suggested age range. These are guidelines and if your little one doesn’t follow them exactly, you should not be concerned. You may need to try a few different sized nipples to find the best one for your baby. You will just want to make sure that they aren’t having a hard time getting milk or getting too much, which may cause choking or spitting up.

Benefits of Bottles for Gas

When you choose to buy a baby bottle to help your little one with gas, there can be a lot of other benefits to choosing a bottle that not only helps relieve them of gas but can also help them as a whole. Some of these benefits include:


For a baby with gas, the right type of bottle can help to keep your little one from swallowing air while they eat and causing discomfort if they are unable to expel the gas. Many nipples are fitted with venting systems to help keep your little one from taking in too much air.

Gas Bubble Reduction

While you can’t keep all the air out of their belly, using the right bottle can reduce the number of gas bubbles that end up in their stomach, which can cause extreme crying and fussiness if they are unable to relieve the gas bubble on their own.

Eating Speed

With a standard bottle, your little one, depending on how hungry they are may rush through their bottle because the amount they may be getting may be sped up if air is mixing with their food. With the correct bottle, their food intake can be slowed down to help prevent an upset tummy.

Better Sleep

When your baby has gas, it isn’t the same feeling as it may be for you or I. When they have gas, it hurts. Their little digestive system isn’t equipped well enough yet to handle a gas bubble leading to crying, screaming and sleepless nights for them and you. The right bottle can help keep this from happening and give them a good night’s sleep.

Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the best baby bottle to help your little one with gas can have many things to consider before deciding on the right bottle, The one that helps them feel a sense of relief and that keeps gas from coming back is usually the best option. We do know however, that at the end of the day, the bottle you choose will come down more to personal preference than anything else.

Our hope is that with the recommendations that we’ve made regarding the 5 Best Bottles for Gas in 2018, choosing the right bottle to help relieve your little one’s gas so it will no longer be an issue.

Do you have a Bottles For Gas on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 25th of September 2017

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