10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018


What Are The Best Bottle Warmers? – Let’s Review!

When your little one transitions from breast milk to bottles, feeding them cold breast milk or formula isn’t going to make them very happy and you may not always have time to warm a bottle in a simmering pot of water. With the use of a bottle warmer, you can save time and your ears if your baby is screaming to be fed, but when you start shopping for a bottle warmer, some questions will inevitably come to mind:

What is the best bottle warmer for my needs or even, what is the best bottle warmer for breast milk?

To help answer those questions, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018. Our hope is that with our recommendations, you can have the right amount of knowledge to pick the best one for your family.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started.


Baby Bottle Warmers Reviews

1. Quick Serve Bottle Warmer by The First Years


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When you are looking to buy a bottle warmer, one of the first things you are likely to consider is not only the speed that the machine warms the bottle but what other features the machine may offer. With the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer from The First Years, the extra feature that is offered can make all the difference.

Designed to accommodate straight, angled, wide-necked or even disposable bottles, the bottle warmer’s compact design can warm your little one’s bottle quickly and effectively. To operate, simply add water using the included measuring vial and press the button to warm a bottle of either formula or breastmilk to feed your child.

An included basket helps to add more uses to the bottle warmer. If your little one is at a stage where they have started eating solid foods in addition to bottles, you can easily warm their jar of food using the basket. Another option would be to use the basket to easily sterilize your little one’s pacifiers. Just attach the lid to the basket.

Why we love it – With an auto shut off and included basket, the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer from The First Years offers parents a quick and easy way to warm not only their child’s bottles but also their jarred food as well. Because of these features, it is easy to say this is one of our top rated bottle warmers.

2. Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown’s


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The last thing that any parent wants to deal with when looking for a breast milk warmer is a machine that is harder to use than it needs to be. With the Bottle Warmer from Dr. Brown’s, it’s easy to use operation will make this one bottle warmer you will enjoy using for a long time.

Designed to be as easy to use as possible, the bottle warmer can effectively warm several of your little one’s bottles before you will need to refill the water used to heat the bottle. An LCD control panel, which makes the bottle warmer even easier to use, features an easy-touch keypad along with a one-button start function.

When warming of your little one’s bottle is complete, Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer will alert you with both audio and visual cues, giving you the assurance of knowing exactly when your little one’s bottle is the perfect temperature. With an auto shut off after eight minutes, you won’t run the risk of overheating your child’s bottle.

Why we love it – The Bottle Warmer from Dr. Browns offers parents a high quality option to warm their child’s bottle. With its included, adjustable basket, the bottle warmer can fit a variety of bottles.

3. Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer by Kiinde

Kozii-Bottle-Warmer-and-Breast-Milk-Warmer-by-Kiinde Check Price Now

When it comes to finding the best baby milk warmer for your little one, having one that is safe to use is first and foremost a major concern for every parent. With the Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer from Kiinde, you can safely and easily warm your child’s bottle when it’s time to eat.

Using a low temperature warming system, the bottle warmer doesn’t use steam to warm your little one’s bottles and helps to preserve the precious nutrients inside your little one’s bottles. With an auto shutoff timer, once the bottle is warm, the machine will turn off, making sure that their bottle doesn’t get too hot for their delicate palate. By using convective heating instead of dangerous steam, the heating of your little one’s bottle is uniform, consistent, convenient and very fast.

With its onboard reservoir, you will never need to measure or add water each time you use the bottle warmer. Safe and fast enough for thawing and warming breastmilk, formula or even food in glass, metal, plastic, bags or bottles, while still strong enough to thaw and warm frozen breastmilk storage bags straight from the freezer.

Why we love it – The safety of the bottle warmer that you choose to use with your little one’s food can be a very important decision. With the Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer from Kiinde, you can make sure that your child’s bottle is always at the right temperature.

4. Baby Bottle Warmer Steam Sterilizer 3-in- 1 by Nutrihome

Baby-Bottle-Warmer-Steam-Sterilizer-3-in--1-by-Nutrihome Check Price Now

Steam can be a great way to help clean and sterilize your child’s bottles as well as help to warm them when it’s time for them to eat. With the Baby Bottle Warmer Steam Sterilizer 3-in-1 from Nutrihome, you can spend less time warming your child’s bottles and more time watching the grow up.

With the option to control the temperature of your child’s bottles in 5 scales, letting you control the temperature from 98 degrees fahrenheit to 108 degrees fahrenheit each time you warm one of their bottles. By only needing a few minutes to heat four ounces of breastmilk or formula and can help to keep it warm in between feedings.

With the Baby Bottle Warmer, just warming your little one’s bottle is doing a disservice to the machine itself. A great way to sterilize not only their bottle nipples within in 99.9% of harmful bacteria and with a handy cover, it can also be used to sterilize their bottles, dishware and their other small accessories. With its design, it can also help keep jars of their baby food warm as well.

Why we love it – The ability to use steam to power and engine or heat our homes has been one of the most important inventions ever. Taking that innovation and using it toward warming your baby’s bottles and food with the Baby Bottle Warmer Steam Sterilizer 3-in-1 from Nutrihome.

5. Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler by The First Years

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When you little one wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s not really the best time to be fumbling around your house trying to warm their bottle so they can eat. With the Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler from The First Years you can easily warm their bottle, feed them and warm their bottles with ease.

Able to fit a variety of bottles, the bottle warmer & cooler easily accepts straight, angled, wide-necked and even disposables. The built in cooler helps to keep up to two bottles cool for up to eight straight hours. Being removable, you can easily load it up in the kitchen and carry it to the nursery.

By pre-measuring the amount of water in the warmer, you should be able to warm enough for two nighttime feedings for your little one. Simply add water and press the button and in just minutes, you can warm a chilled bottle right away. With an auto-shut off, it gives you one less thing to remember. An included basket and lid is the perfect way to sterilize your little one’s pacifiers.

Why we love it – During the night. your little bundle of joy can get hungry. Having a bottle warmer that can offer a way to carry them from kitchen to the nursery without them being too hot. With the Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler from The First Years, having a portable cooling carrying case makes those nighttime feedings much easier.

6. Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer by Munchkin


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When you’re looking for bottle warmers for the breast milk that will feed your child, a lot of parents tend to forget about those times when you may be on a long road trip and your little one gets hungry. Having a bottle warmer that you can use on the road can be a lifesaver. With the Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer from Munchkin, you can warm your little one’s bottles anywhere you may happen to be.

Powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, the easy to use adapter comes with a light up display timer that makes it easy to use on those car rides at night. The flexible cuff and heating band conforms to your little one’s bottle making it easier to give your little one a warm bottle when they need it.

While able to warm their bottle of formula or breast milk quickly, it also does so evenly in your vehicle so there are no cold spots when they eat. While some other travel bottle warmers can have trouble fitting in your car, this one from Munchkin can easily fit into your vehicles car cup holders.

Why we love it – Going on trips with your little one can be some of the best times that you will ever have with them. When they get hungry though, it can be hard to give them a warm bottle to eat. With the Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer from Munchkin, that will never be a problem again.

7. High Speed Bottle Warmer by Munchkin


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Sometimes when your child is screaming hungry, you need to warm their bottle as quickly as possible and using a microwave isn’t always a good option. With the High Speed Bottle Warmer from Munchkin, you can warm a bottle quickly to keep them full and happy.

By using steam, the bottle warmer heats your little one’s food quickly and evenly while helping to prevent the loss of nutrients that can happen when you microwave their bottle. An included, convenient measuring cup helps you ensure that the right amount of water is being used so that their bottle is warmed consistently.

With an easy to use on/off switch and indicator, the High Speed Bottle Warmer comes with an auto shut-off, reducing the risk of an accident happening after you warm their bottle. An adapter ring helps you warm smaller bottle or even jars of their favorite baby food.

Why we love it –.When it’s 2 a.m., and your little bundle of joy is screaming at the top of their lungs because they’re hungry, warming their bottle as quickly as possible can be very important. With the High Speed Bottle Warmer from Munchkin, you can get them their bottle in record time.

8. Bottle Warmer by Philips AVENT


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When you’re shopping for a bottle warmer, you don’t want one that is going to take up a huge amount of room on your kitchen counter or in their nursery. With the Bottle Warmer from Philips AVENT, the small design can make it easily fit into your kitchen or nursery with very little effort.

Easy to operate, the bottle warmer uses only a little bit of water to successfully warm your child’s bottle. Simply twist the dial to the appropriate setting and start the warming process. A reference table included with the device makes it easy to determine the right amount of time to help heat up their bottle. Typically, the bottle warmer can heat up five ounces of breast milk at room temperature within three minutes.

Compatible with most baby bottles on the market, the bottle warmer can easily be used with all Philips AVENT bottles, toddler cups, and baby food containers, along with bottles from most brands. Simply place the bottle in the machine and let it work. If you have breast milk or food that you may have frozen, you can use the bottle warmer to thaw them out gently. This is a much more convenient way to defrost it rather than running it under hot water, letting it defrost in the fridge, and it is much safer that using a microwave to defrost it.

What we love it – When space is a factor, finding a bottle warmer that doesn’t take up a lot of room is something to be on the lookout for. With its speed and small stature, the Bottle Warmer from Philips AVENT can easily fit into any room in your house.

9. Baby Bottle Warmer with Stainless Steel Warming Chamber by Goloho


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For some parents, when they decide to buy a bottle warmer for their child, they aren’t necessarily looking for all of the bells and whistles that may come with other options on the market. With the Baby Bottle Warmer with Stainless Steel Warming Chamber from Goloho can suit their needs perfectly.

Containing a stainless steel chamber, the bottle warmer uses the chamber to warm your baby’s bottles. Better than a plastic coating, the stainless steel coating helps for better thermal heating and will heat up quickly and evenly, warming the bottle perfectly, ensuring no cold spots in your little one’s bottle.

With its small size, taking it with you when you travel or even go to the grandparents for the day makes this bottle warmer an great and easy choice to tuck into a bag on the way out the door. With an easy to use heat controls, warming your little one’s bottles becomes much easier than it needs to be.

Why we love it – For some parents, having more features can be a turnoff from buying because they feel it would make things too confusing. With the simplistic design of the Baby Bottle Warmer with Stainless Steel Warming Chamber from Goloho, you can focus on warming your baby’s bottles and not something you may not need.

10. Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer by Baby Brezza


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Having more than one use with a product can make buying a bottle warmer a much easier decision, especially when you know the use you will get out of it. With the options it can provide, the Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer from Baby Brezza can fit all of your needs.

A multi-purpose warmer, you can use this machine to warm breast milk, formula or their baby food straight from the refrigerator. For breastfeeding moms, a steady warm mode helps to warm breast milk in warm water to gently heat the milk without losing any nutrients. A quick steam mode lets you warm your baby’s formula quickly using the power of steam. You can even take their food from the fridge and use the Electric Baby Bottle Warmer to make sure their food is warm each time they eat.

Why we love it  – With all of its options to warm and heat your little one’s food, the Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer from Baby Brezza can easily help you make sure your child’s food is warm each and every time.

How We Chose the Top Bottle Warmers in Our List

When your little one is hungry and screaming, making them wait for their food while you warm their bottle either in the microwave or a cup of warm water can take too much time. When we decided to build a list of the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018, we wanted to provide you with the kind of baby bottle warmer reviews that can help you pick the right one for your little child’s bottles using a specific set of criteria.

Ease of Use

When you decide to use a bottle warmer for your child’s bottles, you want to make sure that it’s simple to use. Confusing controls and hard to understand instructions can make using a bottle warmer difficult and at the end of the day, keep you from wanting to use it. The best bottle warmers are straight to the point with their easy operation.


Whichever bottle warmer you choose for your child’s bottles needs to be large enough to accommodate small and large bottles as well as some different shaped bottles as well. For many kitchens, finding a machine that takes up an exorbitant amount of room on your counter is something no parent wants.


When your little one is hungry, things can quickly go from everything is ok to full on crisis mode. Finding an efficient bottle warmer is essential to keeping your little one happy and fed. A machine that takes too long to warm their bottle or their food is just asking for trouble.

Health & Safety

When you warm your little one’s bottles, making sure to avoid the risk of burning their mouths while at the same time, providing them with milk that is nutritionally intact breast milk but while it’s still at an appropriate temperature for them to eat. A good piece of advice is to heat their bottle close to normal body temperature, around 98.5 degrees fahrenheit. That way, their breast milk is nutritionally intact and won’t run the risk of burning them while they eat.


Buying a bottle warmer just to warm your child’s bottles is what its intended use is meant to be. However, those machines that go one step further and are able to accommodate both large and small bottles as well as those that are angled are ones to look out for. Some are even designed to allow for warming of your little one’s baby food bottles, making them a true multitasker.

Benefits of a bottle warmer

For many parents, when they go shopping for their baby’s bottles, buying a bottle warmer may not occur to them to pick up as well. Many parents see it as a luxury that they don’t need. However, a look at the benefits of a baby bottle warmer may be able to change some parents’ minds.

Constant Temperature

When you feed your little one, making sure that the temperature of their food remains consortia very important. Too hot and it could burn your baby’s mouth, too cold and they could reject it, making it tough to feed them. A bottle warmer puts the temperature of their bottle at a constant. Not too hot or too cold, the temperature set by the machine will help make it easy for your little one to eat.

Time Efficient

Warming your baby’s bottle by either running it under hot tap water or by placing it in a pot of boiling water can be a major waste of time that could be spent not only feeding your little one but also making memories to last a lifetime. A bottle warmer is designed to heat the bottle as quickly as possible so that you and they can get back to making memories as quickly as possible.


One of the biggest benefits that can come with owning and using a bottle warmer is the consistency that it offers not only you but you child as well. Whether it’s the first time or the fiftieth, your child’s bottle will be warmer each time so they can eat in no time at all.


While many bottle warmers are the type that will always sit on your kitchen counter, on the market today there are more and more options for a bottle warmer that you can take on the go. This can be extremely convenient if you’re going out and your baby gets hungry, making it easier to warm their bottle and feed them.

Different types of Bottle Warmers

If you’re out shopping for the best bottle warmer for your child, knowing beforehand about the different types that are out there can save you a lot of time, effort and headaches. To help you find the best baby bottle warmer, keep an eye out for these different types on store shelves.

Counter Top

Likely the most commonly used to help warm your baby’s bottle, this type of warmer isn’t overly large and can easily sit on your kitchen counter or your little one’s nursery dresser without taking up a lot of room.  Some models of this type may also come with a cool down option for your baby’s bottle, which can be good to have when it’s time for a night feeding.


Designed to be used all over the house and also easy to move and compact as well. Portable warmers may require you to use batteries so checking to make sure before you buy it would be a smart idea so you don’t come home with a bottle warmer that you can’t use if you have no batteries in the house.


A travel bottle warmer can be a life saver on long road trips. Commonly powered by either batteries or more commonly, your vehicle’s’ cigarette lighter. While not an instant heating of your little one’s bottle, a travel bottle warmer can make long days out a little bit easier if you have a hungry child. Try to plan ahead using these though as it can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes for the bottle to reach the right temperature.

Choosing what’s best for you

When your little one is screaming bloody murder at 3 am, you want to make sure that if they are hungry, you can warm up a bottle quickly and easily. With our list of the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018, we have shown you what to look for and how a bottle warmer can be beneficial. Not only to you but to them as well.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a bottle warmer.

Do you have a Bottle Warmers on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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