When your precious baby will transition from breast milk to a bottle, you will be warming formula, baby food or your breast milk in the first years. Given the frequency of times you will be feeding your baby, you will definitely need a bottle warmer for practical reasons. Instead of dealing a simmering pot of water or a water bath, you will have a professional helper, namely a bottle warmer, to get the right temperature every time and saving time. 

Well, then what is the best bottle warmer for formula or frozen milk? Is there a difference between milk and formula warming? What is the right room temperature? 

In order to answer these questions, we have done our research and come up with the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2020 list on the market for you.


How To Choose A Bottle Warmer – Buying Guide

Warming a bottle either in a microwave or in a water bath while your baby is crying in your arms or when you are tired is already a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be like that. When we were researching for the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2020, we had certain criteria to look for. 

Ease of Use

Confusing controls and hard to understand instructions can make using a bottle warmer difficult for you. You might even end up not using it, putting it away somewhere in the kitchen. The best bottle warmers are straight to the point with their easy operation and clear instructions about how to add water.


Whichever bottle warmer you choose, it needs to be large enough to accommodate both small and large bottles as well as bottles that come in different shapes. On the other hand, finding a machine that will take up an exorbitant amount of room on the kitchen counter is something every parent wants to avoid. Thankfully, most bottle warmers do not take up much space. These useful devices have been designed to have portable features thanks to their thin and light designs. 


When your little one is hungry, things can go from everything is ok to crisis mode very quickly. A machine that takes too long to warm is just asking for trouble. On the other hand, best devices allow you to quickly prepare food and keep the formula at a certain temperature. 

Health & Safety

A good piece of advice is to heat close to normal body temperature, which is around 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, the breast milk is nutritionally intact and won’t run the risk of any burning your baby. Some machines have a control panel that reports the status of the process such as an alarm sound or a flashing light. 

In addition, best food warmers prevent food from overheating and possible accidents thanks to its automatic shut-off features. These smart devices can safely heat glass bottles, metal and plastic containers. You can even use steel bottles easily. 


A compatible and universal food warmer goes one step further and is able to accommodate both large and small bottles as well as angled ones. Best portable models on the other hand make the heating and cooling possible everywhere with clear instructions about how to add water.

Different Types of Bottle Warmers

To help you find the best product, keep an eye out for these different types on store shelves. 

Counter Top

 This type isn’t overly large and can easily sit on your kitchen counter or your little one’s nursery dresser without taking up a lot of room.  Some models also have a cool down option when it’s time for a night feeding. Suitable for bottles of all sizes, best counter top bottle warmers are easy to use, sterilize, and clean as well. 


Designed to be used all over the house such as balcony or garden, this type of food warmer requires batteries. You can easily carry it wherever you go feed your baby in an enjoyable way. In addition, this model provides the opportunity to save electricity.


A travel bottle warmer can be a lifesaver on long road trips. Commonly powered by either batteries or more your vehicle’s’ cigarette lighter, these devices take ten to fifteen minutes to reach the right setting. 


Q:Is A Bottle Warmer Really Necessary?

A:It depends on you how you feed your baby and the lifestyle you have to run.

If you often prepare food, work, and pump milk for your baby, feed at night, and have trouble breastfeeding; this device will definitely come handy.  

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bottle Warmer?

A: You might consider having a bottle warmer a luxury. However, looking into the benefits in more detail might change your mind.

Constant Temperature

Whether you are preparing baby food or frozen milk, best baby bottle warmers will make sure that food remains consortia. This means the right degree not to burn your baby’s mouth or make them feel too cold. Thanks to the automatic thermostat function available in many bottle warmers, you do not need to reheat your baby’s food, either. Just add the right amount of water and you are done!

Time Efficient

Best baby warmer bottles are designed to heat the ingredients as quickly as possible without any hassle. It helps you preserve time and consistency. Also, you don’t have to use any kitchen utensils to heat your baby’s food.


Babies like to consume their formula as they are used to. Therefore, you often need to give them food at the same temperature on a constant basis. It is also very important to continue this habit for babies who are accustomed to feeding from a bottle. 


There are small baby bottle warmers that can be carried around and perform with batteries on the market that make it convenient to use the device on the go.

Q: Are Bottle Warmers Safe?

A: Yes, they are. However, you should choose a device made from non-chemical materials, especially in the areas where it touches food. Auto-off feature is also an important detail in terms of safety. 

Electrical fires are always a risk at households especially when they are broken or old. It is extremely important to make sure that your device is in good sharp. It is not recommended to leave your bottle in it either unless the user’s manual says it’s safe.

Q: What If The Milk Is Frozen?

A: If the breast milk is frozen, you can take it out of the freezer and thaw it in the bottle warmer by setting the desired temperature. Some devices can even warm it in a frozen state.

You can also place the bottle of breast milk in a bowl or pan of warm water to increase melting process. You can then use your device to prepare it for your baby.

Q: How Fast Do Bottle Warmers Work?

A: Many bottle warmers prepare food in as little as 90 seconds while some need up to three minutes. While shopping, always check the instruction manual to learn how fast the device heats food.

Q: Why Warm Bottles For Babies?

A: Cold milk causes abdominal pain in infants. In order to prevent this, bottles make the ideal setting for foods. 

If your baby consumes formula or breast milk in the right temperature, he will enjoy it as well as getting all the vitamins that are preserved inside the formula or in the breast milk. If the baby food is heated above certain temperature, it looses all the beneficial ingredients inside it.

Q: How Warm Should A Baby Bottle Be?

A: The best temperature for your baby’s milk and other foods is 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also the average human body and breast milk temperature. 

Q: How Hot Should The Baby Warmer Be For Sterilizing?

A: You can use a steam bottle warmer to sterilize properly. Therefore, you need to heat the bottles up to 250 °F.  Also remember that bottles for sterilization must be exposed to water or hot steam for several minutes.

Q: Can You Warm Up Breast Milk In A Bottle Warmer?

A: Breast milk can be heated easily in bottle warmer. However, the device must be set to the proper temperature before it is heated. Overheating can lead to the death of beneficial nutrients.

If you want to reheat your breast milk after you have stored it in the fridge, place the bottle of breast milk in warm water. You can also use a bowl or pan of warm water to reheat it. But bottle warmers are always faster and more convenient. 

It is critical not to heat bottles in the microwave or on the stovetop.

Q: What Temperature Do Bottle Warmers Heat To?

A: The bottle warmers are designed to provide the proper atmosphere for your baby’s food. For this reason, you should set to 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 37 °C) closest to body temperature.

Q: How Long Can You Keep A Bottle In A Bottle Warmer?

A: Bottles should be removed after a maximum of 10 minutes. Otherwise, bacteria may grow in milk or formula.

Electrical fires are always a risk at households especially when they are broken or old. It is extremely important to make sure that your device is in good sharp. It is not recommended to leave your bottle in it either unless the user’s manual says it’s safe.

Once the breast milk is warm enough to give to your baby, you can give it to your right away or keep it in the refrigerator for up to 4 hours. 

My Babies Planet Overview

When your little one is screaming bloody murder at 3 am, you want to make sure that you can warm up a bottle quickly and easily. If you add a bottle warmer to your baby gear collection, you can be sure that things will run more smoothly. 

Whether you decide on our top choice or the last product in our list, you can do so with confidence knowing you have all the information you need to make the best bottle warmer choice.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2020, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for while shopping.

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