10 Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts in 2018

The Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts

What Are The Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts For Pregnancy? – Let’s Review!

If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, there are a lot of things that people will tell you about the experience. Once major point that people talk about it the aches and pains caused by the growing tummy carrying around their little one. Many of those same people will recommend getting a belly band or maternity belt to help. But how can you know what the best one on the market is for your specific needs?

Luckily, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts of 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there to help you during your pregnancy.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Belly Bands and Maternity Belts Reviews

1. Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband by Ingrid & Isabel


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One of the many moments that a woman who is expecting will face is the realization that her favorite pants may not fit correctly anymore because of the little one growing in her tummy. With the Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband from Ingrid & Isabel, they can continue wearing them with comfort and support.

Made from a nylon cotton blend, the band can easily hold up an expectant mom’s unbuttoned pants with its stay-put silicone strip that can be worn full-length or folded over for extra hold.

Why we love it – The Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband from Ingrid & Isabel offers a mom-to-be a comfortable way to continue wearing her favorite clothes. With its machine washable material, moms can be sure that the Bellaband will fit right every time.

2. Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support by AZMED


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The waiting for a new bundle of joy to arrive can bring happiness and anticipation to any family. However for the expectant mom, this can also bring aches and pains from the little one growing in their tummy. The Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support from AZMED can help alleviate some of that pain to help the happiness continue.

Seeking to help expectant mothers who need relief from hip and pelvic pains as well as other stretching pains, the Binder helps support the belly weight to help correct poor posture and prevent straining their back by lessening the pressure on their spine.

Why we love it – The Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support from AZMED helps expectant moms feel some relief from the aches and pains that occur during their pregnancy. This relief can help the happy moments that come with pregnancy continue.

3. Maternity Belt by NEOtech Care

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During pregnancy, mommy’s belly is certain to grow as the months add up. Because of this, the belly band that they may wear may become too small for them to wear, causing discomfort and in some cases pain. The Maternity Belt from NEOtech Care offers a quality product for an affordable price.

As fully adjustable maternity belt, the belt accommodates for the growth that will occur with mommy’s belly and does so with reinforced velcro. The breathable fabric is constructed with a cotton/nylon elastic lining.

Why we love it – The Maternity Belt from NEOtech Care offers moms to be an affordable and comfortable option to wear when the aches and pains associated with pregnancy can become too much.

4. Elastic Maternity Support Belt by Gabrialla

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Lower back pain can be a real nuisance during pregnancy. With the added weight in your belly, your back has to work overtime to help compensate, leading to back pains. The Elastic Maternity Support Belt from Gabrialla offers a simple, but very valuable solution.

Made from a combination of polyester and lycra to help make sure the belt is comfortable, the Support Belt has a 6 inch area at the back of the belt with a pocket for hot or cold therapy, which can help reduce the aches and pains an expectant mother may have.

Why we love it – The Elastic Maternity Support Belt from Gabrialla is an adjustable belt that accommodates for the size changes that a mommy’s belly will go through. This makes it easy to wear continuously or invisibly under clothing. With this attention to helping comfort a pregnant mom to be, this is easily our top rated belly band.

5. Easy to Wear Maternity Belt by Bracoo

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Muscle fatigue can happen to expectant mothers in the latter stages of pregnancy more commonly than during the first few months. With the baby’s growing weight, mom’s spine is put under a lot more pressure, causing fatigue and strain. The Easy to Wear Maternity Belt from Bracoo aims to help mom feel much less pain.

With its easy-to-use velcro straps that overlap, one to keep the belt in place and the other strap is used to ensure that each time it’s used, it feels comfortable when around mom’s tummy. This adjustable strap also helps reduce spinal pressure by helping improve posture.

Why we love it – The Easy to Wear Maternity Belt from Bracco offers expectant moms a quality option to help improve and avoid muscle fatigue that is common more and more in later months of the pregnancy.

6. Breathable Abdominal Binder by Babo Care


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Even though pregnant, many women don’t let that hold them back from handling day to day activities. The last thing an expectant mom wants to be is limited in what she can and cannot do. The Breathable Abdominal Binder from Babo Care can help support them while letting a mom keep being active.

To help ease the pain that can come with the discomforts associated with pregnancy, and sense of instant relief can be felt in an expectant mom’s lower back and pelvic area when using this Binder. This is a great way to help correct a poor posture and help support weaker abdominal muscles.

Why we love it – Throughout pregnancy, an expectant mom can feel like even with that their body is going through, that they still want to remain active and they should. The Breathable Abdominal Binder from Babo Care can help alleviate the pain that comes with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

7. Womens Maternity Support Belly Band by Belevation


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For many expectant mothers, the idea of a maternity belt can be a  with their size and the bulkiness that they can appear to have. This can make it tough for a mom to wear one comfortably out in public if they think everyone is staring at them.The Maternity Support Belly Band from Belevation can help solve this issue.

With a durable, seamless design, the Belly Band is perfect for expectant moms looking to layer clothing to keep warm or wear something without showing that they are wearing one at all. Made with a nylon/spandex blend, the band provides quality comfort and a gentle lift to reduce some of the aches and pains that can come with pregnancy

Why we love it –.Maternity belts can be bulky, uncomfortable and can make a mom to be feel self-conscious if someone can see a buckle through their clothing. With its one-piece, seamless design, the Maternity Support Belly Band from Belevation is without a doubt, one of our top rated belly bands for pregnancy.

8. Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy by La Reve


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A struggle that just about every woman who is expecting goes through is getting their clothes to fit. As your little bundle of joy grows in your tummy, so too does your tummy grow. This can make it hard to wear you favorite pants, but the Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy from La Reve can be a perfect solution for an all too common issue.

Made from a lightweight nylon/spandex fabric, the Belly Band will not only help you stay cool and dry on the warmest days but comfortable as well with its seamless design. Its this design feature that helps the Belly Band disappear when worn under other clothes or extremely versatile to help keep your favorite pair of pants up.

What we love it – Pregnancy clothes can be a stressful situation for any expectant mother. Having to put away your favorite jeans while your little one grows in your tummy is something almost every mother goes through. The Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy from La Reve helps keep moms-to-be in their favorite jeans for as long as possible

9. Maternity Support Belt Baby belly band by Cabea


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Many people feel that the process of going through pregnancy should be more enjoyable and less about the aches and pains that the mom to be goes through during the 10 months of their little one getting ready. Cabea feels the same way and with their Maternity Support Belt Baby Belly Band they hope that is can help make the process a much less painful one.

Made from a durable neoprene, latex and spandex outer layer for superior comfort, the Support Belt is easy to wear, adjust and remove. This helps offer support for a mom’s lower back, hips and pelvic area which can help reduce or keep pain from occurring.

Why we love it – Cabea fully believes that when a woman goes through pregnancy, it should be as much of an enjoyable process as possible, not filled with aches and pains that can ruin the excitement. With their Maternity Support Belt Baby Belly Band, they can offer an expectant mom just that.

10. Pregnancy Support Belt by ILOVEBABY


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Lower back pain is a real problem when a woman is pregnant. Because of these pains, it can cause women to develop sciatica or poor posture which can be harmful even after the baby is born. However, the Pregnancy Support Belt from ILOVEBABY is designed to ease that pain and make it a little easier on mommy’s back while their tummy grows.

Fully adjustable, the Support Belt is made from a multi-layered laminate that also has a cotton/nylon elastic lining that not only helps with compression, but also ventilation. By gently lifting the abdominal area, the Support Belt help to reduce the pressure put on the lower back and also help to relieve some joint fatigue and muscle soreness.

Why we love it  – The Pregnancy Support Belt from ILOVEBABY is designed to help ease the pain that can be caused by a growing tummy during pregnancy. With their design, an expectant mom can try to focus on the little bundle of joy coming into their lives and not the pain.

How We Chose the Top Belly Bands and Maternity Belts For Pregnancy in Our List

Choosing the best belly band or maternity belt should not be the hardest thing that an expectant mom has to do during their day. They have enough going on as it is. With that in mind, when we created our list of the 10 Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts, we wanted to focus on a specific set of criteria to ensure that the items that made our list were of the highest quality. Our criteria included:

Type of Belt

There can be many different options when choosing which belly band or maternity belt to buy. From corset-style to pull-up, girdle and double girdle styles, choosing the right one can depend on what your requirements and what kind of clothing you’re wearing above the belt. Each one may target different areas to help with support. Corset-style targets the mid-abdominal section while the others focus more on hips, pelvis and belly of an expectant mom


The right material can help keep a mom help give her back the proper support and still allow her to get things done around the house or out and about if needed. A micro-porous fabric can allow mom to perspire but not smell when she does so. A material that breaths can also help someone continue to do tasks around the house while wearing the band.

Size and Fit

Wearing a loose belt won’t help serve the purpose that it was designed for. Having a belt that can easily be adjusted to fit multiple sizes using either hooks or velcro strips can help ensure that as your belly grows, you can have a proper fit. Having a belt that fits improperly can cause issues with your body and posture so choosing the correct belt will help avoid those issues.


How a maternity belt sits against your skin is an important fact to consider. Choosing a belt that is seamless not only helps to prevent rubbing points against your skin that can cause irritations and rashes. A seamless belt can also appear invisible under your clothes to make it appear that you aren’t wearing one at all.


Out of all of the criteria that we look at, one of the most important is always price. Not only expectant moms, but families in general are spending their time getting ready for their little one to arrive. This means they are on a budget. The price of a belly band can be an item family’s budget for because of the benefits. Prices can range from relatively cheap to more expensive depending on your budget. You should choose a belt for comfort and support, not solely on the price.

Benefits of a Belly Band and Maternity Belt

Any mom who has used a belly band or maternity belt during pregnancy can certainly speak to the benefits of using either during pregnancy. However, if this is your first pregnancy, you may not know the benefits that may come with using one of these items. These benefits include:

Back Support

While pregnant, the strain that can be put on an expectant mom’s back from carrying their little bundle of joy for 10 months can be horrible to deal with and can cause all kinds of pain. Using a belly band of maternity belt can provide your lower back some much needed support by being held snugly against their lower back.


Let’s face it. As more and more time goes by during a pregnancy, the jeans and pants that may have fit perfectly start to become harder and harder to button and eventually, mom gets frustrated because she can’t wear any of her favorite jeans. A belly band can help this by acting as a pair of suspenders by helping to keep their pants up, even without mom buttoning or zipping them up which can also be very difficult during pregnancy.

Save Money

Because a belly band can help allow mom to wear her favorite pants and jeans, that means that a mom may spend a lot less on maternity clothes. This can be a major money saver for a new parent’s budget when a lot of money is already going towards things to prepare for their new little bundle of joy’s arrival.


When going through pregnancy, a woman’s body can go through periods of being completely comfortable to completely uncomfortable at any point. Add in the weather and it can make things worse. A maternity belt can be used as an extra layer in the winter and for some moms, as a underlayer with a skirt and tank top to help keep cool during the summer.


Once your little bundle of joy comes home, many new moms may not be able to go back to their old clothes as quickly as they would like to. During this time, a belly band can be used to help transition back to wearing their old clothes again.


Choosing what’s best for you

When you’re ready to buy a belly band or maternity belt to help you during your pregnancy, the final decision of what the best option for your needs is will always come down to you.

You want to make sure that it is comfortable and offers the support you need to manage any of the aches and pains you might experience.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Belly Bands and Maternity Belts of 2018, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a support system..

Do you have a Belly Bands and Maternity Belts on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 18th of June 2017

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