10 Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers in 2018


What Are The Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers? – Let’s Review!

There are many components to your child being successful on a bike for their first time. One of the hardest and most important skills to master is balance. Companies have done a good job at developing bikes with a low stance which gives your toddler the most balance they can get. With the help of the best balance bikes your toddler will be much better equipped to riding a bicycle.

The best starter bikes are those that are easy to learn from and can grow with your child. These can be difficult to find, but we have created a list of our top picks below.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Baby Balance Bikes For Toddlers Reviews

1. UltraLite Balance Bike by Cruzee


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This push bike for toddlers lives up to it’s UltraLite name. It only weighs just over 4 lbs! This means it is light enough for even the smallest toddler to easily control.  That doesn’t mean that Cruzee cut corners in the design or build quality. In fact the rust-free anodized aluminum frame comes with a lifetime warranty! On top of that they offer a 100% happiness guarantee or your money back, no questions asked. This company truly stands behind their products.

The recommended age for this bike is 18 months to 5 years. It’s comfortable seat can extend 9 inches in height while the handlebars move 5 inches, meaning that your child can ride this bike for years. The UltraLite Balance Bike comes with everything you would expect. The two tires are exceptionally durable and will give your toddler the traction they need even in muddy conditions.

Why we love it – This is an excellent bike for toddlers made by an even better company. They know your kids will love their bike. That’s why they include a happiness guarantee. Also, Cruzee knows they have a great product. Their lifetime warranty is unheard of in the bike industry.

2. Woom 1 Balance Bike by Woom Bikes USA


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This is an excellent push bike for toddlers. It is fabricated out of a lightweight aluminum frame in Woom Bikes Austin Texas plant. They have streamlined the assembly process and include everything you need to put this bike together. Woom has designed an exceptionally safe bike. The handlebars have oversteering limiters meaning your child won’t be able to turn too sharply which can cause them to fall.

The recommended age for this push bike is from 18 months to 3.5 years. This is due to the seat. It can extend to allow your kids to ride this bike literally for years to come. The wheelbase has been designed to give your child the most stable ride possible. The Woom 1 Balance Bike comes in four different colors ranging from blue to purple to red.

Why we love it – This is an excellent bicycle company. They make bikes for all ages. Their Woom 1 Balance Bike is one of the best on the market. It has a great sturdy design while being lightweight and easy to maneuver all while being manufactured in the USA.

3. 12 Sport Balance Bike by Strider

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The 12 Sport Balance bike is all about safety. It has an easy to control lightweight frame, easy to grip handlebars and even a handlebar pad. This bike has a steel frame so it will stand up to the test of time and the falls with learning how to ride a bike. The two tires have been designed to be puncture proof so that you don’t have to worry about replacing tubes even on the craziest terrain.

The seat can be adjusted from 12 inches off the ground to 20”. This allows your kids to grow and still enjoy this balance bike. There are even foot rests for when your children are too young to push himself. As a bonus this bike comes in 8 unique colors.

Why we love it – This is an all around great balance bike. You can rest assured your child will be safe riding this bike. It has safety features like handlebar pads and puncture proof tires. The seat is also adjustable up to 8 inches allowing you to keep the same bike until your toddler is ready to graduate to a pedal bicycle.

4. Red Bullet Balance Training Bike by Chicco

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The Red Bullet Balance Training Bike made by Chicco is a great option for toddlers learning to balance. It has been recommended for kids aged 3 and up. Both the seat and handlebars can be raises or lowered depending on your kids. The puncture resistant tires will roll over anything your kids can throw at them. They are also on the small side giving your kids a lower center of gravity meaning more balance.

The handlebards have a significant curve and are spaced wide apart. This makes it easy to turn the wheel for the best steering. An adjustable seat has been made with soft padding giving your kids a comfortable ride. Rubber grips have been added to the handles so even in rainy weather you kids will be able to ride with ease.

Why we love it – The Red Bullet Balance Training Bike made by Chicco is a well designed bicycle. It has features like grippy handles and a comfortable seat making your kids want to get outside and ride their bike. The low center of gravity makes this bike easy to control while the light frame gives even young toddlers the chance to start riding.

5. No Pedal Balance Bike by KaZAM

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This No Pedal Balance Bike from KaZAM looks like a scooter with a seat. It has been designed so that you can push your toddler without their feet dangerously dangling.

The tires are maintenance free and never need air. They are made from an EVA material that is also puncture resistant. No matter how they want to push themselves your children will learn how to balance on this bike. It will give them the skills they need to move up to a pedal bicycle in no time. It also comes in 5 colors so your child can pick their favorite.

Why we love it – This unique toddler balance bike allows your child to start riding two wheeled bicycles at an early age. The ingenious footrest keeps their feet safe while you push them around. A long wheelbase gives them the extra balance they need to stay upright.

6. Balance Bike For Kids by Banana Bike

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This is the second generation Balance Bike from Banana Bike. It has updated bearings which means the wheels will last even longer. A newly designed seat has a better quick release bracket making it easy to raise and lower the seat. Even the handlebars have been redesigned. This bike makes your kid ride in an upright position which can easily be translated onto a pedal bike. It also comes in three great colors that you and your kid can appreciate.

Banana Bike has made this bike lightweight so it is easy to control and carry when your kid gets tired. The seat is just over 12 inches off the ground meaning that kids can start riding this bike at 18 months. This gives them added time to play and get used to riding bicycles. The tires are made with a puncture proof EVA material that has enough grip to ride through the muddiest fields.

Why we love it – Not only is this bike well equipped it is a stylish option. It has a sleek design that is also functional. A wide wheelbase coupled with a comfortable riding position gives your child the balance and control they need to excel at biking. The frame has been over constructed while still being lightweight.

7. Glide & Go Balance Bike by Radio Flyer

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The Glide & Go Balance Bike from Radio Flyer is a top contender for your child’s first two wheeled bike. It’s steel frame has a large gradual curve in it giving the bicycle a wide wheel base. This makes it easy to stay upright even through rough terrain. The two wheels are made out of a hard plastic material saving you time and money with pumping and replacing tubes. This bicycle even comes with a bell attached to the handlebars. A comfortable seat is able to be raised along with the handlebars so that your child can find the perfect height for them.

Why we love it – This is one of the top rated balance bikes on the market. Radio Flyer has been around for years and is still producing high quality products. The Glide & Go Balance Bike is recommended for children 2.5 years of age and older. It will give them the balance and confidence they need to graduate to a pedal bike.

8. Balance Bike by Schwinn

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Schwinn makes great bicycles, they have been doing it for years. Their version of the Balance Bike is not only one of the best but comes with a unique design. The seat and handlebars are completely adjustable and each come with loads of padding. A unique back fork doubles as a foot rest so you can push your toddler before they can use this bike on their own. This will get them used to steering the bike without having to move it himself.

This bike also comes in 4 great colors including blue, green, pink and red. The two tires are real bike tires meaning they are filled with air. This is great as it gets your kids ready for bigger bicycles.

Why we love it – Schinn has done it again. They have made a great balance bike with features that are found on much more expensive balance bikes. There is a foot rest so your children can use this bike from an early age. The handlebars come with extra padding so you can rest assured they are safe when riding this bike.

9. 2-in- 1 Gradual Balance Bike & Tricycle by Chillafish

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This is a brightly colored balance bike. It has a unique design that supports your child while they ride. The wheels are small and have been designed to work inside or on smooth pavement. The great thing about this balance bike is that is switches from a tricycle into a two wheeled bike. When this bike transforms the seat also raises as your child has gotten bigger.

The tires on this bike have been specially designed. They are made of a non-marking synthetic material making them perfect for inside use. The best part is that they are silent. A comfortable seat also has a secret storage container for your kids. They can bring their favorite toys or even a snack for long rides.

The design has also been thoroughly thought out. The riding position makes your child ride upright giving them near perfect posture. The distance from the seat to the handlebars has been made so that it is a comfortable ride in a natural position. It is also very lightweight so your children can use this bike from an early age without the help of an adult.

Why we love it – This could possibly be the best balance bike. It is it lightweight, easy to setup and comfortable to ride. The wheels have been designed for inside and outside use and can transform from three wheel mode to two wheel mode. This means that your children can use this bike for years as they learn how to push himself and eventually balance by himself.

10. Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike by Diggin

Active-Skuut-Wooden-Balance-Bike-by-Diggin Check Price Now

This is a unique looking option from Diggin. The bike has been constructed almost completely out of Birchwood. It’s design has won many awards including the Oppenheim Gold Seal and Creative Top Toy of the Year. Diggin is also a green company. They will plant a tree for every one of these bikes sold.

It comes in colors that include red, blue and green. The paint used is coated with a non toxic lacquer finish making it completely safe for your kids. It is also easy to assemble and will only take 10 minutes. The seat has multiple positions so your children will always be comfortable riding this bike. Even though it doesn’t seem like it’s possible this bike has inflatable tires. You would expect hard plastic but the designers were able to give this bike that extra flair.

Why we love it – This is one of the coolest designed bikes. It looks like a racer but is comfortable to ride. It is easy to assemble and is made out of kid friendly materials. Since it has been constructed out of strong wood it will stand up to the abuse and elements your kids can throw at it.

How We Chose the Top Balance Bikes For Toddlers in Our List

There are many features you should consider before purchasing a toddler bike without pedals. It may not seem like it but everything from the handlebars to the wheels have been specially thought out and designed on these bicycles. Companies are great at doing research and coming up with features that make these bikes enjoyable to ride while being stylish.


The tires on these bikes range from pneumatic to soft EVA material. This can determine how the bike will ride and whether it will stand up to conditions outside. Harder tires will make a rougher ride that could strain your child’s body.

A pneumatic tire is essentially one that can inflate. These are the traditional tires found on pedal bikes. They have been said to give the best ride as they absorb some of the impact from rougher terrain. The only issue with these is that they are prone to puncture.

Plastic tires are great for indoors. It is important to look for tires that have been designed to not mark your floors. Some even have been made to be completely silent even on floors like tile.

If you are searching for a balance bike for outside keep your eyes open for tires that have significant tread. Smooth tires are great for inside and smooth ground outside, but fail at giving any sort of traction through material like grass or dirt. Companies have specially designed tires with tread for these type of terrain.


Another important aspect of a balance bike is the seat. If it is not comfortable your child can get discouraged from riding their bike. Look for seats that have padding built in. Some companies will sacrifice this part of the bike so keep this in mind when shopping for the best bike.

The outer material should also be easy to clean. Kids are messy especially when they are outside. Also these bikes are meant to be training for pedal bikes. This means they will be dropped and possibly treated rough. The material on the seat should be able to stand up to these factors and not deteriorate.

The seat on your new bike should be able to be adjusted. Look at the write up and find out how tall it sits from the floor. It should have at least 2 or 3 steps for it to be raised. This will allow you to keep the same bike as your child grows.

Some seats have even been designed with secret storage compartments. When you show the bike to your kid for the first time you can make this a big deal and tell them they can bring their favorite action figure or doll along for the ride. They can even bring a snack if you are going for an afternoon adventure.


This could be the most important part of the balance bike. If it is spaced too far away your child will not be able to reach the handlebars which could discourage them from getting on the bike. The handles should also have grip. This allows your child to steer the bike easily. If there is no grip you child’s hands could slide off while they are riding.

Spacing the the bars are important as well. If the handles are too close together it could be hard to turn and steer the wheel. All of the bikes in our balance bike reviews have handles that are spaced so that they give your child the best chance of easily steering the bike.

Handlebars, just like seats, should be adjustable. If the bike’s handlebars are not adjustable your child will quickly grow out of the bike. Look for a balance bike that has handlebars that have the same amount of adjustment steps as the seat. This will allow you to extend each at the same spacing maintaining a comfortable stance for your toddler.


How the frame is constructed will dictate not only how your child learns but also the durability of the bike. Materials can range from aluminum to steel to even wood. You should look for a bike that is lightweight but made from strong material. There is often a tradeoff when it comes to these two factors but finding a middle ground is key.

Bikes should be around 4-7 lbs in weight. This allows your child, even from an early age, to be able to jump on and control the bike. Any heavier and it may start to become unstable or too much for them to control. Cornering may become an issue for heavier bikes as well. Anything lighter than 4 lbs may use less quality of materials. This could mean that the bike is not durable and won’t last for as long as you’d like.

Do you have a Balance Bikes For Toddlers on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 18th of October 2017

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