10 Best Baby Wipes in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Wipes? – Let’s Review!

When you have a baby, there are a lot of things that you are going to have to buy in order to adequately care for them. One of those is diapers and what do you need if you’re going to be changing dirty diapers? That’s right, baby wipes. Baby wipes and diapers go together like peanut butter and jelly. But how do you know what the best baby wipes to use with your child are?

To help, we decided to go shopping for you and build a list of our 10 Best Baby Wipes in 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you when it’s time to change your little one’s diaper.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make changing their diapers a bit easier for you so can get back to the important things, like holding and laughing with your baby.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Wipes Reviews

1. Elements Baby Wipes by Amazon


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For some parents, using a baby wipe that can be as close to nature as possible goes a long way in selecting the wipes they will use with their child. With their Elements Baby Wipes, Amazon offers parents a wipe that can help parents rest easy that they are not cleaning their baby with chemical-heavy materials.

Made from a blend of three fabrics, polyester, viscose and polypropylene, the Elements Wipes are made to be a strong, yet soft cloth wipe for your child. The primary ingredient in the wipe is purified water with a mixture of natural ingredients that help you clean your little one and not irritate their sensitive skin. Amazon has ensured that these wipes will never contain any parabens, phthalates, bronopol, dyes or alcohol which are common components used in other wipes on the market.

Available in three different varieties, sensitive, unscented and fresh scent, whichever option you choose will come in two convenient packs. A flip top pack, which is perfect for  using around the house or if you are out for the day or in a resealable pack with a tub, which can be the perfect option for your little one’s changing table.

Why we love it – Amazon, one of the world’s biggest retailers, is committed to providing their customers complete transparency when it comes to the products that they make. With their Elements Wipes containing no harmful chemicals that may irritate your child’s skin, it was easy for us to decide that these were one of the top baby wipes on our list.

2. Simply Clean Baby Wipes by Huggies


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Huggies is one of the biggest brands when it comes to all things baby. With their Simply Clean Baby Wipes, they help provide parents a perfect combination of versatility, comfort and convenience in a high quality baby wipe.

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested. the Simply Clean Baby Wipes are a fragrance free wipe that is safe to use on your little one’s hands, faces as well as their bottom and everyday surfaces for a gentle, but effective cleaning. Alcohol and paraben-free, the Baby Wipes are designed to be gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin.

The number of ways these wipes can be used is what makes them so versatile. While they make a more than adequate wipe for your little one’s bottom, the wipes’ versatility makes them perfect for cleaning up anywhere you need to do so quickly. Whether that is your kitchen table or your little one’s face at the playground, the Simply Clean wipes can handle the job.

Why we love it – The Simply Clean Baby Wipes from Huggies offer parents and children alike a versatile wipe that is not only soft enough to use on children but also strong enough to stand up to messes on everyday surfaces.

3. Natural Care Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable by Huggies

Natural-Care-Clutch-'n'-Clean-Refillable-by-Huggies Check Price Now

While having baby wipes at home to help clean your child’s bottom is common, the packaging really doesn’t lend itself to being easy to take on trips or even fit that well into diaper bags. However, the Natural Care Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable from Huggies offers parents the perfect option not only for carrying the wipes but what wipes to use with their child.

Designed ideally for the sensitivity of a newborn baby’s skin, the Natural Care wipes are fragrance, paraben and alcohol free, ensuring that every time you use them with your little one, they are getting a gentle clean from a wipe enriched with aloe and Vitamin E for softness and amazing skin care.

With it’s clutch ‘n’ clean carrying system, taking the wipes with you when you and your little one head out for the day has never been easier. Easily able to tuck into your purse, their diaper bag or hang on the stroller will always keep them within reach and is easily refillable when you run out.

Why we love it – Natural Care Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable from Huggies can help you provide your child with a soft, natural wipe that won’t irritate their skin. With its easy, refillable carry system, keeping your child clean wherever you are becomes much easier.

4. Sensitive Baby Wipes by WaterWipes

Sensitive-Baby-Wipes-by-WaterWipes Check Price Now

For a lot of parents, the thought of using harsh chemicals on their newborn baby’s skin can be a turn off and cause them to disregard wipes all together and use a washcloth instead, which can have its own problems. With the Sensitive Baby Wipes from WaterWipes, parents can rest assured that the ingredients in these wipes is as safe as can be for their little one.

Made from 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, the Baby Wipes are suitable for any parent to use with their little one from birth and may help them avoid irritations such as diaper rash and other common skin irritations. Because of their makeup, the Water Wipes are one of the most trusted and award-winning products on the market, winning numerous awards, even receiving recognition from the National Eczema Association.

Like many other wipes, the Water Wipes can have many uses outside of being used to clean your little one’s bottom. Using wipes to help clean your child’s face or hands after a messy meal or to clean up drool while they are teething. The water wipes make a good wipe to use with your pet or they can be used by adults who may be allergy prone and even to help with the skin care of the elderly.

Why we love it – The Sensitive Baby Wipes from WaterWipes offer parents a chemical free baby wipe that can be much more than a simple baby wipe. With the additional uses that it offers, it is easily one of the best all natural wipes on our list.

5. Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes by Seventh Generation

Thick-&-Strong-Free-and-Clear-Baby-Wipes-by-Seventh-Generation Check Price Now

For many parents, the thought of getting the mess that their little creates in their diaper on their hands can make them wary of changing diapers at all. The Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation can help relieve that concern for parents.

The Free and Clear Wipes aren’t just a name. Along with being unscented and dye-free, the wipes are also free of any alcohols, synthetic fragrances, parabens or phthalates. Safe to use on your little one’s sensitive skin, the wipes are also non-toxic, non-sensitizing and hypoallergenic, ensuring that each time you use one, you are doing what you can to protect their delicate skin.

Designed to be a thick, strong wipe that is ready to handle any mess that your little one can create. Whether in their diaper or high chair, the Thick & Strong wipes handle it easily. Built to have the cleaning prowess that a parent needs to help clean up a big mess, these large sized wipes can be used anywhere you may need a wipe, not just on the changing table.

Why we love it – The Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation offers parents a larger and thicker wipe to help those parents who may fear getting poop on their hands. With its harsh chemical free composition, it can also be a very suitable wipe for your little one.

6. Baby Wipes Baby Fresh by Pampers


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Giving your baby a refreshing clean when changing their diaper can help make their day a better and more pleasant one and hopefully create more smiles instead of cries. With the Baby Wipes Baby Fresh from Pampers, they are hoping to create more smiles and happy moments with their high quality baby wipe.

Made to be four times stronger than other baby wipes on the market, Pampers’ wipes use a Softgrip texture on the wipe to help provide your child with a gentle and soft clean that will also get the job done. With an added bit of lotion made with pure water in every wipe, they will leave your little one clean and refreshed.

The hypoallergenic material allows for you to clean your child without having concerns that it will cause an irritation or create an allergic reaction when its against their sensitive, delicate skin. With an added hint of a refreshing scent, the Baby Wipes will add a pleasant odor to the air that won’t be as bad as the mess that you are cleaning up.

Why we love it – With the Baby Wipes Baby Fresh from Pampers, every time you clean your little one’s bottom, you can rest assured knowing that with their Softgrip texture that provides a gentle experience, both of you can get back to smiling and laughing throughout the day.

7. One and Done Refreshing Baby Wipes by Huggies


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Many times, parents can be put on the brink of a breakdown over the number of wipes that they may need to use to clean their child’s bottom. With the One and Done Refreshing Baby Wipes from Huggies, getting the job done with less wipes is a much easier thing to do.

Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic, the One and Done wipes contain a pleasant cucumber and green tea fragrance that can make changing your little one’s diaper a better smelling process. With its patented TripleClean layers, the One and Done wipes can handle just about any mess.

The thicker layers help the wipes clean up any mess that your child might make, not strictly limited to their diaper. If your little has a particularly messy spaghetti session or finger painting mishap. the One and Done wipes will easily be able to handle the mess and clean it up in no time.

Why we love it –.The One and Done Refreshing Baby Wipes from Huggies offers parents a thicker wipe to help provide their child with an ultimate and refreshing clean bottom. Doing so with a far less number of wipes than they may normally use can be a big money saver.

8. Face, Hand & Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free by Babyganics


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Having organic ingredients in their babies’ wipe can be very important to some parent, further assuring that no harmful chemicals or dyes are touching their child’s skin. With the Face, Hand & Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free from Babyganics, their chemical composition can put parents at ease.

Pediatrician and dermatologist tested, the wipes from Babyganics are manufactured with a formulation that is alcohol, paraben, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or fragrances free. This can help you ensure that every time you use them, your baby’s skin may not be affected by harsh chemicals.

Using plant based ingredients, Babyganics wipes use a patented NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend that is designed to support and nurture your newborn baby’s very sensitive skin.With essential oils that include tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, they can help support healthy skin development and antioxidant protection.

 What we love it – Many parents will shop around til they find a baby wipe that meets their needs does not cause skin irritation when used on their little one. With the Face, Hand & Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free from Babyganics, parents should have no issue using these everyday.

9. BABY Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes by bloom +KIND


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If your baby is born with sensitive skin, using the wrong type of wipe can cause all kinds of irritations to their bottoms. With the BABY Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes from bloom +KIND, parents shouldn’t have to worry about irritations when changing their diaper.

Using 98% natural ingredients in 100% HydroPure Water, the Sensitive Skin wipes are safe for rash and eczema prone skin. Made without any alcohols, chlorine, phthalates, formaldehyde carriers, parabens and many other common allergens, the Sensitive Skin wipes are instead, enriched with plant-derived Vitamins A, B-Complex, D, Omega-3 and -6.

Committed to making sure that when you use their wipes, your baby’s skin isn’t being touched with harmful chemicals or made in a factory when other allergen causing ingredients are being used. Because of this. bloom +KIND produces their hypoallergenic wipes in an FDA facility that is free of any wheat, nuts or gluten processing. All of which can be the source of allergies for some children.

Why we love it – Sensitive skin is something that every baby is born with. The  BABY Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes from bloom +KIND understand this and have created a wipe that you can rest easy using, knowing that they are free of harsh chemicals or allergens that could have an effect on your little one.

10. Natural Flannel Baby Wipes by bumGenius


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While many baby wipes on the market may be made from a blend of different materials, there are some parents who would prefer to use a cotton wipe to clean their child’s diaper. With the Natural Flannel Baby Wipes from bumGenius, parents who are looking for a more natural option have found one with these wipes.

Made from soft cotton flannel, the Baby Wipes can help a parent save money. Instead of throwing the wipe away when done changing their little ones diapers, these wipes can be put in the washer and dryer, providing a soft and chemical-free wipe that can be better for your baby’s skin.

Designed to be used while washing your little one’s face after a good meal or while changing their diaper, the Flannel Baby Wipes are also a suitable replacement for wiping a runny nose or even in replacement of a paper towel or napkin when cleaning up a spill.

Why we love it  – The Natural Flannel Baby Wipes from bumGenius feel more like a washcloth or small towel instead of a standard baby wipe. Made from cotton instead of a blend of materials, it’s this construction that makes it one of the most versatile wipes on our list.

How We Chose the Top Baby Wipes in Our List

Choosing the right baby wipe can help keep your baby clean and dry. When it came time to compile our list of the 10 Best Baby Wipes, we wanted to make sure that our choices met a specific set of criteria to help you when you choose which ones to buy for your little one.  Our criteria included:


Paying for baby wipes can get expensive very quickly if you choose to buy them a package at a time. Buying in bulk can save you money and will keep you from having to endure that dreaded moment when your little one has a blowout and you’re out of wipes at a restaurant.


The size of a baby wipe can be tricky. It needs to be small enough so it can easily be disposed of, but at the same time, large enough to clean a very messy diaper confidently. A few brands put the size of the wipe on the packaging not only to set them apart from other wipes, but to also give consumers more options when choosing a diaper for their little one.

Natural Ingredients

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and can be very susceptible to irritation when certain chemicals and dyes are used on it. The most sensitive areas on your child can also be the messiest ones. Additives and excessive friction can cause your baby’s skin to develop irritations, diaper rashes and a lot of discomfort for your baby. A balance with the ingredients, while still making the wipe effective enough is something brands work on all the time. Many wipes have the same chemicals, using such ingredients as cleansers, moisturizers, preservatives, fragrances, thickeners, and in some cases, aloe and Vitamin E.

Wipe Materials

Baby wipes on the market today tend to be made from nonwoven fabrics that tend to be a combination of synthetic and natural materials. Some of these materials allow certain wipes to be flushed down the toilet or are biodegradable or compostable. Choosing a baby wipe that is not only an adequate way to handle the mess in your little one’s diaper but easily disposed of is something to look out for.

Strength and Durability

A wipe breaking in the middle of cleaning and changing your little one’s diaper is not something that any parent wants to have happen. The materials that brands use are meant to give the wipe strength and durability, however, when you clean up your child’s diaper, it still may tear. Some wipes that are manufactured to be thicker can help avoid them breaking or tearing.

Benefits of a baby wipes

Baby wipes have many benefits and while some of those obviously include cleaning your child when changing their diaper, a baby wipes can have other benefits as well. These benefits can make buying baby wipes a good idea for much more than just cleaning up after your child.


A major reason why parents use baby wipes to keep their child clean during diaper changes is because it helps to maintain good hygiene. The continued use of a baby wipe can help keep your little one from getting infections or diaper rash or other skin irritations.


There is an old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. Using baby wipes can help keep your baby clean when they may be in between bath times. Not only can a baby wipe keep their tushy clean, but if they happen to get dirty during the day, a baby wipe can quickly be used to clean them up and keep things from being delayed.


For a lot of parents, when they leave the house, they make sure that they have their keys, wallet and a diaper bag. The makers of  baby wipes tend to use packages that are very easy to pack into a diaper bag for mom or dad to take with them when they go out with their child for the day. This makes cleaning a dirty diaper a much easier process.


One of the biggest benefits of a baby wipe is the cost that parents pay for them. While many brands come in single packs, many also offer wipes in multi packs, offering parents an affordable way to have a back stock of wipes on hand. Buying multipacks can a lot of times cost less than buying multiple single packs.


One of the most amazing benefits of baby wipes is the number of other uses that they can have outside of helping to keep your child clean while changing their diaper. From removing crayon on walls to cleaning the dash of your car, people have discovered many different uses for baby wipes. A quick internet search can bring up a lot of websites with lists of great ideas.

Different types of Baby Wipes

When going to the store, a lot of option may be in front of you. There can be many different types of baby wipes out there for you to choose from. Here’s a look at the different baby wipes that you may see when you go shopping.


For a lot of parents, when changing their little one’s diaper, the chances of getting their little one’s poop on their hands can be more than some parents can handle. With an extra-thick wipe, the feel of the thicker material can be preferable as there would be no worry about any leakage coming through the wipe.

Specialty Wipes

With some children, their little behinds may be prone to diaper rash or other skin irritations. To help combat this, some companies have started to make wipes to help with ingredients to soothe their irritations built into the wipe or that are plain water wipes, which are wipes that contain just two ingredients, water that has been purified and softened, along with a tiny drop of grapefruit seed extract.

Others may be made with more natural and organic ingredients or certain materials that can help them break down faster and easier in a landfill. While specialty wipes can carry a higher cost than normal wipes, if your little one is afflicted by diaper rash and other irritations, the cost may be worth it.

Flushable Wipes

Typically aimed more at children that are learning how to potty train, a flushable wipes tend to come in a flip-top box, made of plastic and can have refill packs that can be purchased, much like traditional wipes. Parents should use caution when flushing these types of wipes down the toilet, flushing too many at once or having a septic system that may not be able to handle the thicker material of these wipes could clog up your pipes, and cost you a lot of money when the plumber comes.

Choosing what’s best for you

When it comes to choosing the best baby wipes to use with your children, there are a lot of different things to consider between the size, softness and what chemicals may or may not be used. While we can recommend certain wipes based on our criteria, the only criteria that matters at the end of the day is yours.

Your personal preference will always be what choosing the best baby wipe comes down to.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Baby Wipes in 2018, our recommendations have have helped you make a decision on which one is best not only for you, but for your child as well.

Do you have a Baby Wipes on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 23rd of July 2017

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