Your baby goes through a rapid development and growth process from the womb. And this doesn’t stop when they are born, in fact, the developmental magnitude simply becomes larger. Thus, even as an infant, it is important to get your baby toys to nurture their growth process.

The best toys for infants target the smallest growth elements such as grasping and teething to large ones such as hand-eye coordination and social skills. These toys should effectively introduce your infant baby to their new environment. Whilst some encourage proper dental growth others should foster sensory stimulation and even simple language comprehension.

On the list below, you will find the 20 best baby toys in 2020. Each unit bears a unique design that helps to promote your baby’s key developmental skills.


How To Choose A Baby Toy – Buying Guide


Sense Of Touch

When choosing the best toys for infants, the sense of touch is an important factor. Your baby begins to experience a sense of touch right from the womb. And as they are born and keep growing, their sense of touch evolves. 

Get them toys to stimulate and foster their sense of touch as it also helps to enhance fine motor skills. Toys that are designed to encourage tactile exploration, for example, are a good option to further develop the sense of touch.

Listening Skills

It is also important to build your baby’s listening skills after they are born as these skills are essential to continue learning and developing. Some of the best examples that help capture their attention include musical toys such as the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy. 

Yet, at each growth stage, different baby toys can nurture their listening skills. For example, at 8 months, their comprehension begins to develop so toys for 8 month old babies can have more simple alphabetical features, numbers, and nursery rhymes. 

Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for your baby as it helps to develop key areas of their body. Toys that encourage tummy time ultimately, help to strengthen your baby’s neck muscles and prevent a flat head. A good example is the Splashin’ Kids Inflatable Water Mat. What makes it one of the best toys for infants when it comes to tummy time is that it also comes with additional toys and allows you to add water to keep your child engaged and entertained.


Your baby naturally begins to develop the cause and effect thinking skills at around 6 to 8 months. Cause and effect thinking allows them to make inferences and reasons for things that happen around them. Thus, you should get them cause and effect toys so they can make more sense of their environment and further develop their rational thinking. However, you also have to keep the age in mind. Toys for 7 month old babies will not necessarily be ideal for 24 month old babies. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Toys you buy for your kid should also help to develop hand-eye coordination. Similar to skills such as listening, hand-eye coordination varies with the growth stage. For example, at three months, your child will begin to develop hand to eye coordination. However, at this age, they may not be able to grasp the toy but rather bat at it. Thus, toys such as the Tiny Love Musical Stroller Toy are a great choice at this stage.  

Social Skills

Each stage of your baby’s growth should incorporate an element of social skills development. As newborns, skin to skin contact with their mothers is enough to spur positive emotional development. As they grow older, it is essential for them to also develop more social skills such as empathy, nurturing, effective communication and even sharing. The JC Toys La Baby Doll, for example, is a great way to teach your baby empathy and caring because they pretend play to care for the baby doll. 


When you are choosing the best toys for infants, the number one factor to consider is their safety. At this age, even playing with toys should be supervised. Thus, you want the toys to be as safe as possible. Avoid toys that come with extremely small parts as they may pose choking hazards. 

Furthermore, you also don’t want a toy that is too big or heavy that your little one cannot handle. Also, look for toxic and BPA free toy materials. At the infant stage, you can expect your child to suck on their toys, especially teething toys, so you don’t want the material to be unsafe.



Q: When Is The Right Time To Give Toys To A Baby? 

A: The right time to give toys to a baby is when they are 2 months old. Babies will develop grasp from birth, however, you want to start fostering their skills development using toys from three months, ensuring that the toys for 2 month old babies are soft, easy to handle and free of choking hazards.

Q: How Do I Know If The Toy Is Age Appropriate?

A: Most toys always come with a recommended age range. However, knowing the right developmental outcomes for each age will also help you to choose the right age-appropriate toy. For example, at two months, your baby can bat or slightly grasp their toys, knowing this helps you to choose a toy that will help to nurture this skill. 

Q: How Do I Know If A Toy Is Safe?

A: Toys will normally indicate that they are safety tested and use non-toxic materials. Examine the package labels for this information and ensure that the certifying authorities are legitimate. You can also examine the toy design. For example, you can use a DIY tube such as toilet paper roll to know if a baby toy poses choking hazards. If it fits in the tub, then it does.

My Babies Planet Overview

The baby toys reviews prove just how important playtime is an essential part of an infant’s development. So choosing the right baby toys goes a long way. Each listed toy also showcases its unique design and how it helps to foster essential parts of your baby’s development and growth. 

The buying guide on the other end is a great tool if you find yourself stuck trying to choose the best baby toys. So now, you needn’t look any further for options because you can find whatever you need from the list of the 20 best baby toys outlined above.

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