15 Best Baby Towels and Washcloths in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Towels and Washcloths? – Let’s Review!

When your baby is born, they come into this world relatively clean, but as they get older, they can get into just about anything, requiring you to give them a bath, at the end of the bath, you can wrap them in a warm and safe towel.

But how do you know what is the best baby towel or washcloth on the market is to help you take care of your newborn?

With our list of the 15 Best Baby Towels and Washcloths in 2018, we wanted to build a list of what we thought were the ones you should buy.

To help, we wanted to do some shopping for you. This way, we could be sure to give you a hand by offering some quality advice on what to look for on the market today.

Hopefully, with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can be ready for when they come home.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Towels and Washcloths Reviews

1. Bamboo Baby Washcloths by Matimati Baby


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Many of the cheaply-made washcloths that a lot of parents use with their children tend to be thin and flimsy or can even scratch their delicate, sensitive skin. With the Bamboo Baby Washcloths from Matimati Baby, their soft washcloths can help to pamper their sensitive skin.

Made from eco-friendly, durable and antibacterial bamboo, which can be a much better and softer fabric than cotton, the washcloths are reusable and hypoallergenic. Perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin, the high-quality fabric won’t irritate or scratch their skin and will even get softer after each wash. The versatility of the washcloths is aided by its larger size, measuring 10 by 10 inches, which gives a generous size advantage over other washcloths on the market today.

Why we love it – With a lot of the washcloths on the market today, you may find that they tend to either be too small or scratch your child’s skin. With its larger size and soft bamboo fabric, the Bamboo Baby Washcloths from Matimati Baby give you the opportunity to make sure that your child stays clean between bath times.

2. Bamboo Baby Hooded Bath Towel And Washcloth Set by Vesta Baby


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When your child gets out of the tub, wrapping them in a warm, soft towel is the perfect way to get them ready for pajamas and bedtime. With the Bamboo Baby Hooded Bath Towel And Washcloth Set from Vesta Baby, you can wrap your baby in soft, comfortable material from head to toe.

Made from 100% natural bamboo fabric, the Hooded Bath Towel is not only soft for your little one’s skin, but the material is perfectly safe for the environment as well. An essential for every baby,  the 34” by 34” large baby bath towel is perfect for every baby from a newborn to a toddler. A great baby shower gift, the hooded bath towel is embroidered with adorable bear ears and will continue to help dry your child off after each and every bath time while still looking adorable.

Why we love it – The extra large design of the Bamboo Baby Hooded Bath Towel And Washcloth Set from Vesta Baby gives you a great hooded bath towel to wrap your little one in after each and every bath and lets you know that they are comfortable feeling its soft fabric against their skin.

3. Baby Washcloth Set by Pupki

Baby-Washcloth-Set-by-Pupki Check Price Now

A typical set of baby washcloths aren’t meant to have a long shelf life and will typically fade or pill after the first few washes, forcing you to buy more. With the Baby Washcloth Set from Pupki, the color and softness will continue, no matter how many times you wash them.

Made from 100% high quality natural organic bamboo, the washcloth set is softer and more durable than a standard cotton washcloth. The washcloths from Pupki will help to protect your child’s delicate skin and is a 100% hypoallergenic and antibacterial product. With its use of high-quality bamboo fabric, the washcloths can help keep their delicate skin safe from irritations, rashes, and allergies due to the naturally occurring antimicrobial and allergy-free make-up of the fabric being used.

Why we love it – When you use a washcloth to clean your child’s face, it should remain soft each and every time and not be rough against their skin. With the Baby Washcloth Set from Pupki and its use of 100% natural bamboo, the organic baby washcloth can be soft against their skin time after time.

4. Hooded Baby Towel by Elltera

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One of the best things about a hooded towel is not the way it can make your child look while it is being used. One of the best things is the absorption of their bath water after they are out of their bath and getting ready for bed. With the Best Hooded Baby Towel from Elltera, your baby can be dry and ready for bed much quicker than with other towels.

With its unisex design, the extra large towel, made from 100% natural bamboo can help to provide your child a towel with a high amount of absorption with helping to keep your little one dry and comfortable. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, the baby hooded bath towel is ideal for a child with sensitive skin and will not harm the environment. The unisex design makes it a great baby shower gift choice as the towel can be equally suitable for a boy or a girl.

Why we love it – Drying off your child quicker means they can go to bed on time or even get back to playing with their favorite toys faster. With the Best Hooded Baby Towel from Elltera, you can make sure that your little one is dry with their large towel and ready to do whatever is next. Because of this, it is one of the top-rated baby towels and washcloths on our list.

5. Baby Washcloth Wipes by Brooklyn Bamboo

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When your child takes a bath, parents will typically use a washcloth to help clean areas such as their underarms or their faces. With a washcloth that may not be made with very soft materials, this could be the equivalent of rubbing your own skin with sandpaper. It’s not a nice feeling. With the Baby Washcloth Wipes from Brooklyn Bamboo, your baby can feel the soft fabric against their skin, instead of the alternative.

Made with the highest thread count among other washcloths made from organic bamboo, it is to ensure not only the softness and durability but the quality as well as the hypoallergenic qualities that many parents find to be very important when washing their little one’s skin. For those children who may have very sensitive skin or eczema, the washcloth can provide a gentle and non-irritating material to help keep them clean without causing harm. Perfect for a boy or a girl, the generous 10” by 10” size allows you to provide your child with a quality product that you can clean their skin gently and easily.

Why we love it – Using a lower quality washcloth on your child’s skin could cause it to become irritated and inflamed. If they have sensitive skin or eczema, it could be worse. With the soft bamboo fibers found in the Baby Washcloth Wipes from Brooklyn Bamboo, you can wash your child with one of the softest materials on the market.

6. Animal Face Hooded Towel by Hudson Baby


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Using a hooded towel to dry off your child after bath time can be a much better option than a standard towel. If you add an animal face to that towel, your little one can enjoy wearing it so much more. With the Animal Face Hooded Towel from Hudson Baby, they can look forward to being dressed as their favorite animal after every bath.

 Perfect for a baby shower gift, the hooded towel comes wrapped in a bow, making it perfect for gift giving. The super soft and absorbent material, as well as its extra-large design, makes it a perfect choice for babies. Machine washable, the hooded towel is available with cute and fun designs, which means you can easily pick your child’s favorite animal for them to wear. Made with quality fabrics, your little one will feel comfortably wrapped in the soft material for a long time to come.

Why we love it – Not every child likes being wrapped in a towel. They can find it constricting. If you can make it fun, however, they may tolerate it. With the Animal Face Hooded Towel from Hudson Baby, putting on their favorite animals’ face could make bath time that much more fun.

7. Super Soft Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels by Love My


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Even the most absorbent towel in the world may not be the softest, which can irritate your baby’s delicate skin when you use it. With the Super Soft Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels from Love My, you can wrap your little one is softness and dry them without irritation.

Designed specifically to help the skin care of a baby, the high quality of 100% cotton muslin helps to keep your little one in total comfort when using it. Muslin is a soft, healthy, absorbent and breathable material that a lot of manufacturers are using in their products. To help wrap your baby securely, the bath towel measure 43 by 45 inches, giving you more than enough material to wrap around them. With a honeycomb design on the surface of the towel, water is absorbed with a rate 3 times faster than other towels, ensuring your child doesn’t get cold and stays warm when getting out of the bath.

Why we love it –.Keeping your child comfortable after they get out of the bath is something every parent wants to give their children. With the Super Soft Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels from Love My, you can wrap them in one of the softest towels on the market today.

8. Baby Hooded Towel by Brooklyn Bamboo


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Allergies can be a real thing for your child and if serious enough, could cause their skin to become irritated. That is why when choosing a towel, finding one that is hypoallergenic, such as the Baby Hooded Towel from Brooklyn Bamboo, can help reduce the chances that your little one will develop an allergy.

With a unisex color design, the hooded towel offers your child a thick, plush and large towel and hood that measures 34 1/4 by 34 ¼ inches. Along the Brooklyn Bamboo baby washcloths, the complete set can give your child the softest way to dry off each and every time. Touted as a new standard for hooded baby towels, it is one of the softest towels on the market today.

What we love it – A hypoallergenic hooded baby towel can surround your child with warmth and the ability to dry quickly without the worry of allergies making their day worse. The Baby Hooded Towel from Brooklyn Bamboo gives your child a soft and comfortable towel they can use everyday.

9. Baby Bamboo Hooded Towel by Natemia


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When many people think of bamboo, most would not see a fabric that is not only soft against your baby’s skin but absorbent as well. With the Baby Bamboo Hooded Towel from Natemia, you can provide your child with a towel made from one of the best materials on the market today.

A hypoallergenic material, bamboo is bacteria resistant and washing is very easy. Resistant to holding odors, the bamboo hooded towel is a perfect choice if your little one has sensitive skin or other skin conditions. The extra large towel is up to 3 times faster at absorbing water than a cotton towel is, which can help you get your child drier quicker and into pajamas for bedtime. Mide from bamboo and microfiber, the towel for kids super soft and plush, which can make your child feel comfortable in each and every time.

Why we love it – The softness that comes with using a high-quality towel, such as the Baby Bamboo Hooded Towel from Natemia, can help to give your child a great, comfortable way to go from the end of bathtime to getting ready for bedtime.

10. Extra Soft Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set by Land of the Wee


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If you’re looking for a great baby shower gift, sets of towels and washcloths can make amazing gifts. They will use them as their child grows. With the Extra Soft Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set by Land of the Wee, you can give expecting parents something that they may have not even thought of.

Made from natural bamboo, the hooded towel is a soft and silky towel for them to not only get wrapped in after a bath but to also feel soft and comfortable the entire time. Your child’s skin can be delicate, to say the least. For those children, the hooded towel is developed to be hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-static so that you can help to nurture and soothe your little one

Why we love it  – Buying a baby shower gift can be difficult even with enough pre-planning. The Extra Soft Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set from Land of the Wee can provide your child with a safe,  protective towel that will remain soft time after time, which makes it a perfect baby bath towel set to give to expecting parents.

11. Baby Muslin Washcloths by Mukin


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For many parents, using materials and products that are naturally sourced is very important to them and that no artificial chemicals touch their child’s skin. With the Baby Muslin Washcloths from Mukin, parents can relax knowing that the washcloths are completely organic,

Made from 100% Muslin Cotton, the material is hypoallergenic and is an organic material. Designed to work without letting harmful chemicals touch your little one’s skin, the washcloths contain no formaldehyde, decolorizer or heavy metals. The company has pledged to never use any forbidden ingredients in their product. Made for your little one’s sensitive skin, the washcloth can provide your child with a comfortable washing experience for any baby acne or cradle cap. Because of its softness, it is even a good choice for those children who may have eczema.

Why we love it – Finding the right towel to buy should be decided on more than just price. A towel that keeps them warm and helps to dry them off quickly is a good choice to make. With the Baby Muslin Washcloths by Mukin, between the softness and durability, the organic baby washcloths can be a welcome addition to any home.

12. Hooded Bath Towel Set by Frenchie Mini Couture


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There is no way that when your child starts taking baths that they will end up using the same towel over and over again. Unless you want to do laundry every day, having more than 1 towel can be a lifesaver.With the Hooded Bath Towel Set from Frenchie Mini Couture, you can have access to the towels you need at an affordable price.

Available in a convenient 3-pack, the Towel Set is made from a combination of knit terry cotton and polyester, which helps to add durability and softness to the product. With its beautiful, embroidered designs, they are designed to help keep your child dry, soft and snuggly every time they come out of the bath.The hood on top of the towel can help keep the warmth in even better if you put the hood over their head.

Why we love it – Having a ready towel is a big thing to a new parent. With the Hooded Bath Towel Set from Frenchie Mini Couture, you can make sure that each time your little one takes a bath that they have this with them.

13. Premium 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Hooded Baby and Toddler Bath Towel by The Good Baby


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When you go shopping for baby towels, there are a lot of common materials. One you may not see as often as some of the others if Turkish Cotton, While it can be a completely safe fabric, it can also be expensive when compared to other towels. With the Premium 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Hooded Baby and Toddler Bath Towel from The Good Baby, you can give your child one of the best towels on the market today.

Made from 100% organic Turkish cotton and is designed to be the perfect option for your little one’s sensitive skin. The gentle fabric, which is dye-free, is a great material to help your child if they have an affliction from cradle cap, baby acne or eczema. Measuring 52” by 29”, the bath towel is large enough for your child from newborn to about 5 years of age. Unlike many other bath towels on the market, this is one that your little one will grow into instead of growing out of.

Why we love it – Turkish cotton, while resulting in a more expensive bath towel, can be a perfect choice if your little one has sensitive skin or a condition such as eczema. With the Premium 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Hooded Baby and Toddler Bath Towel from The Good Baby, the number of years of usage you may get from it may make it worth the price.

14. Disney Baby MICKEY MOUSE Intergalactic Puppet Hooded Towel by Disney


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Children and adults alike like Disney and Mickey Mouse and will want just about anything having to do with that company. With the Disney Baby MICKEY MOUSE Intergalactic Puppet Hooded Towel from Disney, your little one can pretend to be Mickey with this hooded bath towel.

A Mickey Mouse themed bath towel, it embroidered hood is made to look like your little one’s close friend, Mickey Mouse. With its durable design, when they are done with bath time and dry, the towel can be even more fun as your little one can pretend to be Mickey Mouse. Measuring 27” by 37” it is large enough to wrap around your little one and make them feel comfortable right out of a bath.

Why we love it – Kids love Mickey Mouse and the opportunity, even for a moment, to dress up like Mickey can be exciting for your little one. The Disney Baby MICKEY MOUSE Intergalactic Puppet Hooded Towel from Disney can be a smart purchase for that child who can’t get enough of Disney or their characters.

15. Animal Face Hooded Woven Terry Baby Towel by Luvable Friends


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Generally, young children aren’t the biggest fan of having something on their head. By putting the face of a cute animal on it, your little one can feel more and ease and more comfortable being wrapped in the towel. With the Animal Face Hooded Woven Terry Baby Towel from Luvable Friends, their favorite animal can wrap them up after every single bath.

Made from 100% cotton, the hooded baby towel is measured at 30” by 36”, which makes it a great option to wrap up your newborn after they take a bath. With its cute animal design, your child can enjoy seeing their favorite animal each and every time. Being machine washable, peeling or fading should not occur. With over 40 different selection options, finding the perfect one for your child is easy.

Why we love it – 100% cotton can make a good towel. With the Animal Face Hooded Woven Terry Baby Towel from Luvable Friends, combining that with the option for your little one’s favorite animal on the front makes an easy purchase for us.

How We Chose the Top Baby Towels and Washcloths in Our List

Choosing the best Baby Towels and Washcloths for your child shouldn’t be one of the hardest decisions that you have to make during your day. To make it much easier, when we were compiling our list and writing our baby towels and washcloths reviews, we looked at certain criteria in order to make sure that the ones we are recommending, live up to standards that many parents might have for their child’s things. Our criteria included:


When you head out to by towels and washcloths for your child, you can find many different fabrics on the shelf. You can find ones that are made from common fabrics such as cotton or flannel or you can find ones made from more exotic fabrics such as bamboo. Which type you choose may come down to the cost of one that is made from cotton or one made from bamboo.

Will it hold up in the washer?

Repeated washes of your little one’s towels and washcloths can put them through the ringer and cause those items to pill. This means that it can cause a soft towel to turn rough after going through the washer multiple times. One of the biggest ones that pill are cotton towels as well as shorter fibers. Tightly knit fabrics won’t pill as much.

How well does it absorb water?

While having a towel that absorbs the water off of them when they are done with a bath well is a really good thing, the more and more time they spend without a diaper on, the more likely it is that they will end up peeing or pooping on you. Having a towel that absorbs bath water quite well and quickly can help them get dry faster and back in a diaper much, much quicker.

To hood or not to hood?

When your child gets out of the bath, a regular towel can wrap them up in warmth and comfort. A hood can help that warmth continue. While not necessary, they can be practical and with some of the designs that are available, very cute as well. When you pick these out, you will swoon when you see them wearing them.


When you go shopping for towels, they tend to feel softer in the store than they will at home, especially after a few runs through the washing machine. Many manufacturers will use a softening finish that makes the towel feel soft to the touch in the store but wears off after a couple of washes. Towels made from rayon, including those that have been derived from bamboo as well as Pima or even Egyptian cotton tend to make for very soft towels.

Benefits of Baby Towels and Washcloths

When it comes to buying baby towels and washcloths, many parents will only see the benefit of using one is to dry them off after a bath. However, good baby towels and washcloths can have more benefits than simply making it possible to dry them off. These benefits include


When your little one gets out of their bath, they will more than likely be cold once their body hits the air in the bathroom. Wrapping them in a baby towel can help keep them from getting cold and if you pull one right out of the dryer, it can also be a great way to help keep them warm while you get them ready for bed.


Your baby’s skin is really sensitive to the environment around it. When you use a bath towel or washcloth, making sure that it is soft is beneficial to help clean or dry them off without the risk of irritating their skin and giving them a soft, loving home to feel securely wrapped in after a bath.


The size of a baby washcloth or towels can be much smaller than what you may buy for yourself. This is because the ones you buy for yourself are oversized when it comes to using them with a baby. This smaller size, as well as the thickness of the towels or washcloths, can be ideal for their little faces and the little crevices that they may contain. The size and thickness will also make it much harder for them to slip out of your hands while you are using them.


The texture of your child’s towels and washcloths can directly affect their skin. Ordinary washcloths are rougher than a baby washcloth would typically be. Using an ordinary washcloth on a baby’s sensitive skin could result in them being hurt rather than comforted.

Money Saving

Some parents will choose to use a disposable wipe to clean their child’s face. They rationalize that if the wipes are fine to clean their behinds, that they should be ok for their face as well.

Choosing to use a baby washcloth can not only be gentler on your child’s skin but at the same time, it can help you save money by not realizing how much money is spent on disposable diapers, once known, you can them minimize or even discontinue the use of baby wipes.

Choosing what’s best for you

Finding the best baby towels and washcloths for your child isn’t going to be as easy as simply buying the first one you see when you go to the store. You will likely have many different options and questions to consider first. With our list of the 10 Best Towels and Washcloths in 2018, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of a baby towel and washcloth before you left your house so you can find the best towel and washcloth set for your child.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

Do you have a Baby Towels and Washcloths on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 1st of December 2017

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