The time when your child will be trying to chew on anything comes, you will appreciate the importance of teething toys a bit more. Specially designed for the irritated gums, they come handy with their features like chemical-free materials, durability, ability to freeze, and machine washability. 

With many options on the market, how will you know which is the best teething toy for your infant? With that in mind, we have made a list of the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020, highlighting the products we think you should take a look at.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you.


How To Choose A Teething Toy – Buying Guide

The quest to find the best teething products is not an easy task. Safety is the most important criteria when it comes to choosing teething toys babies. However, besides safety, there are other major factors that matter. Our list of the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020 has been prepared with certain standards.


Painted, Chinese manufactured teething toys for babies may contain lead and phthalates. Baby teething toys made of PVC or plastic can also contain materials that could be damaging to your child. The best teethers for babies are made from unpainted wood, 100% rubber natural, silicone or organic cotton.


While focusing on looking for the best baby teether that only has handles may be tough, this piece of criteria is more about how your little one will be able to hold onto it while they are using it. Handles are of course, great and you would want to look for ones that are wide enough and big enough for them to hold onto. For tooth ring for baby that don’t have handles, making sure that the parts they grab are soft and without pinch points.


Normally, parents don’t consider the texture as an important criterion when selecting teether toys. However, a good texture can help to soothe your little one’s gums when they get irritated by their new teeth breaking through their gums. The more texture your child’s teethers have, the better job it will due to soothing those sore gums.

Chemical Free

Many teeth rings for babies can have liquid inside them, which parents can put in the fridge or freezer to help soothe their sore gums. However, this liquid can typically either be water or saline, which is generally safe, but it can contain bacteria, which can harm your little one and could potentially lead to illness if swallowed or absorbed through a cut in their mouths. Therefore, the moment you see a tear on the baby teether toys that can cause leakage, we recommend you get rid of it.


Teething rings for babies can come in all shapes and sizes. To help keep your little one safe, choosing baby toys for teething that doesn’t have a lot of smaller pieces that could break off is key. As many parents know, if their child can hold a baby teething ring, it’s going to go in their mouths. With the small pieces that some toys have, they could easily break off and cause your little one to choke.


Q: What are the benefits of a teething toy?

A: Teething toys stand out with their self-soothing qualities and they come handy when babies are irritated with the pain they are experiencing. Their textured surfaces help soothe babies’ gums and provide teething relief. Another benefit of toys for babies teething is portability. With the small size of many different teething toys on the market, having one conveniently stored in your bag when you go out can be a lifesaver.

Q: Are Teething Toys Safe?

A: Teethers for molars are considered safe as long as they are made with chemical-free materials and do not contain small pieces that can break off and cause a choking hazard. 

We recommend you choose one without smaller pieces and according to baby teether age. As many parents know, if your child can hold it, it’s going to go in her mouth. To be on the safe side, look for teethers 3 month old made from unpainted wood, 100% natural rubber, silicone or organic cotton.

Q: Are Teething Toys Necessary?

A: Teething toys for babies help infants to soothe their pain caused by irritated gums. These toys are best for teething babies as they play a temporary role to distract them as well as help them with the development of their motor and sensory skills with their colors, textures, and shapes. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Your child will go through many developmental phases as she continues to grow and each one of them will have its own unique challenges. Thanks to our recommendations for the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020, your baby will be able to get distracted more easily and find comfort while playing with them.

We hope that with our recommendations, you have been able to decide on the best baby teethers for your precious child. 

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