When your baby reaches an age where they will start to have teeth come in, they can be in a lot of pain. Generally a lot of parents will use a teething toy to help their little ones have some relief from the pain, but how do you know which is the best teething toy on the market?

With that in mind, we decided to go shopping for you and make a list of the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020, highlighting the products we think you should take a look at.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier so you can help your little one feel better faster.

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose A Teething Toy – Buying Guide

When it comes time to choose a teething toy for your little one, making sure that it meets certain sets of criteria before giving it to your little one can ensure the safety of your child while they’re using it. With that in mind, when we set out to create our list of the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020, we wanted to ensure that it met certain criteria that we looked for in a teething toy, so that when we recommended it to you, you know that it met our standards. That criteria included:


There are certain materials that when you start looking around at the different teethers out there that you may want to keep out of your little ones hands. Painted, Chinese manufactured teethers may contain lead and plastic teethers may also contain phthalates. Teethers made of PVC or plastic can contain materials that could be damaging to your baby. To be on the safe side, look for teethers made from unpainted wood, 100% natural rubber, silicone or organic cotton.


While focusing on looking for teething toys that only have handles may be tough, this piece of criteria is more about how your little one will be able to hold onto it while they are using it. Handles are of course, great and you would want to look for ones that are wide enough and big enough for them to hold onto. For those that don’t have handles, making sure that the parts they can grab are soft and with some, there aren’t any pinch points when your little one could get their fingers or hands pinched.


Normally, texture wouldn’t be what you may think of when buying your little one a teething toy. However, the textures on a teething toy can help to soothe your little one’s gums when they get a little irritated by their new teeth breaking through their gums. The more texture your child’s teething toy has, the better job it will due to soothe those sore gums.

Chemical Free

Many teething toys can have liquid inside them, which parents can put in the fridge or freezer to help soothe their gums. However, this liquid can typically either be water or saline, which is generally safe, but it can contain bacteria, which can harm your little one and could potentially lead to an illness if swallowed or absorbed through a cut in their mouths.


Teething toys can come in all shapes and sizes. To help keep your little one safe, choosing one that doesn’t have a lot of smaller pieces that could break off is key. As many parents know, if their child can hold it, it’s going to go in their mouth. With the small pieces that some toys have, they could easily break off and cause your little one to choke.

Benefits of a Teething Toy

Teething toys can have a lot of different benefits when it comes to helping your little one go through the teething process. While many of these benefits may not be readily apparent to some, we wanted to shed some light on some of the other benefits a teething toy can offer. Some of these include:

Self Soothing

When your baby is teething, they can be in a lot of pain. At times, nothing can console them and help keep the pain from causing them to scream at the top of their lungs. By using a teething toy, when they are going through a particularly painful moment, they can use the textured surfaces of the toy to help soothe their gums and help them feel a lot better.


Not every teething pain is going to occur in the comfort of your own home, It is more than likely when you’re out shopping or out to dinner, that your little one will experience tooth pain of some kind and start to scream. With the small size of many different teething toys on the market, having one conveniently stored in their diaper bag when you go out can be a lifesaver,


One of the biggest benefits that comes with a teething toy is the price. Relatively priced affordably, teething toys made with quality materials shouldn’t cost a lot of money to help soothe the pain your little one is going through with their teeth breaking through their gums. Because of their affordability, having more than one teething toy is usually a good idea.

Different types of Teething Pain Remedies

Not every parent is ok with their child using a teething toy to help manage the pain that comes with teeth breaking through their gums. While our article is focusing on the best teething toys for your little one, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the other options out there.


When you hurt your knee or twist your ankle, generally, you’ll put ice on it to ease the pain. In that same vein, some parents will use something cold to help ease their little one’s pain and their sore gums. Some parents will use a wet washcloth  in a clean plastic bag and use the refrigerator to chill it down.

Another option would be to put their teether or pacifier in the fridge to cool it down enough to help it soothe their gums. Be careful with the liquid filled teethers. Some have been known to break when your child bites down too hard on them.

Topical Medication

Available over the counter, numbing gels or creams that you can use to rub on your little one’s gums to help relieve teething pains. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) warns however, that topical medications containing benzocaine should not be used on children less than 2 years old unless otherwise directed.

A big risk when it comes to using topical medications with children is that it might not stay where you put it. Even if you put it on their gums, they may swallow some with their saliva. The risk is that this might numb their throat and interfere with their gag reflex, making it harder for them not to choke.


If your little one has an excruciating amount of pain from teething and nothing else seems to quell that pain, your doctor may recommend a over-the-counter painkiller like acetaminophen. You want to make sure you check with your doctor first before giving your little one any medication to ensure its safe and that you are giving them the proper dosage.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the best teether toy for your little one is a very important decision. Choosing the wrong one could keep your little one from having some relief from the pain they are going through. While which one you choose will come down to many factors, in the end, it will come down to personal preference.

We hope that with our recommendations for the 20 Best Teething Toys in 2020, you can find a quality teething toy for your child that will help soothe their pain.

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