10 Best Baby Swings in 2018

The Best Baby Swings

What Are The Best Baby Swings? – Let’s Review!

No matter how hard you try, babies will get fussy from time to time. You can hold them, rock them and pat their backs but it doesn’t always work. Using a baby swing is one way that parents can help their little one relax or even take a nap.

When you start looking at baby swings for your little one, it’s not as easy a process as you may think. There can be many different things for you to consider between price, features, ease of use and what interactivity there may be for you child. All of these questions can make a seemingly simple process confusing and at times, frustrating.

How do you know what is the best baby swing on the market?

To help you find the best option for your family, we decided to do the shopping for you and provide you with our recommendations for the 10 Best Baby Swings in 2018.

With our recommendations, we hope that it can help make buying a baby swing as easy as possible.

So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s go!


Baby Swings Reviews

1. Papasan Cradle Swing by Fisher-Price

Papasan-Cradle-Swing-by-Fisher-Price Check Price Now

From Fisher-Price, a leading name in the baby products market, the Papasan Cradle Swing is a quality choice for your home to provide your child with hours of entertainment and relaxation.

With a mesh canopy, which comfortably surrounds their head, creates a comfortable environment for them to enjoy the included mobile and projector, which displays a soft starry night onto the canopy.

With a two position fabric seat, your little one will feel enveloped in the seats comfortable cushions which are designed to hold your child’s head in a comfortable position. The Cradle Swing also features 6 swing speeds, 16 songs and nature sounds to help your little one nap in comfort.

With three adjustable seat positions, right-facing, center and left-facing, putting your child in the best position to rock themselves to sleep is as easy as a button press.

Why we love it – The Papasan by Fisher-Price is a quality option to have in your home. Between the entertainment value that it provides your little one with to the adjustable comfort positions, the Papasan is easily one of our top rated baby swings.

2. My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing by Fisher-Price


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Designed to look like your little one is snuggling with puppies while they sleep, the Snugapuppy from Fisher-Price is a basic form of baby swing, but that doesn’t keep its quality or features from being appealing to any parent.

With two swinging motions, side-to-side cradle or the traditional head-to-toe swinging motion, you can choose which motion will help your little one drift off to sleep. Also helping is the push button option to adjust the seat position from center to right-facing or left-facing.

Featuring a motorized mobile with a mirrored globe so that your child can see themselves, the Snugapuppy offers six swing speeds, 16 songs and nature sounds to help them feel relaxed.

Powered by either 4 D Batteries or by using an included 120-volt AC adapter, the sturdy steel construction and 3 point harness can leave you assured that your baby is safe and secure each time they use it.

Why we love it – Like the Papasan before it, Fisher-Price makes quality baby swings for your home. The inclusion of a mirrored globe so that your child can see themselves while rocking back and forth is a nice inclusion on the Snugapuppy that your baby is sure to enjoy.

3. Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing by Fisher-Price


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Much like the other swings manufactured by Fisher-Price, out of the box, the Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is very easy to set up and use in a matter of minutes. The difference with this swing is it option to be easier to store than other models by being able to fold the swing’s legs together. This can be a difference maker to some moms who may not use the swing as often and don’t want it sitting in the middle of the room all the time.

With its Smart Swing technology, the swing senses your child’s weight in the seat so that it can keep up the speed as your little one grows. With a plush bunny toy, mirrored globe and birdies overhead on the motorized mobile, your baby will have lots of entertainment to interactive with.

Why we love it – The Snugabunny is yet another quality product from Fisher-Price. The added feature with this model of being able to easily store or move the swing is a big benefit to moms who may need to save room.

4. Glider LX Gliding Swing by Graco


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At first glance, the Glider LX can look more like a robot or other crazy contraption instead of a baby swing. But when your child relaxes in it, you’ll see how well of a baby swing it is.

Made from sturdy metal construction, the Glider LX, while it swings only backwards and forwards, the motion is incredibly smooth. Settings allow you to choose from up to 6 speeds, the lower speeds for newborns, with higher speeds for older babies.

With its unique design, the Glider LX actually takes up less room than other swings on the market, which can make it a suitable option if you live in an apartment without a lot of room. Powering the swing is done through a wall plug or through the use of 5 D-cell batteries, 4 for the glider and 1 for the gliders vibration setting.

Why we love it – Although it has a unique look, the Glider LX offers you and your child a smooth gliding experience that they will enjoy. With a 5-point harness, head and body support, the Glider LX has the safety features that will help put you at ease.

5. Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing by Comfort & Harmony


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The Cozy Kingdom’s biggest feature is in its name. Having a portable baby swing to take with you when on trips or at the grandparents’ house for the day can make having a space to let your baby relax a huge benefit.

With six original melodies plus volume control and auto shut-off can make it easy for you to help your little one soothe while also getting odds and ends done around the house. With its WhisperQuiet technology, your baby’s quiet time won’t be disturbed by the annoying sound of a swing motor.

Why we love it – For a portable baby glider, the Cozy Kingdom is anything but plain. With its WhisperQuiet technology and melody controls, this is one of the best baby swing chairs on our list.

6. DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker by Graco

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For those parents looking for a baby swing with options, the DuetSoothe Swing from Graco is full of options. Made from a strong metal material, the DuetSoothe is 2 products in 1.

While the DuetSoothe is a normal swing like any other product, what makes this one stand out is the removable rocker option. This option puts this swing in a class of its own. A portable rocker with built-in carry handle, gives you an option to take the rocker with you when you’re doing things around the house or if you have the grandparents over for a visit.

With six different speed settings, 10 melodies and 3 adjustable seat settings, your little one will be able to relax in complete comfort, drifting off to sleep listening to their favorite sounds or music.

Why we love it – The DuetSoothe stands out for the options that it give parents who try it. By having a detachable rocker, it puts it ahead of other products on the market because with this, there is no need to spend more money on another piece of baby furniture.

7. MamaRoo by 4moms


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Looking more like something out of a science fiction movie, the mamaRoo baby swing is a far more technology driven swing when compared to other options on our list.

With the seat covered in 100% polyester, the mamaRoo uses 5 distinct movement patterns to help soothe your child: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave. Taking your child’s comfort into account, the seat can be adjusted to any position, up to a full recline for optimum comfort.

A Bluetooth-enabled swing, 4moms has made an app available for your IPhone or Android device that lets you control the movement and sounds from your phone. While the mamaRoo does include 4 soothing sounds that you can choose from, it also give you the option to plug in an MP3 player so they can listen to any lullaby that you choose.

Why we love it – The mamaRoo from 4moms is a technological step forward for baby swings, offering more options for your little one to use when being soothed in the swing. But with those included features, comes a higher price point. While we feel that this is one of the best swings for your baby, it may not be for everyone.

8. Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat by Fisher-Price

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With the Deluxe Take Along, Fisher-Price offers parents an economical and portable option that still ensures that you receive the same great quality that they put into all of their products.

What makes the Deluxe Take Along Swing appealing is its inclusion of a calming vibrations seat, made possible with the included tether that easily converts the product from a swing to seat in no time at all.

With its lightweight, but sturdy frame, the Deluxe Take Along Swing can be easily broken down into a compact size for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

With its 6 swinging speeds and up to 10 soothing nature sounds and melodies to help lull your baby to sleep. Requiring 4 C-cell batteries to operate may turn some parents off the product but for the convenience of a compact swing, it’s not much of a negative aspect.

Why we love it – With its compact size, lightweight and two different modes of operation, the Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat is a perfect option for your home if you’re looking for the benefits that come with a swing, but without all the size one can take up.

9. Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher-Price


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Another quality product from Fisher-Price, the Moonlight Meadow offers a lot of the same benefits found in their other offerings. With their SmartSwing Technology, that can sense the baby’s weight in order to adjust the speed relative to their weight so there’s no feeling of the swing slowing down and starts on its own without a push.

With up to 6 speeds, soothing nature sounds and gentle melodies envelop their ears while a motorized mobile and mirrored globe helps develop their sense of sight. They can experience all of this while resting in a plush seat cushion to help them drift off to sleep.

While easy to assemble, the Moonlight Meadow is also easy to transport from room to room or store, with its legs that fold together. Powered by an AC adapter or use the included rechargeable battery for those times when you may be too far from an outlet.

Why we love it – Fisher-Price continues to make quality products for you and your baby. While many of their products offer a lot of the same features, the theme of each can be different. With these, it is personal preference as to which one you choose. But regardless of which one you choose, you can be assured you’re getting a great product for your baby.

10. My Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing with AC Adapter by Fisher Price


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If Fisher-Price made a base model of their variety of different baby swing options, the My Little Lamb would likely be the base model. With the same features that have made their other swings popular, the addition of a tray on this model stands out.

While the recommendation for use states that a swing is ok until your child is big enough to attempt to get out of the seat themselves, between then and when they are first born, there is a lot of room for their growth. With the inclusion of a tray, it can help with your little ones development once they reach a stage where they can grab and play with objects in front of them. Containing  a bead bar and soft little rattle, the toys on the tray will keep them entertained all while they listen to up to 16 gentle tunes and nature sounds coming from the swing itself.

Powered by either the included AC adapter for battery free operation or you can use 4 D-cell batteries to power the swing.

Why we love it – The My Little Lamb from Fisher-Price is another quality product from a household name in baby products. The inclusion of a tray and the activities it offers makes it our top choice for a baby swing with a tray. As with other Fisher-Price products, you cannot go wrong choosing this baby swing.

How We Chose the Top Baby Swings in Our List

When we began to compile our list of the 10 Best Baby Swings in 2018, we wanted to set a high standard for what we recommend to you for your baby’s use. As we looked at the different options offered on the market, we started to look for specific criteria in each swing. Here is the criteria we used to recommend baby swings for your home:


When you decide to purchase a swing for your little one, you definitely want to make sure that when they are in that seat, that they are safe and the risk of them being hurt is minimal to non-existent. Having an easy to use harness that is comfortable for your baby but at the same time, keeping them from getting injured is incredibly important.


The last thing you want when you spend money on a baby swing is the feeling that the quality is just not there. When looking at the different models on the market, we wanted to make sure that they were made from high quality materials that would last a long time and would break easily under normal operation.

Ease of Use

A difficult to us baby swing will do nothing more than cause you frustration every time you try to use it. In our research, we wanted to focus on those, that even with a little work putting a swing together, it was simple and easy to operate so your child could start enjoying it as soon as possible.


Having a portable baby swing lets you pack up their swing for family trips on vacation or even to the Grandparents house for the afternoon. Being able to use a swing to help your little one relax and catch a nap anywhere you go can be a very nice feature.

Extra Features

In recent years, manufacturers have begun to add other options to help increase your child’s enjoyment while using their baby swing. One of these options that stand out is the option to plug your phone or IPod in to a port on the swing so you can choose the music that they listen to.

Benefits of Baby Swings

Having a baby swing in your home can have many beneficial aspects not only for your baby, but for you as well. A good, quality baby swing can provide the following benefits while in your home:


You may have your favorite TV show that entertains you each time you watch it and your baby is no different. They loved to be entertained too. Baby swings can come with attached mobiles and play music and nature sounds to keep them entertained while they comfortably rock either back-and-forth or side-to-side.

Nap Time

With its gentle motion and sweet sounds, a baby swing can be a good place for you to place your baby for a short nap. If you want to be able to keep an eye on your little one while they nap, a swing is a good option as they can be right in the same room with you, instead of by themselves in their crib.


Having a baby and being a parent can be a rewarding experience, but there are times when holding them keeps you from getting other things done. A baby swing helps manage this by giving you a hands-free option to gently rock and comfort them while you try to take care of other things around the house.


When your baby comes home, you may daydream about how smart they will be when they get older. But to get there, your baby will need some stimulation to help them develop and learn. Baby activity gear attached to a swing helps to develop their growth using the sights and sounds of the jumper to stimulate them as they learn to reach and grab at the attached toys.


Let’s face it, babies can get fussy. Having not mastered speaking words yet, it can be tough for you to determine what they need or why they are crying all the time. A baby swing can help soothe a fussy baby with its gentle motions and soothing sounds. Even a baby with colic can benefit from rocking in a baby swing.


From the outside, the thought of putting a baby in a swing that rocks them back and forth might give you anxiety about putting them in one. However, the options that are out there on the market now offer more than adequate safety options.

The swing motions that the device goes through are light and not fast enough, even on their highest setting to hurt the baby. Most swings will have up to 6 speed settings for you to choose from.

Swings also are designed to give your baby a soft and secure space that has enough space under the operating mechanism so that the chances of it hitting anything are minimal at best.

Finally, with most swings having at least 5 point harnesses, they are designed to hold your baby in place so there is no risk of them falling out or being tossed from the seat while it is operating.

Understanding the Concerns about Baby Swings

While the benefits of using a baby swing can be helpful to both you and your child on an everyday basis, some groups out there want to inform parents of some hazards to be aware of when you use a baby swing in your home.

While having a baby swing to place your child into can be very convenient, their safety is and must always be the first priority. That being said, with a swing, a general rule in a baby using one is that it’s not safe to let them sleep in the swing for prolonged periods of time, especially while they aren’t under supervision.

In fact, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has stated that prolonged periods of sitting upright like in a baby swing can make it hard for them to breathe and can lead to an increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

This isn’t to say that using a baby swing for short intervals isn’t a good way to help your baby rest when they are tired or a little fussy. Early in their short lives, your newborn will have a very hard time sleeping and using the swing to help with their crazy sleep schedule is just fine, as long as it is used properly.

But here’s the rub, using a baby swing too often can cause problems as well. Just like picking up your baby every time they cry or letting them sleep with you in bed, it can become a habit for them.

We all know habits can be hard to break, but this can be especially true for a baby who may end up not napping anywhere else but their swing. While there are some risks to their health and otherwise from using a baby swing incorrectly or too much, with moderation, a baby swing can be a great napping space for your little one.

Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the best baby swing for you and your little bundle of joy can come down to a lot of different criteria from ease of use to the features it offers or even the price. When you decide to buy a baby swing though, regardless of any feature it may have, the one area where it needs to excel is safety.

Making sure your baby is safe is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a baby swing. With all the different speed options, the risks of injury can be high.

What we hoped to do with our list of the 10 Best Baby Swings in 2018 is present you with options that range from the compact, to the large and feature heavy options.

No matter which you decide to buy, if our recommendations helped you choose the one your baby will be using, then we’re glad we could help.

Do you have a Baby Swing on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below

Last Update on the 14th of March 2017

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