10 Best Baby Swimwear in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Swimwear? – Let’s Review!

Summertime is made much more fun with your little one by your side. From building sand castles to first times in the ocean, having a little beach fun is a guaranteed adventure you will always remember. In order to keep this day fun and safe, it is important to have the best baby swimwear that will protect your baby’s delicate skin from the harsh summer sun.

We have made a list of the best baby swimsuits on the market. These are sure to keep your day at the beach a great experience.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Baby Swimwear Reviews

1. Sun Protection UPF 50+ Baby/Toddler Swimwear,Unisex One Piece Long Sleeve Sunsuit With Baby Sun Hat by Page One


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This cute baby swimsuit with stripes is made from a polyester-elastane blend that is far more durable and flexible than your typical suit. With a UPF 50+ rating this onesie offers coverage to your baby’s ankles and wrists. Coming with a sun hat this is an all in one to keep your baby protected and increase the chances for the best possible day at the beach. This protects more than 97% of the sun’s harmful radiation. Being highly chlorine and salt water resistant means that your baby can spend even more time outside enjoying the summer. This breathable material is great for even the hottest of days helping your baby stay cool. The suit is machine washable and dries quickly. Easy to put on and off the full zipper makes changing easy and a zipper between the legs makes diaper changes a breeze.

Why we love it – Not only does this offer full body protection but it also comes with a sun hat with the same UPF 50+ rating making sure your baby is fully covered. With all the protection coming from the fabric you can rest assured there are no harsh chemicals or zinc used to fight the sun.

2. Infant / Toddler Girls Tropical Floral Long Sleeve by RuffleButts


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This infant bathing suits comes in sizes that will fit your toddler as well and once you see the sweet design you will hardly be able to resist. With a UPF 50+ protection rating this one piece helps to keep your baby protected. Being machine washable on a cold cycle and lay flat to dry for a quick fast time this makes this an even better buy. The long sleeve design goes further into protecting your little girl. This suit features crotch snaps that help with fast and easy diaper changing while the full back zipper makes changing in and out of this suit easy.

Why we love it – Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, RuffleButts really stands behind these high quality suits. With many happy customer reviews it is no wonder this is a top rated baby swimwear.

3. Baby & Toddler Long Sleeve Logo Rashguard Shirt by i play

Baby-&-Toddler-Long-Sleeve-Logo-Rashguard-Shirt-by-i-play Check Price Now

This i play long sleeve shirt is the perfect choice for summer days. With a mock collar this suit protects even more area with a UPF 50+ protection. Made from quick drying materials this suit is machine washable and dries quickly. Flatlock seams make it more comfortable for your little one to move around in and ensures there is no chafing against their sensitive skin.

Why we love it – Free of dyes and formaldehyde you can rest assured that your little one is safe with this shirt. This shirt offers full upper body protection and limits the need for sunscreen. This comfortable, lightweight shirt is a convenient way to stretch playtime even longer.

4. Fiji Sun Protective Baby Swimsuit in your choice of colors by Nozone Clothing

Fiji-Sun-Protective-Baby-Swimsuit-in-your-choice-of-colors-by-Nozone-Clothing Check Price Now

This soft long sleeve baby swimwear looks a lot like your typical onesie but with a lot more added features. The 100% polyester design makes it incredibly soft and much more durable than the leading swimsuit. With a UPF rating of 50+ this powerful suit blocks more than 97% of the sun’s harmful radiations. This suit is designed to be machine washable with a low water retention and a quick dry time. Being highly resistant to chlorine and saltwater means this bathing suit will last for as long as your baby can fit into it. A front zipper makes changing your baby easy and there is a leg zipper that makes diaper changing easy.

Why we love it – Free of chemicals and zinc this bathing suits sun blocking comes straight from the fabric. This leaves your baby even safer than before. With a full zipper designed solely to make diaper changing easy, it is no wonder this suit is one of our favourites.

5. Baby Girl and Toddler Girl Long Sleeve Sunsuit Romper Swimwear by SwimZip

Baby-Girl-and-Toddler-Girl-Long-Sleeve-Sunsuit-Romper-Swimwear-by-SwimZip Check Price Now

This one piece swimsuit offers a great amount of protection for your baby which ensures you don’t have to rely as heavily on sunscreen. With a full front zipper making changing easy this is a suit your toddler won’t mind getting into. Zipping all the way down the one leg makes diaper changing easier than ever in this protective suit.

Why we love it – This suit has a UPF 50+ rating that blocks more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Made using chlorine resistant materials means this suit is here to last.

6. Baby Girls Boys Rash Guard Long Sleeve Swimming Costume by BeautyIn


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This unisexed long sleeve swimsuit comes with many different designs that are all easy to get into. With a long back zipper your child can simply step in and receive full sun protection. Offering a great amount of stress this machine washable suit is quick drying and does not absorb a lot of water which will weigh your child down.

Why we love it – This suit offers a UPF 50+ rating  that blocks more than 98% of the sun’s radiation. It is also highly resistant to both chlorine and salt water. With all this protection coming straight from the material and not from zinc or any other harmful chemicals.

7. Baby Girls Floral Rash Guard Swimsuit Short Sleeve Bathing Suit by BeautyIn


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BeautyIn makes this high quality one piece rash guard baby suit that features a front zipper that makes dressing easy. The elastic suit sits soft on your child’s sensitive skin and grows as your child does. The short sleeve and trouser leg design offers your child even more protection which means you have to rely on even less sunscreen.

Why we love it – Baby swimwear reviews are raging about this great buy for your baby girl. Made from high quality UPF 50+ material that is highly chlorine resistant this suit is safe for your baby and durable enough to last.

8. Cute Baby Bikini Big Bowknot Stripe 2 Pieces Skirt Swimwear Sets by Dalary


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This 2 piece girls bathing suit is a great retro style suit that is comfortable and stylish. To clean simply hand wash this suit with some cold water and hang to dry. This soft suit is a great option for indoor pool days as they allow your baby to have a fun and playful dress up style outfit that is comfortable and easy to move in.

Why we love it – Not all pool days require full coverage and with this cute vintage inspired girls bikini they can have the feeling of playing dress up while spending a day at the pool.

9. Baby Girls` Swimsuit One Piece by Mud Pie


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You will not be able to stand how adorable these toddler one piece bathing suits are. Coming in 6 different styles you will have trouble choosing which one to get for the baby girl in your life. This one piece is completely machine washable with a durable nylon-spandex blended fabric.

Why we love it – These sweet vintage inspired swimsuits are made using high quality materials that sit comfortably against your baby’s skin. You will be happy with the full coverage from these suits allowing you to fit a diaper underneath and rest assured that the entire bottom is covered.

10. Baby & Toddler One Piece Swim Sunsuit by i play


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This sweet looking one piece swimsuit is made with your baby in mind. Coming in 4 different designs this sunsuit is made using a fast drying Nylon-Elastane fabric combo. This helps it to feels soft against your baby’s skin while still giving that strong UPF 50+ protection. Being machine washable this front zipped suit is easy to get into.

Why we love it – Snaps at the inseam allow for easy diaper changing with this swimsuit. Providing solid UV protection, this swimsuit perfectly mixes style with safety.

Choosing what’s best for you

The number one thing to look for in your baby’s suit is the UV protection and the amount of coverage it supplies your little one. Long sleeves with a full 50+ radiation protection is ideal. Next be sure to find handy features such as zippers or snaps to make diaper changes a breeze. All suits should be worn with baby swim trunks. Summertime with your little one should be fun and memorable and with the right gear it is sure to be.

Do you have a Baby Swimwear on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 17th of September 2017

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