Summer is a time of fun, sun and swimming in the pool. But, for your little one, their skin can be very sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays and can be damaged easily. To protect them, parents can use sunscreen to help block the sun’s rays. But before they start to splash in the pool, how do you know which sunscreen is best for your child?

With that in mind, we went shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Baby Sunscreens in 2019 to give you some ideas of the options out there to help you protect their delicate skin

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you and your child can spend more time enjoying the nice weather.

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose A Baby Sunscreen – Buying Guide

Protecting your little one from the sun’s harmful rays shouldn’t be something that you just choose something on the store shelf because it’s there or you’re in a hurry. Their skin is very sensitive and their sunscreen should meet very specific criteria before you buy it. For our recommendations, we wanted to be sure that the criteria was met before we recommended it. Those criteria included:

Physical sunscreen

Choosing a physical sunscreen, as opposed to a chemical sunscreen, sits on your little ones skin instead of being absorbed by their sensitive skin. While there is no proof showing that chemical sunscreens are dangerous, they may affect their sensitive skin. Physical sunscreens are much more effective once applied when compared to chemical sunscreens, which can take some time to be effective.


When choosing a sunscreen, you will want to make sure that the higher the SPF rating, the better. If you choose a physical sunscreen, the amount of protection will be better for their sensitive skin. With chemical sunscreens, that means that their skin is exposed to more chemicals with a reducing effectiveness when protecting their skin.


In the summer, your little one is going to sweat from the heat and inevitably jump in the pool, go swimming in the lake or run through the sprinklers. Choosing a sunscreen that is water-resistant will keep it on their skin and help protect them much longer.

Hypoallergenic & Fragrance Free

Buying a sunscreen should not come with a fragrance or ingredients that could cause your little one’s skin to be irritated while enjoying a sunny day. Sunscreens that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free can help keep them enjoying the day, not dealing with the irritation they results from using sunscreen.

Benefits of Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen can have many major benefits when it comes to protecting their sensitive skin when they are enjoying a day in the sun. These benefits can help keep them healthy and make every summer a fun one. These benefits include:

Burn protection

Sunburns stink. There we said it. Whether you’re 9 months old  or 90 years old, no one likes being sunburnt. For your little one’s sensitive skin, it can be especially painful. If bad enough their skin can blister or swell. Using the correct sunscreen with your little one can help protect them from the sun’s harmful rays and keep the fun going.


Being out in the sun and the pool during the summer is one of the best things about summer. Spending too much time in the sun unprotected can make your baby really sick. Too much sun exposure can cause flu like symptoms. Using the right sunscreen and limiting the amount of sun your little one is exposed to can help keep them healthy and having a fun summer.

Reduction of skin cancer

Skin cancer is a very real thing and for your little one, going out into the sun without any protection can increase their risk. While the best protection is clothing to cover their delicate skin, making sure to use sunscreen each and every time can help reduce that risk as well.


When you have a child, your body can go through a lot of physical changes. A lot of moms want to try and exercise to get back into shape afterwards.

A double stroller can be a great option for you to get some exercise after having a baby. Pushing your little one in their stroller not only lets you walk and run but can also offer your child a little fun as well as they enjoy being outside for the ride.

Sunscreen vs Sunblock

When you go shopping, you may inevitably run into two different types of sun protection for your little one’s skin: Sunscreen and sunblock. But, other than the names, what is the difference between the two. We thought we would shed some light on the difference between them.


Sunscreen is typically the more popular choice when people buy something to protect them from the sun’s rays at the beach. Sunscreen is chemically formulated to prevent the long term damage caused by the UV rays coming from the sun and can reverse them as well. It is recommended to always wear sunscreen while enjoying a day of fun in the sun.


With sunblock, the primary difference is that the sun’s UV rays from reaching your skin by creating a layer of protection on the surface. Formulated to be a thicker composition, it creates an opaque layer on the skin to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating it. The other major difference is the ingredients that are used as sunblocks contain titanium or zinc oxide, which gives the sunblock it’s thicker, more visible appearance.

My Babies Planet Overview

Enjoying the fun during the summer shouldn’t be ruined by having to keep your little one inside to protect them from the sun. Finding a sunscreen that can protect them long enough for the day to be a fun day shouldn’t be hard either, even though there are many things to consider before buying one. At the end of the day, the sunscreen you choose will come down more to personal preference than anything.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Baby Sunscreens in 2019, choosing a sunscreen for your little one is a much easier process so you and you child can enjoy the summertime fun.

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