Wanting what’s best for your baby in the warmer months means taking that extra step to ensuring that your baby is well protected. The sun can be incredibly harmful to our bodies when not taking proper precautions. This is amplified for babies who have much more sensitivities to the harsh effects.

Having the best baby sunglasses is one of the many things you will need to combat the harsh summer months. Small yet incredibly important, these should be included in your daypack and brought with you everywhere. Sunglasses for babies, just as with adults, protect the eyes from strain and brightness that can cause permanent ocular damage. 

You may not realize it, but not all sunglasses are created equally. When it comes to your baby’s eye health, it is essential to get the best infant sunglasses.


How To Choose Baby Sunglasses — Buying Guide

100% UVA and UVB Protection

The most vital feature of sunglasses baby ever needs is the 100% UVA/UVB protection that it provides. If you see a note saying that its UV protection rating is 400, then you are looking are one of the best glasses out there. If it does not mention any kind of eye protection, then you should move on to other products.

Wide Coverage

Adults may wear glasses with narrow width and height, but it is not recommended for babies and kids. The wider the lenses are, the better it is for the latter. This way, the spectacles will surely be able to protect their eyes against UV rays.


It is ideal to get polarized sunglasses for your child so that they won’t be staring directly in the sun when they look up or look at a reflective object. Polarized sunglasses have unique lenses that cause any source of light to practically bounce back to where it has come from before it reaches your baby, thus allowing them to enjoy their childhood years without prescription glasses.


Since babies and little kids will be wearing the sunglasses, the pair that you will get should not be too heavy. Otherwise, your child may never want to wear them again.

The glasses need to fit on their face as well. The arms, nose pads, and bridge should not dig through their skin. To make sure that you have the best pair, let your baby try it out at the store first.

Metal-Less Hinge

Although typical spectacles for adults are connected with small screws, the latter poses a choking hazard among babies. This is why sunglasses for babies are usually constructed in one piece. They have no metal hinges that may come off and, worse, go in the child’s mouth.

Shatterproof and Scratch-Proof

You will come to realize that the best glass frames for infants are made with silicone, rubber, or a combination of silicone and plastic. The reason is that such materials are soft enough to bounce if your baby drops them on the floor simply. There is no way for them to shatter like glass or regular plastic.

The lenses used in high-quality glasses should be scratch-proof, too. After all, UV protection is nothing but a coating on the lenses. In case your child scratches it, it will no longer be useful.

Head Band

Babies’ glasses are required to come with a band that will go around their head. This head strap can either come in the form of weaved fabric, neoprene, or silicone. Their only goal is to keep the glasses from flying away if your child moves too much.

Tint & Color

A tint is not a top priority when it comes to baby glasses, but it can further protect your baby from the sun. The darker the tint is, the better the shade it provides.

The same idea goes for the lens colors. You will have a tough time finding high-quality sunglasses with pink or yellow lenses because such hues offer little eye protection. Instead, the best ones have black, gray, and other dark colors. 


Q: When should babies start wearing sunglasses?

A: Your baby should wear spectacles from the age of 6 months. They can also put on glasses before that, especially if you take them outdoors often.

Q: Should babies wear sunglasses?

A: Babies’ eyes are more sensitive than an adult’s, so being under the sun without shades can be detrimental to their eye health. Even toddlers need sunglasses.

Q: Are baby sunglasses safe?

A: Baby sunglasses are safe, in the sense that they are not made from metal or real glasses. Manufacturers typically make use of polycarbonate lenses that are not only durable but also scratch-proof. 

Q: How can I keep my baby’s sunglasses up?

A: To keep your child’s sunglasses from sliding down their nose, you should tighten the strap that may come with it. If there’s no strap included, it is easy to attach an adjustable, elastic strap on both ends of the arms.

Q: Is sunlight bad for newborns’ eyes?

A: The short answer is ‘yes.’ Ultraviolet rays can hurt and even damage your baby’s eyes, to the extent that they may need to wear prescription glasses early. 

Q: Should baby sunglasses be polarized?

A: Baby sunglasses should be polarized to reduce the glare that reflects off various objects and possibly hits your child’s eyes. They do not need to be polarized, though, if your kid does not have to wear the glasses outdoors.

My Babies Planet Overview

Your baby’s eye health is essential, especially during the first year of infancy. Their eyes are still not done developing at this point; that is why it is so crucial to look for sunglasses that offer eye protection for babies and toddlers alike.

We suggest choosing the best toddler sunglasses that are lightweight and UV resistant to ensure that your little kids have lesser chances of needing prescription glasses. The glasses should also come with a strap so that they won’t have to struggle to keep them on their head. Furthermore, they need to be made out of silicone, thermoplastic rubber, and other shatterproof materials.

Hopefully, you find some use for the reviews and buying guide above. Good luck!

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