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What Are The Best Baby Socks? – Let’s Review!

Every parent knows the nightmare of getting their child’s socks that stay on their feet. With many different brands out there finding the best baby socks that stay on their feet is important. Babies, just like adults, need to wear socks as soon as they outgrow the infant onesies with booties. They are extremely sensitive to temperature and can get cold rather quickly. Wearing socks will help to keep their feet and toes warm.

When your baby gets into the walking stage, you will begin to learn the extreme importance of having a high quality pair of socks with anti slip grips on the bottom. Any parent knows there is little time between their first step and them running all over the house. Having high quality socks that allow your kid to grow is something that is important to every parent.

As a parent, we know you want the best for your baby and that includes the best baby socks to keep them warm and protected. Check out our list below for

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Baby Socks Reviews

1. Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie


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Not only are these cute baby socks, they will also give your newborn the padding they need. These socks come in sizes fit for newborns to 18 months. These Zutano booties are said to fit as they should so referring to their sizing chart is a great way to pick the correct size.

The fuzzy fleece material is sure to keep your child feeling soft and warm. They are on the thicker side due to their lining making them perfect for colder days. These booties feature two snaps which can be adjusted to snugly fit your little one. Cleaning them is easy as they are machine washable.

Why we love it – These unisex fleece booties from Zutano wrap your children’s feet in warmth and protection. They are stretchy, stay on until you take them off and last even with machine washing. With a huge array of different colors, you can pick which one you think will best suit your little one.

2. Trumpette Baby Girls’ Sock Set-6 Pairs


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Trumpette is one of the leading names in the baby world and it is easy to see why. These quality newborn baby socks have elastic tops that are sure to stay on your squirmy babies feet.  Your baby will love the incredibly soft feel of these socks against their skin. The socks are made from a durable cotton blend that have some stretch which means they will will stretch as your baby grows.

This 6 pack of socks have anti slip grip pads on the bottom that keep your little one on their feet when they begin to walk. These come packaged in a sweet gift box which makes them a perfect gift for baby showers.

Why we love it – Trumpette socks are incredibly durable making them fit for even the most active youngster. Their vibrant colors stay bold even after a number of washes and cleaning is a breeze. The socks are great for staying on tiny feet and the pom poms on them adorable on.

3. Jefferies Socks Unisex-Baby Non-Skid Turn Cuff 6 Pair Pack

Jefferies-Socks-Unisex-Baby-Non-Skid-Turn-Cuff-6-Pair-Pack Check Price Now

These Jefferies socks are the traditional sock design. They are mainly cotton which means they are able to be machine washed. You don’t have to worry about fading as these socks look new, even with multiple washes. The non skid padding on the bottom of the feet are high quality and will allow you toddler to run without fear of slipping. The best part is that you get six pairs.

No more do you have to worry about socks rolling down or falling off. Have a squirmy baby? Not a problem as these socks are tough for youngsters to pull off. They have a cuff that has been designed to stay on without being constricting. These socks also have ribbing that gives their ankles extra support, making learning to walk much easier.

Why we love it – You will fall so in love with these Jefferies socks that you will be grateful they come in a pack of six. The colors that are in the set are neutral enough to perfectly match with virtually any outfit.

4. Unisex Baby Girls Socks, Gellwhu 6 Pairs Toddler Boy Animal Knee High Socks

Unisex-Baby-Girls-Socks,-Gellwhu-6-Pairs-Toddler-Boy-Animal-Knee-High-Socks Check Price Now

If you’re looking for a fun sock that makes your baby stand out, these are the ones for you. The package comes with six pairs of socks each one with a different animal print. Made from a combination of soft cotton and stretchy spandex means they are incredibly comfortable and leave room for growing feet.

These socks are extra long to cover your baby’s legs too. These are a great way to the legs on colder days. Perfectly accenting outfits these socks look particularly adorable with dresses and rompers and are great for changing seasons.

The anti slip pads on these work wonders for active toddlers. Baby socks reviews are raving about how well these stay on. Being incredibly durable, you are guaranteed to be happy with your purchase. If you aren’t simply contact this company and they will give you your money back.

Why we love it – These knee high socks are a clear favorite. You will love how cute your baby looks with the many different designs the socks come in. They stay on your baby quite well without slipping down.

5. Carter’s Baby-Girls Face Socks (Pack of 6)

Carters-Baby-Girls-Face-Socks-(Pack-of-6) Check Price Now

As a new parent you know it is important to get your baby the best products to keep them safe and happy. Turning to trusted names like Carter makes that easy. While many socks have anti slip soles, oftentimes this grip isn’t enough to combat the wildness of an adventurous toddler. Carter’s socks have non-skid soles that really work.

Being machine washable these socks are incredibly durable and easy to clean. The 3D ear design makes these cute baby socks a real winner. The soft cotton blend will feel great on your baby’s feet and the elastic tops make them sure to stay on their feet.

Why we love it – Carter is known for making quality products and that extends to these baby socks. The soft and comfortable feel mixes with the cute design to give a top quality sock. Sure to stay on your baby’s feet these socks are a clear winner.

6. YOHOOLYO Baby Socks 10 Pairs Assorted Non Skid Cotton Socks 16-36 Months Walker Boys Girls Toddler Anti Slip Stretch Knit Stripes Star Sneakers Crew Socks


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No matter what outfit you dress your toddler in these socks are going to match. You get ten pairs of socks that are striped, polka dotted, and solid colors. They are made out of soft cotton and nylon so they feel great on your baby’s skin. The anti-slip material on the sole has been made out of the same print as the rest of the sock so it blends into the design.

The best part is that these are gender neutral so all of your children can wear them. The material is super breathable so you can use these in the warmer months.

Why we love it – These socks fit a wide range of tiny feet from small babies to those with some meat. They well made socks sit soft and comfortable against your child’s feet. These socks stay on quite well with tough rubber grip soles.

7. YOHOOLYO Baby Socks 6 Pairs Anti Skid Slip Socks grip socks for toddlers for 10-36 Months Toddler and Infants


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These Yohoolyo baby socks are not only an excellent way to keep your toddler’s feet protected and warm but also add style to their outfit. They have sizes for boys and girls from 8 to 36 months old. This set comes with 6 pairs featuring a brightly colored polka-dotted pattern.

You will no longer have to keep putting their socks on since these have a strap that ensure they stay on no matter how far they crawl. To make these an even better deal they are machine washable which makes laundry day even easier.

Why we love it – These easy to clean socks are one of the most trusted socks to stay on your baby’s feet. Their warm fuzzy design is sure to keep your baby happy.

8. TARTINY Anti-Slip Cartoon Baby Socks No Show Animal Sneakers Socks, 8 Pairs per Pack


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Tartiny has developed some cute baby socks. Coming in a pack of 8 all have an animal’s face stitched into the toes to give these socks an individual look. They are made from 100% cotton meaning they are super soft and comfortable.

These anti-slip baby socks feature a non-odor and breathable technology that makes your baby’s feet smell great. Coming with a satisfaction guarantee means you can be sure that your baby will be happy.

Why we love it – Tartiny stands behind these socks with a comfort guarantee. These cute machine washable socks are incredibly durable and will leave you with one happy baby.

9. Gerber Unisex Baby 6 Pack Socks


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Gerber is a trusted name in the baby world and these socks are no different. Made from high quality fabric these socks have a cozy feel and a softness your baby will enjoy. They do fit on the smaller size so order up when purchasing.

Coming in a pack of six means these can turn into an everyday favourite.  Designed to stay on your baby’s feet with soft elastic and roll back cuffs. These socks are such a great buy, they are a favourite for baby shower gifts.

Why we love it –  These thick socks are sure to keep your baby feeling warm and comfortable. The all white colors make bleaching a breeze allowing these socks to stay bright and clean.

10. Hanes Boys’ Toddler 6-Pack Crew Socks


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Hanes is one of the top sock companies in the world. Their Boys’ Toddler 6 pack is also top notch. The socks are made from a polyester-spandex blend which gives them just enough  stretch to fit growing feet.

These soft socks are machine washable and incredibly durable. Hanes has also designed a system that makes it easy to sort and match them based on the bottoms and stripes.

Why we love it – these thin socks are great for warmer months. They fit comfortably with shoes and are durable enough to last. Easy to clean and easy to wear, these socks are sure to keep your little one happy.

Choosing what’s best for you

Comfort and protection are the main priority for your baby. The socks on this list are the best on your market and are sure to keep your baby safe and warm. Having socks that stay securely on your baby’s feet will keep him warm and comfortable.

Do you have a Baby Socks on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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