When you have a child, they are going to get dirty. It’s a simple fact. When they do get dirty a warm bath with a good baby soap can help get them nice and clean

But how do you know what soap is best for your baby’s needs?

With our list of the 10 Best Baby Soap in 2019 we wanted to build a list of we thought were the ones you should buy.

If you decide that you want to get one, we want to be sure to give you a hand by offering some advice on what to look for on the market today.

Hopefully, with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can start getting their bath ready

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose A Baby Soap – Buying Guide

Choosing the best baby soap for you to use when you want to your child clean can, just like keeping them clean, can be harder that it may seem. When it came time for us to create a list of the 10 Best Baby Soap in 2019, we wanted to ensure that when we started our baby soap reviews, that the criteria we used to pick our list was as comprehensive as possible so that you could know that we only recommended the very best. Our criteria included


When you buy a baby soap for your child, you want to make sure that the soap is as gentle as possible on their sensitive skin. Finding a baby soap that is non-toxic and free of potentially harmful chemicals. Harsher soaps can irritate your child’s skin and even cause rashes.

Extra Lather Soaps

Many new parents wouldn’t think that there would be a difference between cleaning their skin and cleaning their child’s skin. However, there can be significant differences between the two. It’s best to avoid using a soap that has extra lather. These kinds of soaps tend to have additional chemicals in them.

Fragrance Free

Many parents will choose to use a fragrance-free baby soap to clean their child because those that may contain a strong fragrance might contain harsher chemicals that could cause your child’s skin to have an allergic or adverse reaction to it. If you choose to use a fragrant soap, your child will let you know if they don’t like it by crying as they do not have any other way to express their dislike of something.


Baby skin can be very sensitive and like many adults, they can have their share of skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin. For these skin types, choosing a hypoallergenic baby soap will be able to clean your child without running the risk of their skin having a reaction to you using it.

Check the ingredients list

When you first look at the ingredients that make up your baby’s soap, it can look a bit strange with all of the different words that you might not be familiar with. Some soap will contain ingredients that you may want to stay away from such as alcohol, glycol, propylene and other chemicals that may be harsh on your baby’s skin. Soaps with natural ingredients such as almonds, milk, cocoa butter and others can help soothe and condition your baby’s sensitive skin.


The price for your child’s baby soap can run the gamut from inexpensive to costing a bit more than you may want to pay. The biggest difference between the two is the ingredients being used and the quality of the soap. Essentially, the better the ingredients and the better the quality, the more expensive it will be. For cheaper soaps, the opposite is normally correct.

Benefits of Baby Soap

When it comes to buying a baby soap, many parents will only see the benefit that these are made to make food for your little one when they are dirty. However, a good baby soap can have more benefits than simply washing the dirt off your baby’s tummy. These benefits include


Babies get dirty. It’s a simple, but true fact. Whether it’s from dirty diapers, crawling around on the floor or, if they’re old enough, playing in the dirt. The point is that when you use a baby soap to remove that layer of dirt from their skin, you help them have a clean feeling all over their skin with can help their sensitive skin feel soft and refreshed.


At the end of a long day, you want your little one to get a good night’s sleep that hopefully lasts through the night. A lot of baby soaps on the market have been designed to help your child drift off to slumber time much easier. Made with ingredients such as lavender, washing your little one’s skin can help create a soothing effect that can help them fall asleep much easier.


When you draw a bath for your little one and wash them with a gentle bath soap to help clean and protect their skin, their bath time can also have a calming effect. Their new world is surrounded with things to see and touch and when you give them a bath, it’s almost a reset button on their day, helping to calm their nerves or even help get rid of some of the excess energy that they may have.

Habit Forming

When you child is very young, instilling good habits is very important. By instilling good habits such as bathing and keeping yourself clean, you can teach them the importance of taking care of themselves. This is something that can help lead to developing other good habits and becoming a responsible person as they get older.

Common Ingredient Terms

When you first go shopping for baby soap, the labels may confuse you at first. A lot of the terminology can be a bit foreign to new parents when it comes to know what different terms mean. To help, we selected a few more common ones to help explain what each of them mean

PH Balanced

A pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance is measured. If the pH is from 1 to 6, the substance is considered acidic. A higher score from 8 to 14 indicates that the substance is more alkaline. If it is in the middle, or a 7, it is considered neutral. When your child is born, their skin is pH neutral but can becomes acidic within a few weeks after being born. While most products won’t disclose the pH of their product, the easiest way to tell that the pH level is correct is by the reaction your baby’s skin has. To tell if it’s close, when you use it their skin will not be dry or flaky.

Alcohol Free

Many products for adults will contain alcohol. This is because it can help the product dry quicker and is usually very light on your skin. Using a product with alcohol can dry out your baby’s skin. A common alcohol ingredient is Cetearyl alcohol with is used in baby wipes. Another alcohol that can typically be used is cetostearyl alcohol but if your child has exceptionally sensitive skin, you may want to avoid it.


What this term means is that the bacteria has been destroyed or the growth of new bacteria isn’t possible. Product that have chemicals in them to make them anti-bacterial shouldn’t generally be used on your child’s skin. Normal, alcohol free wipes or even mild baby soap can be sufficient enough

Dermatologist tested

This may be a term that you see on a lot of baby skin care products but it essentially means that the product was tested on the skin. These tests don’t have to be administered by a doctor or dermatologist, but they do have to be checked by a medically qualified person in order to obtain the term on the description or label.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best baby soap for your child isn’t going to be as easy as simply buying the first one you see when you go to the store. You will likely have many different things to consider first. With our list of the 10 Best Baby Soap in 2019, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of a baby soap  before you left your house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

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