From newborn babies to those learning to walk and run it is important to get the best baby shoes for their growth and development. These will look a bit differently depending on the stage your baby is in. From a stylish accessory and a no slip option for crib play to functional crawling and walking shoes, baby shoes need to keep your little one safe and secure.

When looking for the best toddler shoes be sure to look for a pair that properly fits your child or sits on the larger size. As your baby is growing so rapidly it is important to give their feet space for their muscles and bones to develop naturally.

For this reason we looked deep into the baby shoe market in order to find the best of the best out there. After all, we know how important it is to keep your baby safe and happy.

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How To Choose Baby Shoes – Buying Guide


Be sure to place a big importance on the size of shoes you buy for your baby. As every parent knows your child will likely outgrow the shoes quickly so buying them on the larger size is important. Not only that but you will need to continuously monitor the space in the shoes to ensure that your baby’s feet have enough room to grow and develop properly.

Some shoes for toddlers will also have arch support that will help them to grow and develop properly. Just be careful as this can alter how the shoes fit on their feet.

Intended Use

Understandably a toddler learning to walk will require more sturdy shoes than a newborn. This means that the features you are looking for will also differ. Newborn babies will likely not require many features as shoes are largely for show and for added warmth. A baby learning to crawl will require additional toe support as their toes will drag across the floor. It is also important to get shoes that will have slip guards to ensure your baby stands securely when in the crib. Alternatively a child that is in the walking stage will require a tough rubber sole that can be worn outside.

My Babies Planet Overview

When looking through our baby shoes reviews you will notice that there are a number of different styles of baby shoes on the market. From shoes intended to act more like sturdy slippers to full rubber soled outdoor shoes we have covered them all. Coming in at affordable prices it is easier than ever to perfectly accessorize your little one.

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My son loves the Kids' Baby Jazz H&l by Saucony. Thank you for helping me choose!

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