10 Best Baby Shoes in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Shoes? – Let’s Review!

From newborn babies to those learning to walk and run it is important to get the best baby shoes for their growth and development. These will look a bit differently depending on the stage your baby is in. From a stylish accessory and a no slip option for crib play to functional crawling and walking shoes, baby shoes need to keep your little one safe and secure.

When looking for the best toddler shoes be sure to look for a pair that properly fits your child or sits on the larger size. As your baby is growing so rapidly it is important to give their feet space for their muscles and bones to develop naturally.

For this reason we looked deep into the baby shoe market in order to find the best of the best out there. After all, we know how important it is to keep your baby safe and happy.

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Baby Shoes Reviews

1. Originals Kids’ Superstar Sneaker by Adidas


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Adidas is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The three stripes running down the sides of these shoes will turn any outfit into a memorable one. The Originals Superstar sneakers come in sizes from 0-12 months to 8-12 years old.

These infant walking shoes are made of high quality material featuring a mixture of real and synthetic leather. They have a rubber sole that keeps your toddler from sliding around on the floor. It is recommended to get shoes that are a half size larger.

Why we love it – These Adidas shoes are not only stylish but also functional. Your baby will be able to crawl and walk in these shoes with ease.

2. Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker by Saucony


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The Jazz Hook and Loop from Saucony feature an easy to use velcro strap. This means that your toddler will be able to do up and take off their own shoes. Coming in sizes from 4 months to 8 years ensure your kids will always be able to fit these shoes.

These are made in the USA and have a rubber sole. They are also breathable due to their mesh sock liner. Not only will your kid be stylish but also have comfortable feet.

Why we love it – These shoes by Saucony come in 19 different patterns. This means you can find a pair for each outfit! Not only that, the rubber sole will keep them on their feet.

3. Baby Boys Girls First Walkers Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes by Orgrimmar

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These may be the cutest walking shoes for babies. Orgrimmar has developed a comfortable and practical shoe that will add a pop to your baby’s style. There are 20 different styles and color patterns to choose from so you won’t be disappointed. All of these have a hook and loop (velcro) strap so you can teach your kid how to put on and take off their shoes.

Why we love it – These First Walkers by Orgrimmar have been designed for kids that are just learning to walk. They have been made with top quality material. All of this comes in an affordable package. Try to buy just one!

4. Girls’ Soft Soles, Traditional Silhouette by Robeez

Girls-Soft-Soles,-Traditional-Silhouette-by-Robeez Check Price Now

These shoes from Robeez have been designed for comfort. They come in 12 unique styles that feature everything from planets and stars to lions with a fuzzy mane. No matter which design you choose you will be impressed by the build quality. Materials like leather and suede have been used to create the softest shoes possible.

Sizing ranges from newborns all the way to 12 months of age. These shoes are said to run a little large so use this knowledge when planning on which one to get. This can also allow your kid’s feet to grow into these shoes. The material is stretchy and will start to conform to their feet so they won’t get blisters.

Why we love it – Not only do these shoes look great, they have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This means that you are giving your son or daughter the shoes that will help them the most.

5. Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles by Petit Marin

Beautiful-Soft-Leather-Baby-Shoes-with-Suede-Soles-by-Petit-Marin Check Price Now

This leather baby shoe by Petit Marin comes in 40 different designs from animal faces to toy cars. The non-slip suede sole sits comfortably against your baby’s foot making this the ultimate soft crib shoes.

The elastic ankle on these shoes combines with the lace up style to give a tailored fit to your baby. This means that the shoes will stay securely on their feet. The comfortable shoe allows your child’s foot to move freely so that they are less bothered and can grow freely.

Why we love it – The soft leather exterior of this shoe provides good structure for your baby’s foot while giving a flexible area that allows your baby’s foot to grow and move freely. The shoe comes with a full money back guarantee.

6. Newborn Baby Boys’ Premium Soft Sole Infant Prewalker Toddler Sneaker Shoes by VoberryR


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At an unbeatable price these infant crib shoes are a great way to accessorize an outfit. These shoes have soft soles with dotted grip padding making them a great option for baby’s in the crawling stage. The tie up laces allow you to adjust the size to perfectly fit your little one.

These shoes are great for newborns to babies around 18 months old. These shoes fit more like a comfortable everyday slipper than a sturdy walking shoe which makes them great for wear around the house.

Why we love it – The affordable price and cute design of these newborn baby shoes make them an irresistible choice. The comfortable shoe makes a great crib shoe providing some traction in the form of grip pads.

7. Every Step Stage 1 Girl’s and Boy’s Crawling Shoe Alex by Carter’s


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Carter is a trusted name in the baby world. These adorable baby shoes offer a synthetic sole that is perfectly designed to make your crawling baby happy. These man made shoes feature a fold over velcro latch design that makes putting them on easier than ever.

In colors and styles you cannot resist, these baby shoes are almost too sweet. Built with soft toe cups to protect your crawling toddler these shoes glide across the floor with ease.

Why we love it – This shoe is expertly designed to give your baby a spacious feel that allows their bones and muscles to grow naturally. This shoe is perfect for your growingly curious little baby.

8. Infant Girls’ Shoes Floral Net Yarn Ballerina Shoes by Estamico


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These have to be one of the cutest and top rated baby shoes on the market for your baby girl. The crochet style sides with the flower on top combine to make this a shoe you cannot resist. Estamico makes these quality baby shoes for newborns to babies at the 18 month range.

The top of these shoes feature an elastic strap that holds snug to your baby’s foot to give them a comfortable feel. You are guaranteed to love these shoe’s with the company’s easy to use return and exchange program.

Why we love it – The cotton blend of these shoes sit comfortably against your baby’s skin. They are also easy to slip on and off which makes them great for busy baby’s.

9. GLIMMER ALPARGATA slip on/flat by Toms


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A new favourite shoe by many teens and adults, Toms now makes quality baby shoes. These hard bottom baby shoes come in an array of sizes in colors making them a great option for every child. With rubber soles, they are great for active kids that are ready to run. The best part of Toms shoes is that they slip on easily enough for your little one to get on with minimal help.

These shoes are known for their comfort and stay on even the smallest of feet with ease. The antimicrobial sock liner keeps it so that your child’s shoes will stay safe and protected.

Why we love it – Toms shoes are a favorite option no matter what age you are but these baby shoes are almost too cute. Coming in more sizes than you can imagine means you can get the one to fit all your baby’s outfits. They also donate a portion of the proceeds making them a guilt free shoe option.

10. Basic Canvas Sneaker (Infant) by Luvable Friends


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These comfortable baby sneakers sit beautifully soft against your baby’s skin. They feature a soft fabric sole to give your baby cushion rather than a typical rubber sole that sits firm on the foot. This sole has a good amount of non-skid rubber pads that ensure your baby stays firmly on their feet during the walking stages. The soft sole makes these great crib shoes for those babies standing in their cribs nearing the walking stage.

Coming in a variety of neutral covers, there is a shoe to match every outfit. The lace up style sneaker can be tightened to give your baby a perfectly snug fit that will move with them. These shoes are great for staying on even the most wild toddler crawling through the house. The best part is that these shoes are comfortable and durable enough to be worn as everyday shoes.

Fitting newborns to babies one year of age, the shoes are a great addition to your little one’s outfit. These are the ultimate baby first walking shoes.

Why we love it – Luvable friends has excelled in creating a quality shoe for an affordable price. We love that these shoes have laces so you can adjust them to give your little one’s feet a perfect fit. The anti slip surface on the bottom is perfect for those babies that are crawling as well as those starting to walk.

How We Chose the Top Baby Shoes in Our List


Be sure to place a big importance on the size of shoes you buy for your baby. As every parent knows your child will likely outgrow the shoes quickly so buying them on the larger size is important. Not only that but you will need to continuously monitor the space in the shoes to ensure that your baby’s feet have enough room to grow and develop properly.

Some shoes for toddlers will also have arch support that will help them to grow and develop properly. Just be careful as this can alter how the shoes fit on their feet.

Intended Use

Understandably a toddler learning to walk will require more sturdy shoes than a newborn. This means that the features you are looking for will also differ. Newborn babies will likely not require many features as shoes are largely for show and for added warmth. A baby learning to crawl will require additional toe support as their toes will drag across the floor. It is also important to get shoes that will have slip guards to ensure your baby stands securely when in the crib. Alternatively a child that is in the walking stage will require a tough rubber sole that can be worn outside.

Choosing what’s best for you

When looking through our baby shoes reviews you will notice that there are a number of different styles of baby shoes on the market. From shoes intended to act more like sturdy slippers to full rubber soled outdoor shoes we have covered them all. Coming in at affordable prices it is easier than ever to perfectly accessorize your little one.

Do you have a Baby Shoes on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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